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Dust accumulates on the louvers of horizontal blinds and is difficult

For those who like clad steel Suppliers the appearance of curtains, the best types are those can be easily removed and quickly hung back on the rods.

Roller shades

Since roller shades quickly retract when opened, dust does not gather on them. Traditional window treatments can trap house dust and be difficult to clean.. Many are made of vinyl and are easily wiped with a wet paper towel.

Solid-panel shutters

Wooden or vinyl shutters made of solid panels of wood can be easily wiped with a wet towel. Dry cleaning won&Grounding Rods Suppliers39;t kill dust mites, and the solution can aggravate chemical sensitivity in asthma sufferers.

Draperies that must be dry cleaned should be avoided. The slats must be cleaned one at a time or the entire blind taken down to be cleaned in a bath.

It is better to choose shorter curtains such as valance, cafe, or those that end at or slightly below the window sill. This treatment works best in bathrooms where a good view from the window is not necessary. Asthma sufferers should avoid curtains that drag on the ground.

Vertical blinds

Dust accumulates on the louvers of horizontal blinds and is difficult to remove. or greater) will kill the dust mites, but this process must be repeated once a week. The carcasses of the dust mites must then be removed by machine washing. This valance can also be topped with an attractive piece of wooden moulding. Washing in hot water (55 degrees C. This is a labour-intensive task # when multiplied by the number of blinds throughout the house. Louvered shutters should be avoided since dust will collect in the slats and be difficult to remove. Many are also made of a nonporous material that is simple to clean. As with hot-water washing, this must be done once a week.

Most people with asthma find that their symptoms worsen with exposure to dust mites, tiny animals that feed on house dust.

Washable curtains

Although they require more maintenance, curtains that can be taken down and washed can be an attractive alternative.

Vertical blinds allow dust to fall to the floor, where it is easy to remove.

Browse a wide range of vertical blinds at IGD. The following are some window treatments that resist dust build-up or can be easily cleaned. Dust mites flourish in indoor environments, so the best way to reduce their prevalence is to reduce the amount of house dust. Alternately, a single panel can be draped over a curtain rod in a simple swag.

Window film

If cleaning window treatments is too troublesome, the windows themselves can be made opaque with window film.

Wooden box valance

A piece of wood can be made into a box valance to place atop a window frame as long as the box valance is not covered with fabric or stuffed. Rods with screw-on finials are a good choice.

For curtains that won't withstand hot water, dust mites can be killed by placing the draperies in the freezer

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