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16.03.2021., utorak

Selfishness, Altruism, Benevolence and the Core Strategic Issue of Winning the Mainstream White Opinion

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I believe that one must distinguish something that I would call "ideological altruism" from natural benevolence.

Ideological altruism is something artificial, like all ideologies. One could even say that it has a pathological basis or at least expresses immature psychological need for approval - an immature need to be approved as "good" by abstract internalized "others".

Natural benevolence, or natural goodness is something different. It is the natural state of the mature human being.
Benevolence is not a blind ideology connected to psychological immaturity. Benevolence, not being ideological reductionist blindness, doesn't exclude rationality or common sense.

Being benevolent does not mean the kind of indiscriminativeness that leads to blind unquestioning acceptance of the destruction of one's own house in the name of ideological principles.

Benevolence is simply the natural human tendency for cooperation. It is a natural human mature psychological trait that is proactive. But such tendency exists without being indiscriminate.

Personally I am a priori benevolent towards everyone and anything. To grass and trees, to bees and birds, cats and dogs, Whites, Blacks, Reds and Yellow, and even (oh horror :D ) to Jews.

But that benevolence does not mean that I would like my own race to disappear, that I would like Blacks, Asians or Muslims to fill my continent or my country. My benevolence does not mean that I think that everyone is equal or that I should equally care for all.
Benevolence as a non ideological attitude, does not imply that the truth should be pushed under the carpet.

I am benevolent and racist! How about that?

One does not need to develop the opposite of the ideology of altruism in order to fight liberals. One does not need an ideology of egoism.

Egoism is not the human model of life (nor is some ideological altruism).
The human model is holistic cooperation and exchange in the boundaries of rationality and common sense (humans often still practice the predatory model too, but that one is not human, it is a relict).

The natural human state is of cooperative benevolence, but one that is not indiscriminate and blind, but included in a hierarchy of common sense priorities, where one first cares for one's own house.

One should not look at these things through exclusive alternatives. That's what the liberals would like us to believe:

Either you have to be indiscriminately "good" to the level of self-destruction, and would have no right to preferentially care for the preservation of your own race or nation, either you are "bad".

We must take great care not to fall into that trap, in the dichotomous frame in which they have imprisoned the issue.

We must propose another common sense model where benevolence naturally coexists with discriminating common sense.
Not only does it coexist, it is part of a natural whole.

One can even be benevolent on a global scale and still be aware of one's own race, aware of the importance and LEGITIMACY of caring for its preservation and affirmation.

Personally I think that in order to win the mainstream White opinion for the cause of White self-preservation, one MUST reconcile general benevolence, - the need of most people to be "good", with the realization that it is also good and legitimate to care about one's own.
We must be able to pass on the realization that BOTH ARE GOOD. That caring about one's own is good and does not diminish in ANY way general benevolence.
We must be able to pass on the realization that being self destructive is not good for anybody and that you can only be good to the world if you value what you are, and care and preserve it.

THE VERY ESSENCE of what needs to be achieved in the minds of mainstream people is to separate the notion of benevolence from nondiscrimination.

Liberal ideologists try precisely to manipulate people into believing that the two are inseparable, that one cannot be good and still have the common sense to care for one's own heritage, biologic and cultural, put value in it and preserve it.

What we must do is to deconstruct this manipulation, to decouple the things that liberals have somehow glued together in the minds of too many people, and to reinstate common sense priorities and common sense differential approach.

We must completely debunk the manipulation that one cannot be good and care for one's own.

It is ESSENTIAL FOR US TO UNDERSTAND that NO ONE can take away the need to feel that one is "good" from the mainstream !!!

To try to do that is a complete waste of efforts and is absolutely counterproductive to our cause.

On the contrary, one must reconcile benevolence with discriminativeness and eventually racism - racism in the sense of legitimate preferential care for one's own heritage.
We absolutely must change the connotation of racism as something "bad" into something good and legitimate. But in order to do that, we cannot separate racism from benevolence. We must pass the realization that benevolence and racism are not in contradiction.

I cannot stress enough how important these points are.
Those who would dismiss them would really, really make a cardinal error.

For the mainstream people, White self-preservationists must NOT be associated with ANY negativism, even implicit.
They must be associated with life - a harmonious, mature, common sense life. a life benevolent in nature, confident in itself, but also associated with the common sense to discriminate between the truth and what is not the truth, the common sense to care for one's own and not be blindly ideologically suicidal.
It must be a life with clear common sense natural priorities, as opposed to immature and blind liberal ideologies.

Life is structured, stratified, selective and differentiated.
What we must convince people of, is that they will not be any less good if they keep being capable of common sense differentiated approach to reality. We must make them realize that such blind ideological "goodness" is a FALSE GOODNESS.

We must present our own model of goodness, a better one, and NOT LET THE LIBERALS DEFINE GOODNESS.
This cannot be done with ideologies of egoism, but with the realization that natural benevolence is in perfect harmony with the care for our own race.

Link to the Same Topic on Stormfront

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