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22.06.2018., petak

Uber-Picks is back!

We’re excited to announce today that our popular Eager Zebra sports games, Uber-Picks, are back!

If you love sports, you’ll love playing Uber-Picks! By playing Uber-Picks alongside your favorite sports, you’ll add even more excitement and enjoyment to being a sports fan!

The objective of Uber-Picks is to tally the highest score possible by correctly picking winning teams of sports of your choosing, but that’s only the start. You’ll maximize your score by strategically assigning “Confidence Points” to each of your picks (the more confident you are of a pick, the more points you should assign).

For each game you pick correctly, you’ll earn the number of points you assigned to that game.

Uber-Picks also features “Sidekicks”–which you can use to boost your score even further and add even more fun to playing.

Win shares of the big weekly Zackpots by posting one of the 50 highest scores (the total of the points you’ve assigned to winning teams, plus Sidekick Bonus Points).

Also earn cool badges and compete for the top spots on the Uber-Picks Leaderboards!

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31.03.2018., subota

Investing in Yourself ( SFI Team Leader)

As the e-commerce marketing industry continue to enable entrepreneurs to work from home, SFI is daily helping people worldwide who have access to the internet to earn an extra income, working from home. The surprising thing is, most of the people who signup to the earning offer don't succeed, because most don't take the time to read the instructions which are very informative, and well organized in a way that will help all that do understand how to approach earning an income from the multiple income streams available in SFI.

SFI three basic ways to earn income, are direct commissions, co sponsor commissions, and executive pool profit share commissions, which are all generated from products and services that are purchased from, the different processes for earning the different commissions are determined from the commission volume of a purchased product or service. The Executive Affiliate ( EA) rank is where the income earnings can start you on your way to financial independence, to earn executive pool profit shares affiliates are required to have a minimum of 1500 VP ( VersaPoints) each month, which can be accumulated by completing task in the To Do List.

The investment decision which is decided when affiliates accumulate 3000 VP, is dependent on where the individual is trying to go financially, if you feel you can build a successful team all you have to do is look at the investment options, and decide what you want to invest. All of us who understand what we are investing in continue to survive in this business, because of our established and consistent work effort to help not only ourselves, but others to realize that with a planned approach and a daily effort they can develop an learn how to become financially independent working from home.

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30.03.2018., petak

Getting Comfortable with SFI: What are some basic SFI terms new Affiliates should know?

As you familiarize yourself with the SFI program, you'll begin to see that you now have a robust, proven system working to help you generate the income you're looking for. As an SFI Affiliate, you've got instant access to a wide variety of value-added resources, tools, and income-building features...ALL designed to help you reach ultimate success! Before you begin to familiarize yourself with our program's power tools and other business-building resources, it's a good idea to review some basic SFI terms. You'll see these terms repeated throughout the SFI Resource Center, newsletters, sales notices, and other communication from SFI. Knowing what they mean will help you better understand SFI and take FULL advantage of a wide range of services and offerings as you build your SFI business.

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24.03.2018., subota

Part 2

Do you become a SFI family member?
Is SFI scam or Legit?

SFI has been launched in 1998 starting with just one product sold only in United States. Now SFI has grown and has more features and more than 100,000 products/services sold in over 200 countries around the world.

The company is also known as “SFIMG” which is the abbreviation for “Strong Future International Marketing Group”. This business opportunity is paying since the beginning.

It is found and managed by Gery Carson who is the same owner of
The SFI president & founder Gery was a top marketer and record-breaking distributor for several direct sales companies and a successful business magazine publisher from 1985 to 1998.

The parent company of SFI is named Carson Services, Inc or CSI.

We can describe SFI as a network marketing + affiliate training program where you can read a lot of information related to Internet marketing along with earning cash and rewards by completing a wide variety of tasks.

SFI is a worldwide company and it is suitable for expert publishers, advertisers and merchants.

the sequel follows ....

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23.03.2018., petak

The sequel follows...

Do you become a SFI family member?
Is SFI scam or Legit?

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18.03.2018., nedjelja

Promote your Website with BidVertiser. Get $20 in FREE clicks.

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Join me

I'm a full-time affiliate marketer. Simply put, I do some research, try things out for you, write about them and help you avoid getting scammed ! I am your new best friend.

Join me, Sasa Durovic, and I'll personally help you build a second income with top rated SFI—now in its 20th year! Click here to join my team and get started FREE today!

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17.03.2018., subota

Money = VP (Versa Points)

Every Versa Point you earn can be money in your pocket. And because of that, the more Versa Points you earn, the more money you can make.

