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e!Hot50 YEAR END CHART 2007.

The list of most successful songs in 2007. based on points
during the year (#1 song gets 50 points, while #50 song gets 1 point).

"Say It Right" is the most successful song of 2007
with 1489 points. Last year it was "Hips Don't Lie"
and in 05. it was "We Belong Together".
It's interesting that another Nelly's song - Promiscuous
was #2 on last year end countdown.

In a last few weeks "Big Girls Don't Cry"
pulled "Umbrella" (the longest #1 running son this year) from #2.
Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" comes at #4 with 979 points.
"Hey There Delilah" needed just few more weeks
to surprise Beyonce. Beyonce and Nelly are
the only artists with 2 song in top 10 with "Beautiful Liar"
and "All Good Things".
"The Way I Are" is the most successful song
on the chart which didn't peak on #1.
Timbaland and Fergie have two songs in top 20
- "Glamorous" and "Give It To Me".
The most succesful UK song is "Grace Kelly" on #13.
"About You Now" needed only 14 weeks to get
in top 20 and with few more weeks it would've been in top 10.
Another Timbaland's song "Apologize" needed
only 12 weeks to gain 543 points and finish at #26.

Current #1 "Bleeding Love" is #40 with same
amount of points as "Valerie" which came #41.

Nelly Furtado is the most successful artist
with 6 songs followed by Beyonce (5 songs),
Fergie, Rihanna, Timbaland (4 songs) and
Amy Winehouse with 7 songs.

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