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Olympus Underwater Digital Camera Reviews

olympus underwater digital camera reviews

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So this is the story... My wife vanessa always wished for a portable camera... a classical point and shoot.... BUT I always wanted to take that camera underwater.. definitively I was never going to take my D90... so we settled for this... Olympus 1030SW Waterproof Digital Camera.

Got it this morning to test it out... we loved it.. and our nephew.. J loved it too (You can see J trying to drown me here....:

anyway... should you want more specs and reviews follow;


underwater 1.2.2008 Charlie Dale

underwater 1.2.2008 Charlie Dale

Underwater tag from Charlie_Dale. Thank you Cikgu Dale. I love this postcard. i love diving in a huge school of Chevron Barracuda and pretending to be one of them. (They certainly know, that I'm not, but they let me keep my illusion ;) )

olympus underwater digital camera reviews

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