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16.03.2021., utorak

The real "justification" for the preservation of the White Race - Holistic view

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These days we seem to be reduced to the need to justify the perpetuation of the white race, We are expected to find some "good" reason, as if there was a need for that.

The only good reason we need is the existence of the white race itself. From that existence comes its right to exist and perpetuate itself.
Having that right, the only good reason we, as members of the white race would need, is that we would want to.
The only good reason that we need is our will to continue to exist, prosper and affirm ourselves.

There are other reasons, civilizational etc. We could say that the world would lose if the white race would disappear. I would certainly agree with that, but this is not about the "world", this is not about some abstract idea of "civilization", this is about us. If it is about a civilization, it is precisely about "us" having that civilization, not the "world".

Do we exist then?
Some say that races don't even exist, "there is no proof of their existence" they say.
All human populations have the same genes and alleles of these genes, but in different proportions, they say.

First at all, they can't know that, because the Human Genome Project made the inventory of the genes of just a few people, and another similar private project also studied the genes of just a few people, so no conclusion about wider populations can be scientifically made. The funniest thing is that the results of the two studies are in contradiction in many places.
Besides, there is something called the Lewontin' fallacy (try Google for that one...), and it has been demonstrated that what the leftie media parrot about smaller differences between two individuals of different races than two individuals of the same race is utter nonsense.

But even if that was true, it wouldn't matter because even if Blacks, as a whole race, would have all the genes variations, all the alleles Whites have, even if Whites would have all the alleles existing in the Black population, that wouldn't mean that those are not two groups with distinct subjectivities.
You can use the same type of bricks and mortar to make a shed or a palace, a shed is not a palace and a palace is not a shed, regardless of the bricks and the mortar.

A race is not defined by its components, but by a recognizable result of those components with its own recognizable subjectivity that allows people to subjectively recognize themselves as Whites or Blacks or whatever.
If there is such subjectivity, such sense of identity, if it exists, it has the right to perpetuate itself and needs no better reason than its own will to be, exist and perpetuate its existence, identity and life.
To live, you need no better reason than your will to live. You don't have to justify it.

Yes, but the multiethnicists, the multiculturalists will say that you are not your race.
They will try to convince us that the individual is all that matters.
Why would you care for your race, you are not your race, you are you, the individual. It makes no sense to identify yourself to some racial group, they would say.

Is that so?

This is a disastrous fallacy. The individual and the collectivity form a holistic whole, a biologic and cultural complex, a holistic form of complex exchanges. In many ways, an individual exists in a complementary relation with its collectivity and vice versa.
In a race, that relation is the "spirit" of that race, a complex web of relationships and exchanges in which even purely physical characteristics play a major role.
For example facial physiognomies are part of non-verbal communication, they were selected by evolution as vectors of nonverbal meaning, expression of character, forms of communication.
Is it really a coincidence that facial shapes in the Black race are closer to our simian ancestors or relatives? Doesn't it indicate a subtly different spirit of nonverbal communication, a different structure of meanings conveyed in the bio-cultural matrix of the Black race, a different spirit of the "whole thing"?

We may have difficulties to scientifically define that spirit of a race, not everybody has the same elements of that spirit, but what matters is that it constitutes a distinct subjective whole that is recognizable by its members and by others. It is like an attractor, various elements turn around, a common center of gravity that defines the subjectivity.
All elements, all individuals in that whole are not the same, they don't have all the same characteristics, but even their own specificities exist in relation to the characteristics of the whole - the spirit of the whole.
If one individual has such and such specific characteristics, specific meanings of oneself, these characteristics get their full meaning only in relation to the whole matrix of relationships constituting the whole. Elements get their meaning in relation to the whole and the whole is projected into the elements in relation to the specific characteristics of each elements in the network of relations of the whole.

This bidirectional interpenetration of the elements and the whole constitutes what is called a holistic system. A race represents one.

So what does it mean for you, the individual?

