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16.03.2021., utorak

A Problem of Race - My Answers in a Stormfront Topic (Biosemantics 3)

Link to the Same Topic on Stormfront


I think that too many people try to define race at the individual level with concepts of IQ's, criminality etc.
While those aspects are real, they are always opposed with the counterargument of "generalization", and examples of intelligent and honest blacks.

Arguments about IQ's, criminal tendencies etc. are right but insufficient because they focus on the individual, and in fact put the whole issue in the individual frame.

What is needed is a collective perspective of races - races as collective systems.

I already wrote something about how I view those systems, as holistic bio-cultural languages, as holistic bio-cultural semantic systems.

Races are semantic wholes and they are differentiated by the feedback systems of meanings that are embedded in their biology and cultures, and in fact in the feedback system between their biology and cultures.

This difference of races as semantic systems is even physically visible in the meanings conveyed by the facial physiognomies selected by those races. Those physiognomies are a biological non verbal language used as feedback between the units/individuals and defining the spirit of their relationships, and therefore the natural spirit of their societies in their traditional cultures or cultures that contain their traditional values to a large degree.

The White race is the semantically most subtle and rich bio-cultural language. It contains a system of meanings unparalleled by other races.


I would also just like to add that societies should be looked as cybernetic self-regulating, self reproductive systems.

Race, as a biological semantic category, enters into the logic of that cybernetic system. The meanings that are embedded in the biological tissue of the race are a part of the cybernetics system, they are a part of the logic of how certain goals and issues are solved by the societies these races belong.
These biological meanings are a natural tendency inside the natural feedback system between biology and the traditional cultures that were part of the selective biological processes in races.

However, if the link between the traditional values and biology is broken, there is a resulting chaos, and the more subtle the system, the more fragile can it be, if it is not explicitly aware of itself.

Unfortunately, the traditional values that have a feedback relationship with our biology are not scientifically explicit. They are idiosyncratic systems of beliefs, often conveyed by religions.
This kind of vector for the cultural software needed for the formation of a working bio-cultural whole are problematic in modern times when science has challenged the old beliefs, which were prescientific vectors for an important set of software instructions, vital for the health of the cybernetic system as a whole.


When we talk about meanings, I would say that the White race represents (also biologically) higher meanings - meanings that have a more pronounced vertical dimension. It possesses a more pronounced tendency towards the search of higher, encompassing meanings.

Vertical meanings are those that try to encompass the wholeness of life, at the individual and social levels. They are generally manifested in what we call values and ideals. Ideals are a manifestation of that tendency towards higher levels of meaning in the structure of life.
The tendency towards the vertical meanings leads to a hierarchy of abstract levels ordering the different dimensions of life, from the purely individual to the social and even to the purely transcendent abstractions that distill the essence of humanity.

Transcendence in meaning, this is what it means to be human. The more this tendency is present in a human group, the more human it is.

These meanings are also manifested in human archetypes. Those archetypes are collective, racial models of what a man and a woman should be. The ideal true man, the ideal true woman. Those ideals are not just cultural, they are embedded in biology. They don't represent mere physical ideals, but racial ideals of completeness of meaning of what it means to be human.
But physiognomy is important too in a semantic sense. Where the Black physiognomy archetype expresses mostly lower horizontal meanings of life (strength, aggressiveness etc), the White archetype expresses a much higher level of life where the lower more animal meanings are integrated in higher meanings, higher more integrated perspectives.
The White archetype exists at a human meta-level compared to the Black archetype, for example.
The White archetype is a model of a more fully integrated human who extracts higher abstract meanings from life and directs and shapes life according to those higher meanings and values. This is the archetype of a more fully human being integrating the horizontal concrete aspects of life into vertical higher meanings and values and shapes life according to those principles.

BUT, it is IMPORTANT to realize two things about racial human archetypes:

Firstly, it is like a holographic image. Individuals contain an image of that archetype from their own position, but they don't necessarily express the full image in themselves. Every individual may not understand the fullness of the archetype or express it, but they have a tendency towards it, they are attracted to it.
Those archetypes are like attractors, magnets that attract the representatives of a race and make them orbit around them and to try to approach them.

The second important thing to understand is that those archetypes are just POTENTIALS. Our tendency towards a certain human model of life is just a biologic potential that doesn't realize itself by itself. It needs culture, like all human potentials.

We have the biologic potential for speech, but it needs culture to be realized.
We don't even walk without culture. We are anatomically made for bipedal walk, but as the evidence of "wild children" has shown (children raised by animals), humans cannot even start to walk bipedally by their own. Culture is necessary even for that most basic potential.

There is an organic feedback link between biology and culture in humans.
We are biologically shaped for culture. We have certain biologic potentials, but they need culture to develop and express themselves.
Human biology has shaped culture, but culture has shaped human biology. They form an indivisible whole.

This is not to say that culture is all. On the contrary, the archetypes I was talking about represent different potentials in different races, and they need their culture to realize themselves.

The full White biologic potential needs the cultural context in which it has evolved to express itself. It needs a society of meanings, ideals, higher values, higher order of life.

Unfortunately, the cultural elements (software) needed for the full development of the biologic human potential are carried by idiosyncratic vectors like beliefs, religions etc.
This is not a bad thing in itself, but it makes them fragile as they are not explicitly understood, but implicitly hidden if traditional forms.
In modern times, the fundamental values of the White race needed for the full development of its biologic potential are under enormous pressure. We are witnessing the destruction of the idea of a society of meaning, and particularly of higher fundamental meaning.

Liberal relativist ideologies attack that essential cultural idea from all sides.

