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Bright Carpet Cleaning

bright carpet cleaning

bright carpet cleaning - New P3

New P3 International Robotic Vacuum Silver Cleans Wood Tile Carpeted Floors Whisper Quiet

New P3 International Robotic Vacuum Silver Cleans Wood Tile Carpeted Floors Whisper Quiet

Built-in smart technology automatically determines one of three preprogrammed patterns: Random mode for tight spaces, Spiral mode for large open areas and an Along The Wall mode for room perimeters. Internal dust bin captures dust and dirt for easy disposal. Cleans wood, tile and carpeted floors (works best on low pile carpeting). Moves about on its own while cleaning. Smart enough to get out of tight places. Whisper-quiet while operating. Ideal for any size room. Rechargeable batteries included (12 rechargeable Ni-Cd AA). Battery life: up to 45 minutes.

87% (15)

The bright side

The bright side

Fire update...
I am starting to look on the bright side. The first few days were very devastating and stressful. This is the front of my house, since the back is destroyed it has become my new chill place. From here you can't even tell there was a fire.

Construction starts immediately. I will get a brand new living room, ceilings and patio. All smoke molecules will be removed. Everything will be fixed. It should take about 4 weeks. I have been promised, that you will not be able to tell that there was ever a fire here.

The best news!!! I was finally able to check out the doll room. The windows cracked and broke, but they were double pane and the interior panes, stayed intact. The water and smoke damage is minimal. The dolls and toys are fine!

While I was checking everything out, I am already planning dioramas and feeling better, my dolls and toys bring me so much happiness. I will eventfully have to pack them up so I can clean the carpet and paint the room. Until then, I am making time to play and post a few pics. I feel it is needed for my well being.
Also, I don't want to take more down time that I have to. I find happiness also cruising Flicker, viewing your pics and comments and participating in the groups. I have to deal with the house, but I want to be here as much as I can. I am addicted to you guys and your photos!

Hugs and thank you for all the kind words, emotional support, encouragement, and love you have given me in the last few days. Things are looking up.

Noticings - Clean Your Floor With Your Feet

Noticings - Clean Your Floor With Your Feet

After the local grocery store run, I realized I needed to head off the mountain and hit one of my localish "Mart of Walls" establishments.

A friend spotted these in another locale of this emporium back on my birthday (2 weeks ago) but my hasty photos weren't useable. Late at night and we were both tired, heh.

This looks like an effort at "Don't know what to get So-and-So for Christmas? Give them a dual gift - slippers AND floor cleaning ability!"

Just what I always "DO NOT WANT" - cleaning my tile floors while making that early-morning stumble to the bathroom and to the kitchen for that vital dose of coffee. What would happen to the carpet in between?

bright carpet cleaning

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