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16.03.2021., utorak

Race and Collective Dynamics - Races as Collective Phenomena (Biosemantics 1)

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I come from a country where there are almost no Blacks. And still, Blacks are the racial issue that preoccupies me the most.
In the context of demographic catastrophe of the White race, Africanization threatens the European continent, and will reach my country as well, sooner or later.

Some people (not from this forum) would ask me if I hate Blacks. I don't.
I even believe that some individual Blacks can be decent and productive individuals.

I Explained in another topic treating the justification for the preservation of the White race (which can be found in my Blog) some of my views on the subject. I would like to expand a little here.

For me, the issue of race cannot be observed at the individual level but at the collective one.
It is an issue far more subtle than IQs and things like that.

I believe (actually, this is a theory in an advanced stage) that races are primarily a semantic phenomenon and a phenomenon of collective dynamics where people's individual characteristics are integrated by others into a system of collective complementary interpersonal meanings.
Such system creates an embedded collective dynamics - a biologically driven tendency in society to certain types of interpersonal interactions leading to a certain direction of the society itself.

If one observes a molecule of water alone, it has certain attributes in itself, but it is difficult to extrapolate from these individual characteristics, what will be the properties of water as an aggregate of billions of molecules.
These individual characteristics are important, not only for the single molecule, but mostly for the way these molecules interact together and the collective properties that result.

I believe that this principle also applies to humans.

Individual properties can be observed for themselves, but they get their true meaning in the way they interact inside the social tissue.
In fact I believe that individual properties and the dynamics of the collective represent a whole, a holistic system. It is not just a one way street like in molecules, it is a two way street, where the collectivity also select certain types of individuals that are consistent with its dynamics.

Those aggregating characteristics of the individuals are semantic in nature. They represent meanings - meanings of one individual within the group, meanings of the individual inside the group dynamics.

These meanings are best seen in the facial physiognomies, which express certain meanings of the individual in relation to others. They represent meanings about ways individuals interact and aggregate. They represent certain interpersonal goals and aspirations, certain social orders.
Faces are a subtle biological social language and are part of a semantic collective system, not a random stack of individual properties.

There are also other factors participating in the embedded aggregative processes of collective dynamics. They may be more subtle than faces. I call them "psycho-physical energies" and are embedded in some rhythms that punctuate activities and interactions. But this is too complex for this topic.

What I am saying is that races cannot be primarily be observed as just a random collection of individuals. They constitute a semantic whole, a holistic biological language - a biosemantic system ("Biosemantic" not in Ruth Millikan's sense, which means "biological purpose/meaning", but in the sense of "biological language" - a language embedded in the biological structure), and must be observed at the level of collective dynamics sustained by the aggregative properties of the individuals. These aggregative properties being themselves selected by the whole, which creates a two-way, feedback holistic system.

The opponents, but also the proponents of racism use arguments that target the individual level, comparing individual performances.
I believe that this is an insufficient way of looking at the issue. Races cannot be understood at the level of the individual components alone, but at the level of the whole, the collective dynamics that they represent.
Individuals do not exist by themselves, they are part of a semantic biological network having its own collective properties.

Individual aggregative properties may not always be apparent or manifested.

For example, if a Black is isolated among whites, he will adapt to the prevalent collective dynamics. This is also the case when there are small numbers of blacks in a large White majority.
Some Black individuals can function very well in a White environment and be very productive, but when the social proportion changes and Black become a significant factor, their innate aggregative properties take over, They tend to create the collective dynamics corresponding to their own biological collective language, creating a different collective dynamics.

Unfortunately, that dynamics soon interferes with the dynamics embedded in the White biology.

This evolution can be seen in Music for example. When Black culture was still framed by the White culture, it expressed itself in forms like Jazz, but as the Black collective emancipates itself more and more, it returns to more primitive basic forms like Rap.
This is just a symptom, but it illustrates how, when the collective dynamics of Blacks takes over, they fall on their natural level, a more primitive collective level.

I believe that the augmentation of the number of Blacks in a white society is a big problem because their natural collective dynamics takes over and drags down the White collective dynamics, as it is always easier to go down than up.
If a significant collective factor drags culture down, it will go down. The balance of the civilizational and anti-civilizational factors is delicate in the White race, even if it is left to itself, but if a significant source of disruption exists in the same social tissue, civilization goes down to more primitive levels.

It is no coincidence that culture takes a plunge to basic more animal levels of social interaction, wherever Blacks pass a certain aggregating threshold.

I believe that racial theory used by WN should rise to a new level of understanding, from the individual atomized view to a higher perspective that encompasses the collective holistic meaning of what races are.

Link to the Same Topic on Stormfront

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