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Here are top 100 songs that charted on my chart during this year.

Lady GaGa owns this chart with 3 top 10 songs.
As expected, Poker Face is this year's biggest song with massive 1550 points in this
year and 1751 in total. Only one song has more points and you'll see which one in few days
when i post decade chart.
Beyonce comes at #2 followed by BEP's smash. Boom Boom Pow misses top 10 by just 1
point losing to Lily Allen.
Taylor Swift and Jamie Foxx are quite surprise/shock.
Thanks to long chart run Blame It and Love story are top 5, top 10, though they weren't that big compared to other songs.
Another GaGa smash "Paparazzi" is at 4 while Love Game is #9.
Mariah Carey's "Obsessed" has more points than last year's smash "Touch My Body".

In total there were only 216 songs that charted in 2009.
Lady GaGa has the most songs inside top 100 and she is the Artist of 2009.

Note: Decade chart comes soon as well as nominees for this years awards.

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