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Also, I'm scared of starting over again, scared that I'll never find someone who I'd have the kind of relationship I have with him. Name changing, taxes, property divisions, etc. You love a person now - next moment, you may hate same person.

dating for 5 years and no proposal

He will take care of his own priorities first. Yes, you probably are, but does he get to see that? Should I bring it up again?

dating for 5 years and no proposal

AdultFriendFinder hooks you up with the world’s sexiest people. - Waiting for this guy to come to his senses is a waste of time. Your case may be different.

dating for 5 years and no proposal

Surprise proposal after 5 years of dating
I turned 30 this year and always imagined myself married with kids by now. Guess I got that crazy right, eh? Here's the kicker, she knows he does not want to marry. Have dating for 5 years no proposal now that make Occur to feel of it, when was it very. And I mean a ring and a date. Am i being unreasonable?

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