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Comment aller de Krk à Pula en bus, bus de nuit ou voiture

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Maximum permitted amount of alcohol in blood is currently 0. You cross the Italian-Slovenian border first, followed by the Slovenian-Croatian border, but they are very close to one another.

croatia bus

Getting you from A to B stress free: thanks to real-time bus stop information, up-to-date and current bus schedules, helpful staff and friendly on-site bus drivers, you don't need to worry about a thing. Sir i vrhnje sour cream with cottage cheese can be bought fresh on the Zagreb main market Dolac. You can do the shopping in a marina although the prices are much higher there or you can order from yacht provisioning services who usually deliver the products to your chartered yacht at no extra fee. Les centres principaux de bus en Croatie sont Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Split et Dubrovnik.

croatia bus

Comment aller de Lagos à Holiday Village Sagitta - All Inclusive, Omiš en avion, bus ou voiture - However, if Croatia normally requires a visa for your nationality, this may be waived if you already have a valid Schengen visa. Although not the fastest, they are probably the best way to see the beautiful Croatian islands of the Adriatic Sea.

croatia bus

Bus is the most used form of public transport in Croatia, the country has an extensive network of long distance, intercity and international buses. All routes are operated by private bus companies, who have been issued licences to serve specific routes. The main bus hubs in Croatia are Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik, from those cities you can reach most other cities in Croatia. International buses to and from Croatia: From Croatia there are all year around connections, to Germany, Austria, Italy, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and even Sweden. During the summer season, especially in July and August, there is a large number of additional summer holiday bus routes to the Adriatic coast, from almost any country in Europe. From countries like Germany, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and the UK, there is a wide range of coach holidays to cities along the Adriatic coast. Quality of bus service in Croatia: Meanwhile the bus fleet in Croatia is quite new. Most long distance buses are equipped with comfortable seating and air-conditioners. The newest and most modern buses usually serve the most popular routes like e. Zagreb to Rijeka or Split. Not all drivers speak English or other foreign languages, which can lead to misunderstanding in certain cases, but generally it is not a problem related to travelling. Majority of the drivers are friendly and willing to help e. Prices of bus service in Croatia: Compared to other means of transport bus is fairly cheap, price on the most competitive routes are about 50-60 lipa 7-9 cent per Km. Return tickets with SAME COMPANY are discounted with up to 60% for the returning leg ticket. If you choose a different bus company for your return trip, the price is the same as for the one way ticket. Discounted ticket is usually available for kids and in most cases also pensioners. But the rules and discount scheme vary from company to company which can make it a bit complicated. Buying a ticket: Obviously the easiest way to buy a ticket is here on Getbybus. Be aware that you are obliged to carry your ticket with you during the journey. If you buy your ticket on the bus, make sure that the ticket is issued by the ticket machine which most buses have nowadays.

Try to read the declaration before buying to ensure you are buying Croatian olives and oil, since there are a lot of imports usually cheap products from Greece. The quality and service level may vary depending on the bus company but, generally speaking, most Croatian registered buses that are operative are in good condition. Touristic destinations and articles are much more expensive. A number of dental surgeries have experience in treating short term visitors to Croatia. Prices are around 10% to 20% lower than most EU countries. En 1991, Zagreb est devenue la capitale de la Croatie — devenant ainsi le centre politique et administratif du pays. Nous vous invitons à venir découvrir et apprécier les beautés de la Croatie, son climat modéré, ses mers bleues azures, ses plages magnifiques, le tout combiné à son histoire, sa culture, ses bons vins et ses habitants accueillants. Tips for travelling by bus Keep a bus ticket to the end of travel. By thumb Hitchhiking is generally good. Les metas descriptions vous permettent d'influencer la façon dont vos pages sont décrites et affichées dans les résultats de recherche. Regardez le jour indiqué sur le billet avant de vous présenter à la gare routière. Bus travel discounts Travelers can take advantage of discounts for bus travel.

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