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No Make Up Instrumental

no make up instrumental

  • (Instrumentals (Lil Rob album)) Instrumentals is an album by rapper Lil Rob.

  • (of music) Performed on instruments, not sung

  • Serving as an instrument or means in pursuing an aim or policy

  • Relating to something's function as an instrument or means to an end

  • implemental: serving or acting as a means or aid; "instrumental in solving the crime"

  • relating to or designed for or performed on musical instruments; "instrumental compositions"; "an instrumental ensemble"

    make up
  • constitution: the way in which someone or something is composed

  • The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament

  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance

  • The composition or constitution of something

  • makeup: an event that is substituted for a previously cancelled event; "he missed the test and had to take a makeup"; "the two teams played a makeup one week later"

  • constitute: form or compose; "This money is my only income"; "The stone wall was the backdrop for the performance"; "These constitute my entire belonging"; "The children made up the chorus"; "This sum represents my entire income for a year"; "These few men comprise his entire army"

no make up instrumental - The Mix-Up

The Mix-Up

The Mix-Up

The Mix-Up is Beastie Boys' first-ever full album of all-new instrumental material. The follow-up to 2004's To The 5 Boroughs, The Mix-Up features Diamond, Horovitz and Yauch back on drums, guitar and bass, with able assistance from Keyboard Money Mark and percussionist Alfredo Ortiz, on 12 brand new wordless, sample-less, scratchless originals. Sure to please fans of the instrumental cuts from Check Your Head and Ill Communication and the cult hit compilation album made up largely of those tracks, The In Sound From Way Out!, The Mix-Up finds NYC's favorite sons drawing on one of their arsenal's primary strengths and pushing it into bold new directions.
Beastie Boys Photos

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DVD Video Anthology - Criterion Collection

Having long since shed their image as hip-hop's clown princes, the Beastie Boys now bring what feels like their emeritus recording, a celebratory instrumental memoir of all of the influences (except punk) that brought them to their secure place among hip-hop's fickle elite. The party opens with the aptly titled "B for My Name," its plodding bounce staking claim to the mid-tempo path the album treads almost throughout. "14th St. Break" picks up the pace, especially in the auxiliary percussion breakdown, complete with rally whistle. Then, beginning with "Suco de Tangerina," the album drops into a deep groove cut from dub- and dancehall-tinged ostinati that carry through a full third of its tracks. Among these, "The Gala Event" suffers from a lack of developmental motion that characterizes many of these tracks, but highlights still abound. "Off the Grid," for example, departs from the otherwise unbreakable chill and rips the proceedings wide open, blooming again and again in a series of pulsing riffs that celebrate the very institution of the instrumental groove. More than 20 years since Licensed to Ill took a long, irreverent piss into the mainstream, it seems you can still fight for your right to party. --Jason Kirk

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Meet Jan Chetnik

Meet Jan Chetnik

Jan wears many hats at Rikki's Refuge. As our Public Relations Director and the Team Leader of the Jan Kerri Jean PR Machine she heads up the advertising about our Open Houses, Tours and other events and has been majorly instrumental in enlarging the spotlight on Rikki's Refuge. After all, if you've never heard of Rikki's, you won't be helping us to support the animals.

As our Educational Director she administers the Kind News program, reaching out to classrooms across the nation and the world. Raising the funds to send subscriptions to Kind News, an outstanding monthly Humane Education Magazine. It's only $35 a year to sponsor a classroom. Have a favorite teacher or just want to help a classroom of Jan's choice? Make your $35 donation for education and you can sponsor a whole class room of kids for a full year. We can only make a difference one child at a time. Teach a little kindness to a young one and they have a lifetime to spread it around.

As our Director of Prayers and Goodwill and Warm 'n' Fuzzy Things she keeps the miracles happening and things flowing smoothly at the Refuge. If you don't believe in prayer - just ask Jan to pray for you!!! Let me tell you - it works every time! Thank you Jan !!! At Rikki's Refuge we no longer just believe in miracles - we have come to rely on them.

Jan is also the one you'll meet on a Tour of the Refuge or at an Open House. These events are held once a month and Jan, our Tour Director, is the one who puts them together and pulls them off beautifully. She's that tall dark gorgeous brunette in the Rikki's T and Cap just brimming with excitement to introduce you to all the wonderful critters at Rikki's. Don't miss her next tour January 27th at 1 pm.

Jan hosts either a Tour or an Open House each month at Rikki's Refuge.