The very human archetype of the White race is under attack, as it needs its natural cultural context to flourish and realize the full White human model.

That's why there are "Whiggers" these days.

They are those who cannot find the full cultural contextual support for the development of their potential. That cultural support has become very thin in modern societies. It exists more in pockets of meaning than in a strongly meaningful society.
So many young people get absorbed by inferior racial systems of meanings - systems of lower, more horizontal human archetypes, more primitive and animal.

Without the needed higher semantic cultural context, even higher biological forms represented by Whites cannot develop to the level of their potential, they slide to the lower available levels to them.

What does it all mean?

The human archetype of the White race is more complete. It is more vertical, more "meta".
It represents a much more pronounced tendency towards meta-levels of life - the organization of life trough a vertical hierarchy of meanings.
The White race is more the "universal man". It represents a more complete and higher meaningful organizing human tendency.
But unless the White race finds a way to maintain a culture of meaning in society, unless it doesn't retake the reigns of the creation and shaping of meaning in society and culture, unless it doesn't defeat liberal relativists and finds a way to integrate fundamental meaning in a new explicit way into social structure, its perspective is bleak.

The battle for the White race will be at the level of meaning.
Not only in some universal sense, but the battle for the White race to understand what it is as a potential, and to understand what it needs in terms of cultural context.

It is the battle for the White race to understand what it really represents and what are the two legs it walks on (biology and culture).

It is the battle for the White race to understand that IT is the values that it needs (in the sense of bio-cultural interpenetration explained above), and that the White race must be preserved if those values are to be preserved.

We must understand who we are and what we are, in order to want to preserve ourselves

So, this topic started by maxhmeu is excellent, because it touches the very core of the battle for the white race, the very thing that must be won if we want our race to survive.


When I mention meanings and values, I am not talking about values that get alienated from their true cybernetic function.

I will explain what I mean.

Values are part of the cultural software - they serve a role in the cybernetic principle of society, which is basically self-regulation and self-reproduction, and all that it implies.
Values serve that purpose, they serve the creation of a better more fully human and meaningful life and the preservation of that life.
Values are human life software.

But as I underlined it previously, culture and biology go hand in hand.
So, the values of the White man are the White man - they are reflected in his biological potential in the same way that potential is reflected in the culture.
They form a whole.

Values exist, not to preserve only themselves, they preserve the humans that are their counterparts. Values exist to preserve the human potential existing in our biological structure and without which, they would not have any meaning or purpose, as they are precisely the software needed for the development of those potentials.
Values exist for US, the way we are as humans, biologically adapted to ideas of vertical values, principles and meanings.

But certain values like "brotherhood" or "love" can be easily misunderstood.
Many people think that they should apply them indiscriminately to all humans and all human races.
Those do not understand that these values have only a meaning if they preserve their biologic foundation, only if they perform their cybernetic function explained above.

It is not a bad thing in itself to wish well to the rest of the world. I myself wish all the best to Africans in Africa, Asians in Asia, Middle Easterners in the Middle East, etc. But one must not lose from sight that values of "goodness" have a specific structural role in human society. They have a feedback link with their biological base, and serve the purpose of preserving it, making it better, fuller, making it express itself, not negate itself.

It serves no purpose to be "good2 if that means destroying or net preserving the very biological basis of that "goodness".

To caricature it: it would have no meaning to be good to dogs if it meant to chose dogs over humans. One can be good to them, but it doesn't mean that one should lose the ability to distinguish between a human and a dog.

The highest human values have only a meaning if they preserve us, their biological foundation biological potentials for those values that are embedded in our biology.
These values only have a meaning if they preserve their other indivisible half - those who have the biological potential for those values and the biologic semantic systems - biosemantic systems of meaning which are what we call races.

("Biosemantic" not in Ruth Millikan's sense, which means "biological purpose/meaning", but in the sense of "biological language" - a language embedded in the biological structure)

Simply put, to preserve values, ve must preserve ourselves, because we, as biological beings, are the other half of the equation.

The cultural software of meaning has precisely no meaning without the biological potential for which that meaning exists.
And that biologic potential has no meaning without the cultural context of meaning in which it can only develop and realise itself.

This an indivisible holistic relationship.

In a society of meaning where the cultural meaningful atmosphere would be all pervading, individuals would naturally mix only with those in whom they recognize that biological potential for meaning. They would also naturally recognize, even in the visible facial semantic features, the biologic semantic system (race) that has those meanings biologically embedded in it.

There would be no "whiggers" in such society, because people would return to their natural holistic feedback relationship between culture and biology, and would never think of mixing with those who belong to racial semantic systems of lower biological meaning potential, even visible on their faces. They would naturally feel the importance od preserving the racial biological basis for meaning, the biologic semantic system carrying that potential.

But of course. it doesn't mean that things should not be made explicit even before such society of meaning is reached.
People of our race long for meaning, clearing things up in their minds would make a big difference in their awareness of the importance of preservation of our race. The other reason is that time is short and certain tendencies catastrophic.

So, it is important for people of our race to understand this organic link between culture and biology - between meaning in culture and the potential for meaning in biology. It is important because if they understand that, they will understand that the meaning they are naturally drawn to is in the end linked to the preservation of themselves as a race.

With the explicit understanding of that relationship, people will understand the full biological meaning of meaning itself.
They will understand the importance of preserving the race that literally embodies these meanings.

There is no worse fallacy than to believe that the highest human values make the preservation of the White race redundant.

The correct understanding of the relationship between biology and culture, and the effort and program for the establishment of a society of meaning are the two ways to prevent the belief in that fallacy and instill the belief in the essential importance of the preservation of our race.

Link to the Same Topic on Stormfront

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