četvrtak, 31.05.2007.

e!Hot 50 (Issue date: June,03.)

e!Hot50 (28.05.-03.06.)

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četvrtak, 24.05.2007.

e!Hot 50 (Issue date: May,27.)

e!Hot50 (14.05.-20.05.)

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e!Hot50 is getting ready to be hit by the first summer hit!

Ups, I'm late again!
As You can see, after green and blue color i've changed color of chart again -it's orange this time.

So, M5 is # for the second week but this is also probably their last one 'cause the competition on #2 is too strong to handle. Umbrella, the first summer hit, is the strongest contender for the next #1.
BL is still in top 5 and there's a suprise at # 4 - it's the most popular person from Ukraine - Verka whose Dance will probably "dance off" the following week from the top 10.
SIR is going to take Irreplaceable's crown soon for the most successful song of 2007.
Mutya is the "Real Girl" to chart in top 20 cause she's this week's hotest new entry.
Kelly's flop (?) single is doing fine as it entered at #19.

see ya!

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četvrtak, 17.05.2007.

e!Hot 50 Singles Chart (May, 20.)

e!Hot50 (14.05.-20.05.)

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Another boring weekend...
I can't wait for some new hits!
So, as i predicted last time, Maroon took the #1 spot and dethroned BL. In the rest of top 5 no bigger changes. Due tu lack of new entries Pink managed to re-enter top 10 after 6 months while Ciara scores her another top 10 hit.
"Umbrella", the future summer smash hit which is expected to hit the #1, enters at 15.
2 Eurosng contenders , including the winner, enetred the chart; Verka and Marija. Verka is expected to hit top 10 next week.
Promiscuous ties Mariah's WBT record for the biggest staying inside top 50 (43 Wks).

So far, Irreplaceable with 777 points is the most successfull song of the year.
the rest of top 10 most successful songs of the year with points:

2. Gwen Stefani ft Akon THE SWEET ESCAPE (742)
3. Nelly Furtado SAY IT RIGHT (684)
4. Nelly Furtado ALL GOOD THINGS (680)
5. Mika GRACE KELLY (609)
6. Fergie ft Ludacris GLAMOROUS (512)
7. The Fray HOW TO SAVE A LIFE (495)
8. Kaiser Chiefs RUBY (448)
9. Avril Lavigne GIRLFRIEND (447)
10. Justin Timberlake WGACA (438)

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utorak, 08.05.2007.

e!Hot50 Singles -Issue date: May, 13.

e!Hot50 (07.05.-13.05.)

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