There will be 4 Open Houses during 2008. Each time we will be open for four hours with tours leaving every half hour. These events are often filled with special events like nature hikes, magicians (I keep begging for the "Watch the Poop Disappear" trick, but nobody has perfected it yet), artists, bake sales, crafts. You're welcome to come any time during an Open House, and all animal visitation is with tour guides.

The other 8 months of the year feature Tours. Tours last about 2 hours. And there's only one! So be prompt and don't hold up the group!

Sponsor Appreciation Day / Spring into Animals, Sunday 4/27 from 12-4 pm
Summer with the Animals, Sunday 6/15 from 12-4 pm
Halloween with the Animals, Sunday 10/19
Fall in Love with the Animals, Saturday 11/15 11 am - 3 pm

Sunday 1/27 1 pm
Sunday 2/24 1 pm
Sunday 3/30 1 pm
Sunday 5/18 1 pm
Friday 7/4 11 am
Sunday 8/17 11 am
Monday 9/1 12 pm
Thursday 12/25 12 pm

Learn to be a Tour Guide so you can help out at events or give special private tours. Contact Jan for training info:

Participants will gather at the Gift Shoppe and the tour will leave promptly at 1 pm. The gates will open at 12:30. Please be on time as we cannot accommodate late arrivals.

On a tour you can meet the Cows of Bovine Boulevard, the Goats of Capri Corners, the Guinea Pigs of Cavy Castle, the Chickens of Chicken City, the Chukars of Chukar Chalet, the Dogs of Doggy Downs, the Donkeys of Donkey Dale, the Ducks of Ducky Digs, the Emus of Emu Estates, the Cats of Feline Fields, the Cats, Dogs and Rabbits of the 9th Life Retirement, Assisted Living and Psychiatric Center, the Geese of Goosey Gardens, the Guinea Fowl of Guinea Fowl Grounds, the Horses of Horsey Haven, the Mules of Jackass Junction, the Peacocks of Peacock Prowls, the Pheasants of Pheasant Phacility, the Pigeons of Pigeon Palace, the Pigs of Piggy Paradise, the Rabbits of Rabbit Rotunda, the Roosters of Rooster Rounds, the Sheep of Ramsey Residence, the Turkeys of Turkey Terrace and who ever else is staying with us at the time.

You will get to interact with the friendly cats and dogs, feed the pigs (bring apples) and sheep and goats and rabbits (bring carrots) and learn the story of why Rikki's is here and where we are going. You will see what day-to-day life is like at the refuge and you will also be invited to join in our volunteer efforts to build new housing for new animals.

Tours run about two hours and you should wear waterproof shoes, old clothes, long pants, sun lotion, hats, etc; dress for the weather as it's all outdoors and you will get wet, muddy and slobbered on! Warning - lots of prickles and hooves so sandals and shorts aren't recommended. Visit our Gift Shoppe for Official Rikki’s Wear and all kinds of wonderful unique crafts. Bring your camera, you'll get great shots of the excited animals thrilled by your attention.

Admission Donation is one can of cat or dog food per person (please be as generous as most folks and bring a case). We’re sorry, but we must ask that you leave your pet



Axwell (born as Axel Hedfors, 18 December 1977 in Lund) is a DJ, remixer, record producer and record label owner from Sweden. He is part of a three person group dubbed the Swedish House Mafia. On October 28, 2009, DJ Magazine announced the results of their annual Top 100 DJ Poll, Axwell placed at #14, up 6 from the previous year.

In late 2004 Axwell released a global hit, "Feel The Vibe", which was re-released under Ministry of Sound in 2005 with added vocals from Tara McDonald as "Feel The Vibe ('Til The Morning Comes)."

Also leading the way has been Mambana, his collaboration with Isabel Fructuoso (of Afro Medusa fame). Signed to Soulfuric Recordings, they have released three tracks since 2002. "No Reason" was their debut single, which hit the top spot in all the Hype/Buzz charts that Summer and was featured in the sets of all the top DJs including Little Louie Vega, Danny Rampling and Ben Watt. The follow ups were "Felicidad" and "Libre". "Libre" was released in 2003 and was arguably bigger than its predecessor. "Libre" was licensed to more than 12 different territories and featured on compilations that sold in excess of half a million copies.