It means that in the social sense, "you" with your individual characteristics exist and get your true meaning only trough the complex network of relationships of the whole of your race. In a holistic sense, your race is you, who you are in relation to the whole.

The spirit of a race is not easily formally defined, but it is felt and recognized, as identity, as a feeling of better fitting into the whole of what that that race represents, as a feeling of correspondence of the meanings of oneself to other individuals in the collectivity and vice versa.
Races exist principally at a semantic level, at a level of meaning and communication in a system of meanings.
It is that "spirit" that in fact maintains the biological identity of the race, that selects certain biologically defined facial and psychological profiles for example (archetypes), to support the communication and exchange logic of that system of exchange of meanings which is the race itself.

You are your race in the holistic sense.

So, what does the preservation of your race mean to you?

It means the preservation of your own spirit, the preservation of the meaning you have personally and individually inside that holistic spirit.
Defending you race, you defend yourself, the full meaning of who you are in relation to the whole that gives you a full sense of that meaning.
Other attractors cannot be as good for you, you can function inside them, but there is a loss of information, a loss of meaning and you don't feel the complete you in relation to those other racial attractors, you don't feel that you belong to that spirit. Something is missing, the complete set and logic of relations and meanings is missing (even the faces, with their nonverbal meanings are an important part of it).

There are differences of meanings in the same race, subsystems, nations, but the common attractor is still very strong inside one race.
Faces physiognomy, as the most visible immediate meanings inside the system, are the best sign for it.

Those who, among whites, say that it doesn't matter to preserve the white race, in fact deny the very core value of themselves, they deny the value of themselves and the perpetuation of that value. They basically say that they are worth nothing and that there is no meaning to perpetuate themselves.

But if you feel that you have a meaning, If you feel that you have a value, then the natural choice is to try to perpetuate it and develop it.
If you don't, you don't respect yourself and the thousands of generations of your ancestors who have struggled and fought to make you who you are, in the complete holistic sense.

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Here is my reply to an "anti" who claimed that the preservation of the White race is "irrational":

Here is what he said:

"Stumbled across this site by accident, and I always find it interesting to examine extreme points of view. I have some questions: Why do you want to preserve the white race? It is very possible to preserve culture whilst racial identity slowly changes, as has been the case in the UK for centuries until recently. So is this a matter of wanting to preserve culture (fairly rational) or preserving race (irrational)?"

Here is what I answered:

Well, it is exactly the opposite of what you are claiming.

All life forms seek their own preservation trough themselves and their progeny.
This is neither rational nor irrational, this is natural, this is what life does - this IS LIFE.

To deny that is what is irrational.

As for culture - culture does not represent a value worth preserving in itself or for itself.
Culture is a software - the software a human system uses to preserve and enrich its life.

Culture serves a purpose.
Culture serves the life that created it. It is why it exists. It doesn't exist for itself.

Again, not anybody's life, but the life form that created that software for itself and its life preservation.
Culture has a biological function, and to disassociate that function from culture is the summum of irrationality.
It is not only irrational, it is anti-life.

Your beliefs are the consequence of an alienated, irrational ideology, which effectively disintegrates the bio-cultural holism of human life.

The proof is that wherever that ideology dominates, human systems lose the ability to reproduce themselves biologically, and start relying exclusively on immigration - which is the sign of a sick, incomplete living system in cybernetic terms.
This is a living system whose software has been infected with instructions making it unable to fulfill the basic function of its own live (life as a biologic phenomenon in its functional completeness) preservation and reproduction.

The cultural software that your ideology represents is like a SOFTWARE VIRUS - it represents irrational ANTI-LIFE instructions introduced in the cultural software.
The nature of that virus is destructive in the very core of the holistic life principle of a human living system, and destroys all human systems that are infected by it.

What you advocate is a holistic aberration, an illness of the most pernicious kind.

While you may think that you represent the "good", what you actually represent is "pure evil" in holistic life terms.

Link to the Same Topic on Stormfront

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