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petak, 23.05.2008.

Eurovision Song Contest 2008 - Belgrade, Serbia: Semi-Final 2

Macedonia @ Eurovision Song Contest 2008: Tamara, Vrcak and Adrijan with 'Let Me Love You'

The second semi-final of the "Eurovision Song Contest 2008" in Belgrade is over.
By my opinion, this evening brought us more interesting songs. At least there was lot of dance sound in "Belgrade Arena". wink

My Favorites In The "Semi-Final 2"

As in the Semi-Final 1, at the second semifinal was also presented 19 songs.
This time I had 5 favorites:

- Euroband - "This Is My Life" - Iceland
- Mor ve Ötesi - "Deli" ("Crazy") - Turkey
- Kraljevi Ulice and 75 cents - "Romanca" ("Romance") - Croatia
- Deep Zone and DJ Balthazar - "DJ, Take Me Away" - Bulgaria
- Tamara, Vrčak and Adrijan - "Let Me Love You" - Macedonia

Macedonian representatives, Tamara, Vrchak and Adrijan, aren't part of the Eurovision Final 2008. Sad. tuzan
Also, the cute dance/eurodance song of the Bulgarian's "Deep Zone Project" failed to go through the Eurovision semi-final. :(

Eurovision Song Contest 2008: Final

The final will be held on May 24nd 2008 (Saturday).
I don't know much about the songs of the big four (France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom) and the host country Serbia, which representatives are automatic finalists.
However, I hope that one of my favorite songs from the semifinals will be this year's winner. sretan

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četvrtak, 22.05.2008.

Manchester United: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS (Champs Of UEFA Champions League And Champs Of Premier League)

My favorite football club Manchester United are European Champions and Champions Of The Premier League in season 2007/2008.

In last 10 months the fans of The Red Devils from Old Trafford, but also the football fans from the whole planet, were witnesses of many great games, lot of beautiful goals...
Thank you for those magnificent moments, MU!

Manchester United: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS (Champs Of UEFA Champions League And Champs Of Premier League)

Congratulations to the players, Sir Alex Ferguson, and all people in the world connected with Manchester United football club on the 2 BIG TITLES!

Also, I like to congratulate Chelsea FC on the great game at the UEFA Champions League Final 2008 at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

Bravo, Manchester United!

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srijeda, 21.05.2008.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2008 - Belgrade, Serbia: Semi-Final 1

Rebeka Dremelj represents Slovenia at 'Eurovision Song Contest 2008' in Belgrade, Serbia

I watched the first semi-final of the "Eurovision Song Contest 2008" in Belgrade (Serbia).
My impressions...

The stage in the "Belgrade Arena" was magnificent.
Jovana Jankovic, the female host of the show, was beautiful. cerek
The TV broadcast was realized professionally.

My Favorites In The "Semi-Final 1"

Among all 19 songs presented in the first semifinal I had 4 favorites.
Those songs were:

- Rebeka Dremelj - "Vrag Naj Vzame" ("To Hell With It") - Slovenia
- Dustin The Turkey - "Irelande Douze Pointe" ("Ireland, Twelve Points") - Ireland
- Laka - "Pokusaj" ("Try") - Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Kalomira - "Secret Combination" - Greece

Unfortunately, only the last two songs will be part of the final of "Eurovision 2008". tuzan

Eurovision Song Contest 2008: "Semi-Final 2"

The second semi-final will be held on May 22nd 2008 (Thursday).
Macedonian representatives, Tamara, Vrcak and Adrijan, will sing the song "Let Me Love You" ("Vo Ime Na Ljubovta"), and will appear as nineteenth.
I hope that they'll be finalists. thumbup

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petak, 16.05.2008.

Free Concerts of Sugababes and Zdravko Colic in Skopje (Macedonia)

Concert of 'Sugababes' in Skopje (Macedonia)

Macedonian Telecommunications will be rebranded to Macedonian Telecom (T-Home).
On that occasion Macedonian citizens will have chance to enjoy at the concerts of the British female pop group Sugababes and Balkan music star Zdravko Colic.

Things You Need To Know (About The Concerts)

- Date: 17.5.2008, Saturday
- Location: Square "Macedonia", Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
- Start: 20:30 (Zdravko Cholic), 22:30 (Sugababes)

The concerts are free for all visitors.

In the course of the day, Macedonian music artists/bands “Bei The Fish”, Aleksandra Pileva, Beni Shaqiri, DJ Sonja Ismail, Bidi and Badi, Maja Sazdanovska and “Zlatno Slavejce” stars will have its performances at "Army House" plateau.

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četvrtak, 15.05.2008.

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subota, 10.05.2008.

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