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Sonam Kapoor Fashion Spot - Fashion Tips 13 Year Olds - White Fashion Dresses.

Sonam Kapoor Fashion Spot

sonam kapoor fashion spot

    sonam kapoor
  • Sonam Kapoor (???? ????; born 9 June 1985, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) is an Indian film actress who appears in Bollywood films.

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sonam kapoor fashion spot - I Hate

I Hate Luv Storys - DVD (Indian Cinema/Hindi Film/Bollywood Movie)

I Hate Luv Storys - DVD (Indian Cinema/Hindi Film/Bollywood Movie)

I hate luv storys is the maxim Jay lives by. But as an assistant director to Veer, the most famous romantic filmmaker of Indian Film Industry, Jay has little option but to live with larger than life, glossy, cinematic love on an everyday basis. Things only get worse when he is made to work under the new production designer on the film... Simran, with whom he shares the strangest first encounter!

Simran loves luv storys; So much so that even her life has begun to resemble one. With her ideal job and the perfect boyfriend, Raj, she lives a blissful, dreamy life; One that is rudely interrupted by Jay s cynicism.

The turmoil s of Jay and Simran s life, is ironically interweaved with the Luv Story that they are working on.... But will Jay and Simran ever find their own Luv Story ????

78% (16)

Sonam Kapoor Pictures Hot stills 1

Sonam Kapoor Pictures Hot stills 1

Sonam Kapoor born on 9 june 1985.She is indian actress.She appear in hindi films.His first film name is Saawariya.This film made him famous.Sonam Kapoor,Sonam Kapoor pictures,Sonam Kapoor images,Sonam Kapoor photos,Sonam Kapoor stills,Sonam Kapoor hot pics,Sonam Kapoor hot images,Sonam Kapoor hot pictures,Sonam Kapoor hot photos,Sonam Kapoor bikini photos,Sonam Kapoor in bikini,Sonam Kapoor photoshoots,Sonam Kapoor picture gallery,Sonam Kapoor photo album,celebrity pictures,hot bollywood,Sonam Kapoor hair style,Sonam Kapoor dressing,Sonam Kapoor fashion,hot Sonam Kapoor,Sonam Kapoor scandal,Sonam Kapoor sexy photoshoots,Sonam Kapoor sexy,Sonam Kapoor wallpapers,Sonam Kapoor wallpapers download,hot bollywood actress,sexy actress,Sonam Kapoor eyes pictures,Sonam Kapoor hot dressing,Sonam Kapoor biography,Sonam Kapoor history,Sonam Kapoor profile,Sonam Kapoor boobs,Sonam Kapoor hot dressing,Sonam Kapoor breast photos,Sonam Kapoor in saree,Sonam Kapoor swimsuit,Sonam Kapoor stills.

Sonam Kapoor's visit to Davanam

Sonam Kapoor's visit to Davanam

The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), apex body of the Gem and jewellery industry in India and Rio Tinto honoured Davanam Jewellerrs Pvt. Ltd., for being the regional winner of the ANANT Shooting Star Contest.
Davanam Jewellerrs Pvt. Ltd., was conferred with a trophy and a certificate by Bollywood Star & the Brand Ambassador Ms. Sonam Kapoor on behalf of GJEPC (Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council). Mr. Rajiv Jain (Vice Chairman - GJEPC), Vikram Merchant (Manager - RIO TINTO), were present durng the ocassion.

The trophy was handed over to The Directors of Davanam Jewellerrs Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Harish, Mr. Arvind, Mr. Ravindranath & CEO of the Company Mr. Ramesh recieved the certificate.

The council has selected Davanam based on the wide range of Diamond Collections and an attractive in-store display.

sonam kapoor fashion spot

sonam kapoor fashion spot


Mausam, a love story in its first season start with mere adolescent attraction between a Punjabi boy Harry, and a Kashmiri girl Aayat, in a small village of Punjab. It develops into young love between them in season two. Their love realizes its own depth in the hours of sepration throught season three. In the fourth and final season their love culminates into togetherness. But not before sacrificing a lot personally and learning the truth behind universal love. It is a passionate love story which sees, as its background various shades of life, questioning us and yet not becoming indulgent

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