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3d Color Wheel : Hot Wheels Electric Racing

3d Color Wheel

3d color wheel

    color wheel
  • color circle: a chart in which complementary colors (or their names) are arranged on opposite sides of a circle

  • A color wheel or color circle is either: * An abstract illustrative organization of color hues around a circle, that show relationships between primary colors, secondary colors, complementary colors, etc.

  • Colors arranged in a certain order in the shape of a circle.

  • A circle with different colored sectors used to show the relationship between colors

  • 3D or 3-D may refer to: * Something having three dimensions e.g. width, length, and depth * Three-dimensional space, the physical universe ** A vector space with three dimensions ** Volume, a measure of space * 3D computer graphics, computer graphics modeling three-dimensional objects * Computer

  • three-D: a movie with images having three dimensional form or appearance

  • Quoted-printable, or QP encoding, is an encoding using printable ASCII characters (i.e. alphanumeric and the equals sign "=") to transmit 8-bit data over a 7-bit data path or, generally, over a medium which is not 8-bit clean. It is defined as a MIME content transfer encoding for use in e-mail.

3d color wheel - Dolphins, 3-D

Dolphins, 3-D Bookmark with Tassel

Dolphins, 3-D Bookmark with Tassel

This is an amazing bookmark with a 3-D design. It is a full sized bookmark, with dimensions of 6 inches by 2 1/2 inches and has a tassel. The amazing art is the work of Michael Searle. Hold the bookmark one way and you'll see a vivid, clear scene. Turn the bookmark a little and another crystal clear image emerges. It's a true wonder and will add a unique touch to mark the page in the book you are reading. The effect is similar and as crystal as a stereogram image, but instead of having to stare at the picture, you simply turn the bookmark slightly.

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3 Wheels and Hot!

3 Wheels and Hot!

I changed the color to eliminate R/R (Retinal Rivalry). Red/Cyan 3D glasses required for viewing.

3d Pelton Wheel

3d Pelton Wheel

This one has had most of the buckets removed

3d color wheel

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