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Hell, Upside Down: Will Any Of Our Political Leaders Tour Canada#39;s ...

Hell, Upside Down: Will Any Of Our Political Leaders Tour Canada#39;s ...

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Canada#s war zones are less dramatic, perhaps less newsworthy but make no mistake we are losing the war on poverty in this country. Poverty is just a symptom of a greater disease of neglect, discrimination and injustice. ...

One day Francis met a beggar on the road and when he saw how poorly dressed he was, his heart was touched and he eed sorrowfully to his companion, #His poverty puts us to shame. We have chosen poverty as our wealth and look, ...

lamenting my poverty. How can I watch TV when I don#t in fact have a TV? If you#re a coffee drinker: do you make your own coffee or do you go out and purchase it every morning? Where do you go? ...

Straub left a life of privilege to create a ministry using the power of film to serve people living in poverty. He will share his conversion story and clips from his many films and reflect on the necessity of a deeply prayerful ...

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