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16.03.2021., utorak

Race as a Holographic Language (Biosemantics 2)

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I would like to clear a possible misunderstanding from the previous post "Race and Collective Dynamics - Races as Collective Phenomena (Biosemantics 1)"

I said that races can only be fully understood at the collective level - the level of frame of humanity that they represent - their collective spirit.

It doesn't mean that that these collective racial qualities cannot be seen on the individual level, quite the opposite.

It's a bit like a hologram.
A hologram is a picture where every part of the picture contains an image of the whole picture from the point of view of that part.
In a hologram, every part reflects the whole.

The fullness of the hologram - the fullness of the spirit of a race is not always apparent in every individual, but once it is perceived as a whole, one can see its aspects in individuals, and how individuals are part of it.

The best among Blacks still exist in relation to their hologram - their model of humanity embedded in their biology. They exist inside their frame of humanity, inside the spirit of their race.

The worst representatives of the White race also exist in relation to the frame of humanity of their race.
Each individual, even the worse ones, reflects the whole he belongs to, in a specific way.
Even those who negate that spirit, negate it in relation to that spirit. Even the negation exists in relation to the frame.

Even the best among Blacks are defined inside their racial human frame, inside the aspirations of that frame, and I would even say - inside the level of transcendence of their model of humanity.
That level of transcendence is the tendency of a race to transcend itself, the tendency visible among the individuals of that race to transcend the status quo.

This is not just something very abstract and intellectual. No, this is something everybody automatically feels if unimpeded by liberal leftist ideologies.

We all feel such things. We feel that even the best representatives of the Black race represent a different sort of humanity, a narrower, more limited one, whose shape is less in a form of an arrow aiming for the sky.
They represent a frame of lower level of transcendence and of lesser value.

Yes, there are plenty of Whites who are not worthy of their human frame, not worthy of the spirit of their race. They are deformations and malformations inside that frame, but they don't diminish the spirit of the frame itself, they don't diminish its collective logic and aspiration.

That's why the individualistic approach to races is insufficient. It could lead to the erroneous conclusion that races don't matter, only the relative qualities of individuals would.

This is wrong because the individual qualities exist also and in a very essential way, in relation to racial human frames. An individual doesn't represent only himself biologically, he represents a wider collective order, a way the whole is arranged and organised on the basis of individuals.

Each individual contains collective properties projecting a model of humanity inside the society.

Ignoring that dimension is totally wrong, because even if we would accept quality individuals from other races, we would also dilute the collective shape of humanity that our race represents. We would sabotage the collective spirit, the whole collective dynamics that we reflect as individuals.

Individual abilities are secondary to the preservation of a superior holistic model of humanity - a superior collective biologic substance or spirit reflecting itself in the individuals. That spirit exists in itself and is more than just the sum of individual abilities.

The arrow of the White race, as a whole larger than the sum of its parts, aims higher. It is an entity, a system by itself, and it aims higher - this is the simple truth.
Replacing it by a lesser one, which aims much lower, would be a catastrophe.

Link to the Same Topic on Stormfront

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