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Strategies and tactics for successfully playing in online slots, secrets and features of winnings in card games!

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28.11.2018., srijeda

Video Poker Myths

If you are not already aware that there are many myths that surround all gambling games, well, you are now. Video poker is no exception to this. Below, we have provided you with the more commonly known or asked about myths involved with video poker, and the real truth behind them. By reading through this section you will also get a better feel for the game whether you plan to gamble online or at a casino in Las Vegas, or whether you are betting a nickel or much more.

Myth: The machines are set to a specific payback, so the way you actually play does not matter one way or the other.

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Fact: This excuse for not learning how to be a winner can only come from a player that is rather non ambitious. If you think about it this way, you might as well not play poker at a table either since the cards are shuffled. Skill is a large factor when playing video poker, just like it is playing at a table. Good games can only happen because the majority of players give up about 2% of the potential payback by not learning a pin-pointed strategy.

Myth: You can't possibly beat the games, because they are random.

Fact: "Random and "beatable" do not mean the same thing and are not the same word. Let's say you were banking a craps game with trusted dice. The outcome of each event would be random, but the house edge would convince you that you would be a winner in the long run. You will find that some video poker games will give you the same chance to bet on the winning side of the game.

Myth: You should always look for a machine that hasn't hit recently. It should be due.

Fact: Just like slot machines. These machines do not have a memory they are random. You have probably heard that a royal flush occurs about once every 40,000 plays. That doesn't mean that a machine can be "due" to hit. No matter how recently or how long its been it has been since a machine has paid a jackpot, the random number generator used to shuffle the deck has no memory. Yes, any machine can run hot or cold for short periods of time, but there is no way to effectively tell when such a streak will take place.

Myth: If you want to bet a total of 25 cents, play five coins on a nickel machine rather than one coin on a quarter machine.

Fact: If the two machines have the same payoff rate, that is good advice. You will often find though, that you will be confronted with full-pay quarter machines and only a short-pay nickel machines. You will give up around 1.5 % of the long term pay back by playing only one coin (because you will not qualify for the royal flush jackpot) , but a short-pay off rate is most often more costly. If you are going to play anyway, it's more advantageous for you to play 1 quarter on a full-pay machine than 5 nickels on a short-pay machine. No matter what, video poker is most always better than the reel slots, however, it is best for you to always play five coins on a full-pay game.

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02.09.2018., nedjelja

Understanding Progressive Slot Machines

If you've played in any kind of casino, you're familiar with progressive slot machines. What makes them stand out from other slot machines is the fact that a small portion of the collected money goes into a jackpot that goes up until the one lucky player hits the right combination. For casinos, progressive slot machines offer a great profit center. After all, more players want to play on machines that offer bigger payouts.

There are three types of progressive slot machines. Let's review how each one of these works and how they're different from one another.

Stand Alone Progressive Slot Machine

As the name says, stand alone progressive slot machines are independent from other games. Money that is collected for the progressive jackpot is only collected from this game's income.

In-House Progressive Slot Machines

These are multiple machines located in one casino or one specific location and are usually all of the same type. As money is collected from each machine, it goes into a communal progressive jackpot, meaning that the jackpot rises that much more quickly. This is limited, as the name implies, to one location or area inside of that location.

Wide Area Progressive Slot Machines

Thanks to the prevalence of communication technologies and the internet, casinos are now able to link machines across a greater distance. Wide area progressive slot machines create a jackpot from the money taken in across multiple floors of the same casino, different casinos in the same city or different casinos across the country (or even around the world). Wide area progressive slots are generally connected by their relationship with the individual casino, while manufacturers are responsible for maintaining them and ensuring that they're accurate.

Why Play Online Progressive Slot Machines

As you can imagine, progressive online slot machines definitely fall into the final category, as they collect money from players in homes and other locations around the world. Online casinos generally pay out more often than so-called "brick and mortar" gaming centers because their overhead is lower and they collect money that much more quickly. In addition, online casinos have to compete harder for player's money so they offer games that pay out more often, which means that competing for a win in an online progressive slot machine is easier and more fun.

How to Avoid Losing in the Slots

It's important to note that progressive slot machines, whether they're online or in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, only let you qualify for the progressive jackpot if you're betting the maximum number of coins and lines. For example, if a game has 25 lines and accepts five coins, then you'll be betting 125 coins each time you press "spin". Doing some basic math with your bankroll can help you determine how much each coin should be worth in order to keep you in the game for as long as possible.

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