A Look at the Future of AI Technology

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1. Safer Roads
Self-driving vehicles have been in development for some time, and they’ve already made it onto the roads. However, as AI becomes even more advanced, it won’t be uncommon to see completely self­-driven cars, trucks, and taxis on the highway. As well as increasing convenience, AI­ inspired vehicles should make our roads safer. With the majority of traffic accidents caused by human error, self-driven vehicles have the potential to drastically reduce the number of traffic-related injuries and fatalities.

2. Body Enhancements
By combining AI with robotics, scientists are already creating more life-like disability aids and artificial limbs, meaning people with disabilities can regain function in various parts of their bodies. With new tech enabling people with complete or partial paralysis to regain control over their movements, and more advanced surgery available via AI-based robotics, the way we approach our health will be revolutionized with the future of AI technology.

3. Unlimited Virtual Assistance
Designed to make our lives easier, AI will enable everyone to have a virtual assistant on hand whenever they need it. As well as following instructions, AI technology will ensure virtual assistants are able to accurately predict your needs and respond to them without voice commands or scheduled-instructions.

Developing a Profitable Freelancing Career

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Working as a freelancer can be a challenging and rewarding career in itself, but it can also be a great way to supplement your income and develop new skills. The tech industry, in particular, offers rewarding career development for individuals who choose to work on a freelance basis.

With constant advancements in the industry and the on-going need for IT maintenance and engineering support, freelance technicians and engineers have never been so in demand. For IT professionals who want to strike out on their own or launch their own business, the gig economy is providing ample opportunities for profitable freelancing.

Whilst people used to view freelancing as a way of making ends meet, the gig economy has changed the way we view subcontractors. Instead of being utilized as a way of earning some extra cash, freelancing is now a valid and viable career choice, with many successful entrepreneurs and business owners launching their own careers via freelancing.

Now the founder and CEO of Kiip, Brian Wong, kick-started his tech and gaming career by working as a freelancer, whilst app designer Sahil Lavingia gained crucial experience by working with numerous well-known brands as a freelancer. Similarly, web designer, Alex Mangini, and thesis framework designer, Chris Pearson, cut their teeth as freelancers before launching their own products on the market.

With many profitable freelancing tech professionals, it’s easy to see why it’s become such a popular career choice for aspiring entrepreneurs and engineers.

How to Make Money Freelancing
Although freelancing can be a great way to develop your skills and gain experience working with a range of clients, you’ll want to ensure you make a decent income while you’re operating as a subcontractor. Profitable freelancing is certainly possible, but you need to approach your freelance role in the right way in order to make money. Providing you do so, your freelancing career could actually be more rewarding than a full-time permanent position in the industry.

If you want to know how to make money freelancing and how you can build your career from the get-go, take a look at our top tips…


Prevent a Small Business Growing too Fast

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For entrepreneurs and start-ups, a rapidly growing business signals success, and it can certainly be indicative of a good business model. However, when over expansion in business happens, it can actually be harmful in the long-term.

If a small or medium-sized company doesn’t have the resources to facilitate growth at such a fast pace, it could compromise business processes and the quality of your output. If you’re unable to deliver, this reputational damage could stay with you forever, and your business may be tarnished because of it.

How to have a Freelancer Support to an Existing Team

srijeda , 18.09.2019.

With more people choosing to become freelancers than ever before, the gig economy has revolutionised the way we work. Giving individuals more career choice and control over their work/life balance, providing freelancer support has proven to be a popular option amongst tech professionals.

However, it isn’t just workers that are reaping the benefits of the gig economy. For businesses, having the opportunity to access freelance business support specialists from across the world, without engaging in costly recruitment processes, have minimised costs, enhanced productivity and increased access to specialist skill sets.

Cloud Solution is Right for Your Business

utorak , 17.09.2019.

Onsite Solutions
Onsite or on-premises solutions typically involve having a range of hardware either at your offices or at a dedicated center. Giving you complete control over your systems and security, on­site solutions have been the go-­to option for big businesses for many years.

However, investing in the right hardware can be costly, and maintaining effective security is solely down to you. For businesses who can benefit from on-site solutions, assistance will be required from freelance Network Technicians, Desktop Engineers, Cyber Security Analysts, and IT Helpdesk Responders.

