Why does a Professional SEO Company Insist on Sitemaps?

subota , 14.12.2019.

There are a plethora of techniques that are used by an SEO Company to generate the desired results. Creation of a good sitemap is a highly recommended strategy by any SEO agency because of its impact on faster indexing of pages.

There are many things that an SEO Company does to improve the rankings of the website on the SERP list and generate greater traffic which can, in turn, translate into sales. While some of them are highly effective and have a profound impact on the rankings in a short span of time, there are a few that take a considerable amount of time to make a difference. One of the techniques that falls under the former category is the creation of sitemaps. The fact that these maps not only guide the visitors to your website and simplify the process of navigation, but also makes it easier for the pages of the site to get indexed make it one of the favorite options of any experienced and credible SEO company. However, before you jump guns and decide to opt for it, you should know what sitemaps are and what they can do.

Did you know that the concepts of sitemaps are not new? These maps have been in existence for years. They have always been an integral part of good web design and development practices, but most of the search engine optimization companies began to sit up and take notice only when Google and other major search engines decided to use these maps to index the website and its inner pages as well. Any SEO company in existence today, which optimizes websites for leading search engines such as MSN, Yahoo or Google, highly recommends these sitemaps. However, what distinguishes an authentic and experienced SEO agency from the rest is that the former creates two sitemaps for the same site if you are planning to get the site optimized for the global audience. While search engines such as MSN and Yahoo support maps designed using HTML, Google supports maps that are designed using XML.

There are a number of benefits associated with using the :: call recorder – ios because of which they are highly recommended by any expert SEO company. The primary objective of the website should be to help visitors navigate from one page to the other easily without too many clicks. Having a sitemap of the website will serve this purpose very well. These maps are especially useful for sites that do not have links on pages that lead users to other relevant pages. An SEO firm also recommends the sitemap because it complements the link generation process. The map offers at least one incoming link to every page of the website.

While it may seem that you can do the sitemap yourself without the help of an SEO firm, it is actually not true! Only a good SEO company will have sufficient knowledge about creating a sitemap that conforms to the standards of the leading search engines and ensuring it serves it purpose well. Designing a sitemap and integrating it into the site is not enough; the SEO agency also submits it to Google and other leading search engines so they recognize its presence and index the pages faster. There are various tools that these firms use to accomplish this task to perfection.

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