Axwell has also been responsible for Jetlag's "So Right", which came out in September 2002 on Soulfuric, featuring the vocals of Noel McKoy and co-produced with Brian Tappert. In late 2002 Axwell went back to his roots and produced a track under his own name - "Lead Guitar" which was released by fellow Swede Stonebridge on his Stoney Boy imprint.

2003 saw Axwell recording for London based label suSU (the UK home of Masters At Work) under the guise of Starbeach. The track was called "Get Naked" & featured the vocal talents of D'Empress (from Mutiny). This was followed up by his version of Evelyn Thomas' classic "High Energy". In the autumn of 2003 Axwell's "Wait A Minute", featuring the vocals of Nevada, was released on Soulfuric's sub-label Device. This song was a club smash that gained support from the likes of Pete Tong, Junior Jack, Kid Creme and David Guetta.

In between all this, Axwell has been producing remixes for other artists - recent mixes have included Usher's "Burn" (BMG), Room 5's "Make Luv" (Positiva), Clipse & Faith Evans "Ma, I Don’t Love Her" (RCA), Stonebridge's "Put 'Em High" (Hed Kandi), N*E*R*D's single "Maybe" (Virgin), and more recently Hard-Fi's "Hard To Beat", Deep Dish's "Dreams", Pharrell' "Angel", Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous" and Madonna's "Jump".

In addition to a re-release of "Feel The Vibe" on Ministry Of Sound, he has produced several club remixes, as well as his own productions, including "Get Over Here" by Rasmus Faber, "2 Million Ways" by C-Mos, "Turn On The Music" by Roger Sanchez, as well as his collaboration with Sebastian Ingrosso on Ernesto vs Bastian's "Dark Side Of The Moon". Alongside his original productions, he collaborated with the Swedish producer Ingrosso on "Together". Axwell's most successful release of 2005 was "Watch The Sunrise", with Steve Edwards on vocals (famous for Cassius' "The Sound Of Violence"). The track reached #3 in UK Dance Singles Chart and BBC Radio 1 Dance Chart. In between Axwell's productions he also found time to create Axtone, his own record label.

In the spring of 2006, Axwell and Steve Angello, under the Supermode alias, remixed Bronski Beat's "Smalltown Boy", producing "Tell Me Why". It was released under the Data label. Later, he teamed up with Eric Prydz and produced the tracks 123 and 321 releasing them under the alias Axer.

That same year, Axwell branched into a New York house sound with his mix of "Counting Down the Days," a dance pop song by Sunfreakz. Axwell ignored the vocals (sung by Andrea Britton) for his mix, which was a blend of cutting progressive-house sounds and ethereal keyboards. The Israeli DJ Offer Nissim featured the mix prominently during his set at the March 2007 closing party for Manhattan's Roxy.

In August 2007, Axwell teamed up with performer Max'C to create the track "I Found U", which made it to #6 in the UK Singles Chart.

On 12 August 2007, Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso played the Main Room at Cream Amnesia under the alias The Swedish House Mafia as part of Radio 1's Essential Mix Ibiza. The live set received rave reviews.

Axwell co-wrote and co-produced the song "Rain on Me" with Cyndi Lauper for her 2008 album Bring Ya to the Brink.

In June 2008, he released a song which was originally produced as a remix for David Guetta's "Everytime We Touch". Somehow, Guetta rejected the remix so Axwell took the instrumental of the song, teamed up with Bob Sinclar who brought in vocali

no make up instrumental

no make up instrumental

Brokeback Mountain [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack

Argentina-born, California-based Gustavo Santaolalla helped shape the rock en Espanol movement by producing Mexican bands Molotov and Cafe Tacuba , and Colombian singer Juanes. In the late 1990s he made a switch to soundtracks, working on well-received albums for Amores Perros and The Motorcycle Diaries. His instrumental contributions to Ang Lee's tale of two cowboys in love are acoustic guitar-based and, let's face it, a bit on the sonic-wallpaper side.
The vocal tracks, on the other hand, are uniformly lovely, even if the selection of interpreters falls on the predictable side. Linda Ronstadt, Steve Earle, Willie Nelson, and Mary McBride on the soundtrack to a contemporary Western? What a shock! Still, they're all wonderful and Santaolalla wrote at least a couple of classic-sounding country ballads ("A Love That Will Never Grow Old," sung by Emmylou Harris, and "No One's Gonna Love You Like Me," sung by Mary McBride). And don't miss Teddy Thompson and Rufus Wainwright's sweet cover of Roger Miller's 1964 "King of the Road." --Elisabeth Vincentelli

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