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16.03.2021., utorak

You Can't Dance if You don't Learn the Steps - The Relationship Between Goals and Strategy

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If your car broke down, you may want to repair it. Your goal is to make it run again.
But having that goal won't make your car run. You have to have a strategy for realizing that goal.

You must first run some diagnostics and try to figure out what is wrong.
When you think that you got it, if there are parts that must be removed, replaced or repaired, very often you can't reach them immediately, you got to disassemble many other parts before you can reach the faulty one. Then there is the question of the replacement part - do you have it, or should you contact someone to get it.
Then you must replace the part and reassemble everything in the right order. You must follow that order, the structure of the engine imposes a certain sequence, you simply can't do certain things before some others.
You will probably have to do many other things, tune or re-tune parts that you have disassembled etc...

You see, having goals is not much in itself, particularly if those goals might not correspond to what is needed in reality.
You can jump around your car as much as you want. You can scream at the defective part as much as you want, your car won't budge an inch.

And if you think that you did everything needed and the engine still doesn't want to start, you must ask yourself if you didn't do something wrong, if you didn't miss some necessary preconditions, some things that you should have done and the car won't simply run without, no matter how much you want it to.

I will not enter the various goals various people have mentioned in this thread or what I think about some of these goals, but I will emphasize that for any goal one must think strategically. That applies for things as banal as repairing a car and much more so for political goals.

Certain things must be done before some others, there are necessary sequences. There are also things to be done in parallel. There are necessary preconditions that must be met too.
Otherwise, whatever you want will simply not cut it.

And of course... in order to do all those things the right way, you got to know the structure of what you are working on, exactly like you got to know the mechanics of your car before even dreaming of repairing it.

One necessary condition for any White goals is to win the mainstream. One must figure out how to do that, what is the structure one deals with, the mechanisms involved. One must figure out what is blocked, how. One must run diagnostics, make suppositions, deconstruct, reconstruct and be damn sure that one has something to replace what one plans to remove.

And if you do certain things and it doesn't work, you got to ask yourself if it is really all the fault of that bad, bad boogie man "Zog" who is always blocking your brave efforts with his perfidious methods, or could it be that you are doing something wrong. Could it be that you do certain things in the wrong sequence? Could it be that you do certain things plain wrong? Could it be that you project the wrong image for example... the image that simply can't be integrated in the mainstream? Could it be that there are necessary preconditions that you simply ignore while you do your "rain dance" around your car?

If we are to achieve anything, we got to start thinking strategically and realistically.

And... lets go back to the goals themselves...

For goal designing, daydreaming desires are not the best strategy.

Because... YES! There is also a goal designing strategy!

That strategy implies a constant dialogue between the general level of goals with the specific level of realities involved.
You can't simply say: " Yeah, here's the goal, let's realize it". It doesn't go that one way path.
There must always be feedback loops between the general and specific, "real" level, a constant dialogue between the two.
Its not just the general goal that determines the specific ones, it is also the other way around.
You must start fuzzy, and then define and refine both general and specific levels in a constant feedback process.

And above all things, when you want to do anything, the key question you GOT to ask yourself is: "Do I really want to succeed, do I really want to win?".

If the answer is yes, then you know that there are certain things you simply have to do, and there is no way around them.

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