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Running Cadence

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army cadence stand up hook up

Ranger hit the water, went outta sight, Alligator on him like a flash o light! Cause it's gonna be a rumble! Peter, I got a profile.

army cadence stand up hook up

Running Cadence - A rumble in the jungle!

army cadence stand up hook up

I use to date beauty queens, now I love my M16. I use to drive a Cadalliac, now I carry one on my back. All the way, We love to run every day. Everyone would be fit to fight, Whether you test them day or night. When I jump onto the old drop zone, Most of the enemy had already gone. Alternative line goes …Screaming bloody commies. I can think of a bunch more not listed here. She took me down into her cella! She fed me whine and whiskey too! She let me play with her ring-dang-do! Ring-dang-do, now what is that? Come on airborne, dontcha linger! Ring-dang-do hoo swallow your finger! Ring-dang-do will swallow your arm! Come on airborne, dontcha beg! Ring-dang-do will swallow your leg!.

Fired Up Lyric Video - Military Running Cadence
Papa laid back and then he died. Disclaimer: This is a private website that is not affiliated with the U. Jumpmaster picked me up with ease, and kicked my ass into the breeze. In the shade In the shade! We're almost through and gone, So now we sing our song! Well I took my tool and I hit him in the head That black shoed sailor long since dead! I want to be a drill intructor, I wanna shave off all of my hair, I wanna be a drill intructor, I wanna earn that smokey bear. I heard that in the Navy, the mail's so fast it's great Today I got a letter dated 1948. Fired up Fired up! Driving on Driving on!

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