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August 25th - Doujin Mix

August 25th - Doujin Mix

null Some new One Piece and Code Geass scans by us thanks to Jinukug and Marcus. We#ll also release a translation of Love 2 Hurricane in a few days. 2 New One Piece Doujins: -Tougenkyo (Color) (Hancock, Kalifa, Margaret) ...

-Geko Futoshi Max (English) (Misaka) (Short, Omake) -Kanzen Muteki no Kinsho Mokuroku 2 (Misaka) -Toaru Kyoushi no Tokubetsu Shidou (Komoe) (The doujin titles without links are only in the member#s section.)

Also, hentai-key (who owns the domain-name since we left them in June) has decided to run an old backup-copy of our site from 2006 at that location (the newest one they have), presumably to confuse the crap out of people ...

NejiHina no Sekai (Kuuya) is getting better--Hard Candy#s better than a lot of his previous Neji x Hinata doujins. It#s also nostalgic to see that Sayo translated that old female-Naruto x Sasuke doujin--it was one of the first doujins I ...

I know a lot of eva fans tend to think of it as the definitive best doujin series ever, but be warned these are only for big eva fans. The doujins are huge (100 pages), and have a tremendous amount of story building compared to actual ...

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