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Birthday cooking games. Childrens cooking. Lactose free cooking.

Birthday Cooking Games

birthday cooking games

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  • Birthday (Ad Gunu) is a 1977 full-length Azerbaijani feature film. The film plot is based on Rustam Ibrahimbeyov's short stories "Birthday" and "Business Trip".

  • The day of one's birth

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birthday boy

birthday boy

So many days are just spent, and we too are spent at the end of them that I smile at a day well spent… and I yes was spent too

Yesterday was my “baby” Landren’s 4th birthday. I had worked some the night before to make sure I could spend the day with him but still needed to go into the office early to print some plans and estimates for delivery the next morning. I worked at a hectic pace (which isn’t my norm of late) got a lot done quickly and felt good about it. With work done and the older children delivered to school baby and I stopped at Sonic for Cokes. Mmmmmm. Then we watered plants, played at bubbles and “mowed” the yard with the plastic lawnmower.

Lunchtime was Landren's favorite (and mine) mexidips and a muchaco at Taco Bueno, again mmmmmm mmmm good. After lunch we went for a visit at the next door neighbors house to share some birthday joy with her and harass her psychotic little lapdog. We visited until it was time to pick up the big boyw. Then all the kiddos played in the yard while I worked on a supper of Italian grilled chicken with peppers and onions (babies choice) lightly creamed penne, corn on the cob, and green beans. To make the dinner extra special we cooked with our own oregano from the garden for the first time ever. Brenden said it was so much better than the dry kind that when he took the first bite of pasta the “flavor just exploded in his mouth.” that may have been the extra parmesan not the oregano either way the kiddos were pleased.

Finally after a day of asking "when" it was time for cake and song and presents. The celebration was anything but typical. We took the huge cake out into the yard and set it on the grass to sing happy birthday. That was normal enough but I took no plates or forks and let them grab cake by the handful and stuff their little faces. When they were full I declared the food fight and the boys had their first ever all out cake throwing food fight squealing and running in circles chasing each other all around the yard. When the cake supply was exhausted, they squealed and ran around the yard for quite another reason… they were being hosed. Finally the presents, which included a game of“hungry hungry hippos” and that filled most of the rest of the evening.

A day well spent.

Birthday Night Update

Birthday Night Update

So, everyone was right--birthdays are GREAT!

When Mom got home from work, she cooked a chicken breast and shared a lot of it with me during the cooking. THEN, she brought the rest of it to my A-Gilly-Tee class, which I love, love, love, and gave it to me as treats! (She shared a little of it with this woman who had a slightly psycho Jack Russel, but I was ok with this as I got most of it!)

After playing at A-Gilly-Tee, I got my cool phezzie pressie you see in this picture. Then GG (this is what we call grandma as her first name also begins with a "G") came over and gave me another pressie--a little tennis material bar bell that was also very cool. THEN Mom took me outside and brought out a cool bumper! She would not let me take this off and chew on it--apparently we have to play a very specific game with it-- and it goes away if I don't play right, but I got to keep my other presents and do whatever I liked with them!

There was only one down-side to the night. I had a few stomach issues and Mom and Dad thought I was trying to get at the Jack Russel and didn't get that I needed to go outside and I had a little diarrhea on the training room floor. While I know that this could technically be a bad girl exploit, I found it a little embarrassing now that I am one and too old to be having accidents--it was all Mom and Dad's fault! But I think that I will be getting a boiled chicken and rice diet until my stomach settles down, so that's good.

(P.S. Mom says that this picture is not really up to her Flickr learned standards, but that I was so excited by my phezzie that she couldn't get me to pose better. I didn't think I should have to pose--it was my birthday!

birthday cooking games

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