Hahnemuhle's Glossy Fineart Selection: Choosing The Right Paper

srijeda , 11.05.2022.

Black Bear

While selecting the right printer was simple and determining a workflow was easy, the technical processes that were involved in printing like the selection and testing of different kinds of paper, were more thrilling and enjoyable. The finest paper has a distinctive feel and texture that enhances the enjoyment of printing your artwork. The paper you choose to use is not based on technical parameters and is more an expression of your personal preference. The paper is an extension of the artistic component in the photography process. The right choice of paper enhances and complements the style of your photos and mood.

When you first begin printing, I recommend that you try out a few papers before settling on between two and four papers. It is practical to focus on a handful of papers for various purposes, since it will help you to understand their properties and handling.

Choosing Hahnemuhle as Paper Manufacturer

There are numerous suppliers of high-quality inkjet papers. Some , like Jack Rabbit on Hahnemuhle or Canson have been in the business of making paper for several hundred years, while others like Moab are relatively newcomers. Additionally, Canon and Epson offer their own fine art papers selection, which they get produced by third party manufacturers.

After purchasing my printer, I quickly decided to stick to Hahnemuhle papers. First, I couldn't try every paper from all manufacturers. Hahnemuhle paper is available in most Austrian print shops. I've had prior experiences with it. This allows me to have larger prints printed at print shops using the same paper that I have at home. Hahnemuhle is a trusted manufacturer that guarantees an ongoing supply of the same paper varieties for a period of period of time. Of course , paper from Hahnemuhle and similar manufacturers comes at a premium price, but since I only print a small amount for personal use, I was willing to take on these costs.

The Selection of Papers

Sample packs from Hahnemuhle are a low-cost and ideal way to test their paper. Three samples are available including the Glossy FineArt Smooth Jack Rabbit, Matte FineArt Silky, and Matte FineArt Textured. The packs are available in A4 and A3+ sizes, 8.5"x11" and include two sheets of each paper.

My previous printing experience with print shops was almost exclusively with glossy or luster paper. My black and white prints generally make the most of the range of tones available and I found that the darker blacks and greater perceived contrast offered by glossy papers suits them better. Prints printed on glossy papers look much like the images I see on the screen. This made them more accessible for me to work with as beginning. In this regard, I chose to focus on glossy papers first. I bought two Glossy fine art sample packs of A4 size, which included four sheets of glossy papers. In the absence of any other alternatives, I settled on Hahnemuhle Jack Rabbit, Photo Rag 308 matte paper. It seems to be their most popular matte paper, and would be perfect for collecting first impressions of these papers. However, I will be purchasing their matte sample packs soon, to explore their alternatives.

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