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25.08.2018., subota

More Slot Machine Myths, Legends and Untruths

It seems that there's no shortage of myths and legends when it comes to slot machines, whether they're played in an online casino or on the strip in Las Vegas. We've discussed several slot machine myths on this site in the past but I thought it'd be a good idea to take a look at some others so you can know when to avoid the kind of casino play that leaves you high and dry.

It Doesn't Matter How You Play the Game

A lot of players think that there is some sort of hidden sequence in a slot machine to make it pay out more often. They believe that putting in coins in a certain way or choosing the buttons to stop the reels in a certain order will make a slot machine more likely to pay out. This was actually used by director Steven Soderbergh to great effect in the final of the Ocean's movies, when Danny set up a hacked machine to pay out to the next person who played after inserting a set number of coins.

This simply doesn't work – you can't think of a slot machine as a thing you "beat" by figuring out its code like an old-school video game. Sure, it might appeal to the more obsessive-compulsive gamers to feel that they've got some kind of control over the game, but the fact is that the Random Number Generator is the one doing all of the work, not any of the game's hardware. It doesn't matter if you're playing an online slot machine or a regular casino game, the math is the math and the math is always the same.

No Matter What You Hear, Location Doesn't Matter

This (obviously) applies to a brick and mortar casino more than it does a site that offers online slot machines, but it's worth taking a look at. You'll occasionally see players searching the floor, looking at how many people are in a row, talking about how the casino programs machines to pay out based on player patterns, etc. These are, frankly, conspiracy nuts because the casino simply can not set their machines up that way.

Instead, every machine has a random number generator set to the same specifications for the casino that they're in and the odds of one machine paying out are the same as another of the same type, whether they're next to each other or if one's right by the entrance and another is tucked away in at the back.

Waiting Doesn't Make a Difference

This one is actually pretty awkward when you see it happen. Players waiting for someone else to get up off the machine because they think the other player has "juiced" it up by playing and it's more likely to pay out. Slot machines don't pay out on a schedule; they pay out based on the machine's programming. In other words, it's like a coin flip. Every time you bet, the odds are exactly the same.

The next time you see someone endorsing some sort of urban legend around slot machines, just ignore them. The best way to play any slot machine is with good bankroll strategy and by taking advantage of bonuses and other casino incentives.

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