Although onsite solutions do still have their place, a significant number of companies are in the process of moving away from the demands of on-­premises solutions towards more flexible cloud business solutions.

Cloud is Transforming Telecom Software Solutions

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Shifts in the telecommunications industry are largely inevitable given how much our communication methods have changed in recent years. Home phones are now almost obsolete, and the demand for internet providers is at an all-time high. This, paired with increasing fears about personal protection, including policy changes like GDPR, has left many telecom solutions providers strling to retain relevance and meet modern customer demands.

This has led to a cloud-fronted transformation, which is the most significant change in telecom software solutions to hit the industry since IP-based communications began. Now, the vast majority of telecom services fall under the bracket of ‘telecom cloud services,’ and focus communication methods around cloud computing in both the workplace and for client benefits.

For the most part, telecom cloud services fall under one neat umbrella - UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). This cloud delivery model involves various communication and collaboration services, including messaging, video conferencing, and telephony. Within this bracket, you can also find CPaaS (communications platform as a service) and APIs (application programming interfaces).

These methods and more are taking telecom software solutions ever further from the landlines of old towards modern communication solutions which businesses and individuals can use as standard.

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Field Engineer Freelance Marketplace

petak , 13.09.2019.

The field engineer’s job description depends upon the area of expertise of the person. A person might be a field engineer in telecommunications, networking, etc. The best way to find a job fast is first to know the job description.

You should know that the best way to search for jobs is by taking the job interviews and requirements seriously.
Here is a brief summary of the field service engineer’s job description, as knowing about this is the best way to find bestwayjob quickly.

The best way to find a new job is not that difficult. However, what is difficult is actually getting a job. The best way to search for a job is to look for it online as well as in newspapers. As long as new technologies and inventions are made, the demand for engineers will be high.

The best way to job search online is to visit reliable sites that are devoted to promoting job offers. Because, if you think the best way to search for a job online is by visiting the company sites one by one, that is going to be very tiring. However, visiting job sites can be helpful and is totally reliable.

Another best way to search for jobs is to keep an eye on staffing agency directory or career sites like LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed.

The best way to find a job after college or graduation is by keeping your expectations low. This is the best way to find a job with no experience.

The World Leader in Field Services

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FieldEngineer.com has become a leader in helping businesses across a range of industries to gain access to the Field Services they need. Our global marketplace of qualified and specialist engineers and technicians gives you access to the services and freelance labor you need, allowing you to provide field services that you may not be able to otherwise. Since you can find freelancers across the world through our ever-growing cloud based field service management marketplace, you’re not limited by your own geographical reach. You can focus on the core duties that keep your business profitable while relying on proven experts in carrying out your field services.

However, at FieldEngineer.com, we know that you want to ensure the best possible field services. You don’t want to leave it up to chance. That’s why our platform isn’t just a freelancer recruitment and job posting platform, but a complete field services management platform, as well. You can track, manage, and finalise all of your field services directly from one platform, keeping in close communication with your chosen freelancer throughout.

If your business lacks the capacity for the field services your clients expect, or you’re simply looking for a more flexible and cost-effective way to handle them, then FieldEngineer.com is the platform that you need.

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Career Opportunities for Fiber Technicians

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The technician works both inside and outside and is responsible to take care of the installation troubleshooting and other technical aspects. They should have proper knowledge of various electronic components and computer operating systems. The professionals need to look into routers and other networking equipment. It is the responsibility of the Fiber Technician to provide efficient and quality customer service.

The professionals should have a proper understanding of cabling various electronic components. It is important to have basic knowledge of the operation and application of electrical components and common measurement instruments. They must have hands-on experience to work with hand and power tools. The technicians need to also look into the detailing of basic circuit design and other factors.

According to The Occupational Outlook Handbook projects, there is expected to be a growth of 14 percent between 2010 and 2020. The work opportunities are supposed to witness a steady growth with the extensive usage of the internet and communications in addition to installations and ongoing maintenance. Employers should hire candidates with hands-on experience and formal schooling.
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