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Internal Fox News Email Addresses “Standards” After 9/12 Flap | TV ...

Internal Fox News Email Addresses “Standards” After 9/12 Flap | TV ...

A two-hour “House” kept pace with “Dancing with the Stars” on Monday and carried FOX to a ratings win for the night.

As TV gets back into gear for the fall season, there#s a fresh opportunity for digital initiatives. We#ve been chatting ...

pick-up of the season as FOX ordered a full season of Glee today. Co-creator Ryan Murphy says in the press release announcing the move: #It#s fantastic to be the first show picked up and that this underdog series, like its characters, ... | A blog and fansite for Fox#s TV Show #Glee#. Welcome to the Glee fansite and blog. Make sure to continue coming for the latest news, media, and anything on Fox#s TV Show #Glee.# ...

Fox Mobile Studios has announced its first branded mobile TV show, Brainstorm. It#s an eight-episode comedy series with prominent product placement for Wrigley#s Altoids mints. Or, as the announcement puts it: #FMS set to go beyond ...

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