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petak, 27.06.2008.

Ksenija Pajcin, The Sexiest Serbian Girl, Strikes Macedonia

Ksenija Pajcin, The Sexiest Serbian Girl, Strikes Macedonia ... All are agreed - XENIA IS REALLY SEXY! ;)

Ksenija Pajcin (also known as Xenia) is pop music artist from Serbia.
She is one of the sexiest girls that walk on Serbian land. cerek

This evening (27.6.2008, Fri), Ksenia will give a concert at summer club 'Anastasija' in Vratnica.
If you are somewhere near Vratnica (north-western Macedonia) - visit this music event.

Music warm up: DJ Eclipse-X.

* Info:
- If you are searching through Internet for photos, mp3 music songs, wallpapers... of Ksenija Pajcin, it's good to know that you can also find her by names: Ksenija Pajchin, Ksenija Pajčin or Ksenia Pajcin.

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DeeJay Blog: Four Years Blogging About Dance Music, Technology, Macedonia And More

Sase Antic - four years as blogger (DeeJay Blog: Four years blogging about dance music, technology, Macedonia and more)

Did you know that I am blogging more than four year here at 'DeeJay Blog'?
I almost forgot about that, but few days ago I took a look at the footer of this website and noticed... "Blog started: June 4th, 2004". sretan

Four Years Blogging @ DeeJay Blog

Those four years of blogging passed so fast.
I have experienced many interesting and exciting moments writing the articles, communicating with the visitors, exploring the net.
The main themes on the blog were music, information technology and things related to Republic of Macedonia, but also I wrote about other stuff (look in the sidebar for more info).
In the beginning the posts were written in Macedonian and Serbo-Croatian language, but later I decided to write in English.

Brief facts about 'DJ Blog':
- 4 years of blogging
- over 250 posts
- posts in English, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian and Vratnican language
- acquired many new friends from all around the world

I am preparing for '5 Years DeeJay Blog Anniversary'.
You are invited too, so get ready to present some mad moves at the dancefloor! nut

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četvrtak, 26.06.2008.

Virgin Islands Jobs from Career.VI

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utorak, 24.06.2008.

World of Warcraft Accounts

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Document Scanning Services

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četvrtak, 19.06.2008.

UEFA EURO 2008: DJs Like Football, Too

UEFA EURO 2008 @ Austria and Switzerland

I am a DJ, but must to say that I like football, too. sretan

After the matches in groups, the 2008 UEFA European Football Championship now is in the second phase.
Until today, the players from 16 national teams have presented to us many beautiful football moments.

Since Macedonia and England (in my opinion they play the best football in the world) are not part of EURO 2008, my favorites at this tournament are the teams of Portugal, Netherlands and France.
I hope that in next 10 days there will be more great games and goals.

* Link: Official website of EURO 2008 in Austria and Switzerland.

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četvrtak, 12.06.2008.

Save Money with Dentists in Hungary

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Alex De La Force at Tagged

Alex De La Force @

I like to announce that I've just created my profile at Tagged.
Everyone that likes to add me (Alex De La Force) as a friend please go to - .

C Ya there! ;)

To check my other profiles at the community websites visit my contact page .

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nedjelja, 08.06.2008.

Viagogo - Great Place to Buy and Sell Concert, Sport and Theatre Tickets

The late spring and early summer is great time to visit the concert of your favorite musician, band, DJ...
Or... maybe you are more into sports?
Wait, I think that you mostly like to pay a visit to theatre. Am I right? ;)
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The answer is... Viagogo.

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OK, now lets see how you can buy or sell... for example Madonna Tickets.

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- The last step is... enjoying into the event. :)

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Website's Categories/Sections

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I think that you got the picture, right?

So lets say you like to buy/sell Madonna Tickets.
Through the website menu you follow this path: Concert Tickets >> Rock and Pop >> Madonna .
And,... you are at the right place now. It's easy, isn't it?

Except the five major categories, also there are few other interesting sections at .
I'll mention the 'viagogo Hot List', but also the affiliate programme.


Viagogo is truly great online place to buy and sell concert, sport and theatre tickets.
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Oh,... I've almost forgot...

Madonna's 'Sticky & Sweet Tour' is on its way.
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Get your Madonna Tickets at Viagogo.

Madonna - 'Sticky & Sweet Tour' --- Buy or Sell Your Tickets @ Viagogo

For more info about Viagogo and their services please visit the website - .

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The Concert Of Kosheen In Skopje (Macedonia) Was Canceled

The Concert Of Kosheen In Skopje (Macedonia) Was Canceled

The concert of the UK's drum and bass/trip hop/rock group Kosheen that had to be held at the summer club 'Hard Rock" in Skopje was canceled.

Avalon Production, the organizers of this music event, were forced to change the date.
The reason for the delay of the concert was the constant rainy days in Skopje.

The show of Kosheen has been rescheduled from 7.6.2008, and will now take place on 06.09.2008 (Sat).
The location will be the same: 'Hard Rock' club, Skopje, Macedonia.
For more info you can check the websites of Avalon and Kosheen.

I was really impatient to be part of this live music performance of Kosheen.
However, September is not so far away. pjeva

* Extra Link:
Kosheen had their first appearance in Macedonia back in 2003. Check out my review about that event.
- Review of Alex De La Force @ Kosheen's concert in Skopje (29/11/2003 - Skopje Fair, Skopje, Macedonia)

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