You earn money from Versa Points when you reach 1500 Versa Points in any calendar month. This has to be accomplished every month, because on the first of the month, we start with 0 Versa Points.

The value of a Versa Points will change from month to month based on 3 things:

1. The sales volume produced in SFI by affiliates or customers purchasing things like TCredits or other products; every sale by cash or credit card puts money into the Versa Point profit sharing pool; as well, Rewardical ECA’s are going to contribute to that pool when they pay for Rewardical tokens they give away to people who purchase products from them and who make a claim for those tokens, as are Localvantia merchants.

2. The number of Versa Points earned in a month by all affiliates, through their daily, weekly and monthly actions; their purchases they make, or purchases made by their PRMs. All sales made by cash or credit card produces Versa Points into an affiliates’ account for that month. Rewardical tokens can also be redeemed for Versa Points for any affiliate.

3. Team Leaders can receive Matching Versa Points from members in their downline, up to 12 levels, provided their downline members reach Executive Affiliate rank.

The total dollars available that have been put into the profit sharing pool from all affiliates and customers purchasing activities in the calendar month is divided by the total number of Versa Points earned by all affiliates who reach EA rank or higher -- including the Matching VP earned Team Leaders.

This will give a dollar value per share of VP. For all affiliates that qualify by reaching EA or higher, that dollar value is then multiplied by the number of VP earned in that month, to arrive at a dollar amount that is paid out to your commission account.

So, Versa Points are worth money. But they are only worth money if we as affiliates are purchasing products, or making sales to customers. If we are not making an effort to increase sales of products, then we are not contributing to the pool of money that SFI pays out to us through the profit sharing program.

Because Versa Points are worth money, there is also a cost to them as well. That cost can really be shown like this:

For every Versa Point SFI gives away for FREE, meaning the points put into your account were not added there because of a purchase or a sale you made, then the value of those Versa Points goes down, and we all get paid a little less money because of that.

SFI has determined over time that the rewarding of FREE VP for certain things, like actions on your To Do List, is designed to help affiliates reach ranks of EA or higher so that they can participate in earning money from Versa Points. But, like every other sales person on the planet that earns commissions, they can only be paid out if those sales people actually make sales. So be careful on continuing to try and earn FREE Versa Points, because, in the long run, you are probably reducing the amount income you could get from the profit sharing pool. What we currently have available for FREE should be enough to help all of us achieve Team Leader ranks, if we want to.

In the SFI program, you can actually get to earn commissions by making purchases as well; because like I said, every purchase you make puts money into the profit sharing pool; and you earn VP as well from those purchases.

Each person making small purchases every month can make a huge difference to the income of all affiliates. We all help each other when we can do that.

So, Versa Points do equal money. Every month, our goal is to try and earn as many Versa Points as we can to get paid money from the profit sharing pool. This is also what we should be teaching our PSA’s to do. And they should be teaching their PSA’s, and so on. Like, Team Building.

And where you can, make a contribution to the profit sharing pool by making a purchase or a sale. If you buy TCredits, use those TCredits to play games or bid on auctions to earn these Rewardical Tokens that you can redeem for Versa Points, and increase your total. Show your PSA’s how to do that, every day.

It can be a very simple process. Earn Versa Points. Get paid. Just know the rules, and learn the process.

Best Regards

And if you have any question, just drop me a mail. ( )

my page:


by sasa durovic

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16.03.2018., petak

17 ways you can earn VersaPoints for free

There are MANY actions on your SFI To-Do List that will earn you UNLIMITED VersaPoints without having to purchase anything. These actions include:

1. You can earn unlimited VP selling any of the over 90,000 products and services at TripleClicks. Learn all about how to refer members at the Generating TripleClicks Sales Training center.

2. As a Team Leader, you can earn 100 to 500 VP (monthly) for each personally sponsored affiliate (unlimited Support points). Learn all about how to sponsor affiliates at Sponsoring Affiliates Training center.

3. Earn 100 points for each approved/activated ECA you refer to TripleClicks (unlimited points). NOTE: You will receive your VP once your referred ECA generates its first $10 or more in sales. Learn more.

4. Earn 500 points for earning a Payoneer MasterCard Debit Card. Learn more.

5. Earn 25 VP for reviews of physical and TC Direct products you've purchased within the last 30 days (45 days for international affiliates) from

6. Earn at least 5 VP in each Spin & Win contest. Learn more.

7. To build excitement and momentum in your group, Team Leaders can reassign a portion of the affiliates they've sponsored to their "Movers" or other personally sponsored affiliates. Earn 5 points for each reassignment (unlimited points).

8. Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center each day and earn 12 points daily for reviewing the tabs on your home page.

9. Earn 10 points weekly for sending a group message to your team (Must have minimum rank of EA to receive VP).

10. Earn 10 VP monthly by rating your SFI Sponsor and Co-Sponsor.

11. Earn up to 3 points weekly for posting a Stream message.

12. Earn 5 points monthly for reviewing your TripleClicks TConnect page.

13. Earn 10 VP for creating and uploading your TripleClicks avatar.

14. Earn 5 points each month by setting your month's goals before the 10th.

15. Earn 20 VP just for installing a TripleClicks banner on your personal Website or blog.

16. Play the two FREE Card King games available each day and possibly earn up to 500 VP from Card King "duplicate card bonus" spins.

17. Finally, you can earn more than 1,400 permanent, one-time VP by completing various tasks listed on your To Do List:

Earn 750 permanent, one-time VP by completing all tasks in the Getting Started section in your VP Ledger.
Earn 35 permanent VP for uploading your TriplClicks Avatar and reviewing select indexes at the Affiliate Center, as outlined in VP Ledger's Intermediate section.

All that said, make sure you're not focusing totally on VersaPoints. Yes, income can be earned from accumulating VP, but the primary role of VP is to determine your rank. As SFI BASICS explains, the way you create large incomes in SFI is through sales, sponsoring, and duplication. We strongly urge you to review SFI BASICS and follow it's guidelines!


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Zing Network News (March 2018 Issue)

Interested in earning supplemental income? Now in our 20th year, SFI Affiliate program allows Zing Network members to extra income by promoting Zing Network properties, products, games, and services worldwide. No experience necessary. Full training and marketing aids provided at no cost. Join free with no obligation and no purchase or sales quota requirements. Simply log in now at using your Zing Network ID and password.

We provide the professional Websites for marketing products on the Internet, as well as all necessary sale support services, such as customer service, payment processing, and product shipment -- all at no cost to the affiliate. For each sale generated, Affiliates receive a commission. Additional commissions can be earned by building and leading affiliate groups.

Start Now!

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14.03.2018., srijeda

Can you succeed without putting work into SFI?

Honesty and Trust is the most important point in this.

This is a question that is constantly being set up and that will always be when people ask and ask for explanations.

This is a question: where are the fish cleaned?
It does not matter where it is to be cleansed, but the fish must be cleaned before meals!

So in your own business, no investment has any success!

You do not have to invest anything (there's no need to invest), but with no investment - you will not earn anything.

You also have to know that even if you invest it does not mean automatically that you will earn it!

For that there are plenty of examples in the business world that no one invests in earning money.
The reason is a lot, because if this were not such a world of capitalism would not work. But that's another topic.

In any case, the decision and the way of investing in our business is solely our decision and no one is compelled to do so.

Good luck in business, everyone in SFI!

by sasa

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21.01.2018., nedjelja

Free Shipping for You!

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20.08.2017., nedjelja

How are you promoting TripleClicks to prospective ECAs?

I just had an AHA! moment. The question is not asking how you present the ECA program, but it does ask how you describe TripleClicks to prospective participants in the ECA program.

They want to know what it is, what's in it for them, what they will get out of it, what it costs, what they have to do, and will it be worth their time. But their first question will be what is it?

In the past, I have gone to great lengths and costs to promote the ECA program. I bought the TC business letterhead stationery and letterhead envelopes. I wrote out a friendly letter describing TripleClicks and the ECA program and why it would be good for each of them. Then I put in a ECA brochure and a Gift Card, mailed it off. All together it cost about $5 each.

What I did wrong was I did not personally follow up with each business. I also confused the main idea of referring an ECA with gaining a PRM. I tried to get two bangs for my buck. And I got nothing.

What I did do right was describe TripleClicks in a way they understood. Just saying that it is an online web-site to buy and sell products does not do it justice.I tell them that it is like a giant shopping mall where different vendors are encouraged to offer all sorts of products and that even private individuals are encouraged to sell used items in great shape. I tell them that TC is the marketing partner of SFI, an affiliate online marketing opportunity where a million affiliates get special credit for buying products and for selling products by advertising them. And that I have been a member and worked with TC for _years.

I tell them that their cost is minimal, including that amount they pay covers the maintenance of their free web page, the administration of the order taking, payments, and seller notifications. The only cost to them is that 15% of the sales. They have unlimited ads and years of membership.

This year I will meet retailers face to face and do follow ups. I will give them an ECA brochure until all of mine are used and then switch to whatever SFI is coming out with. I will not waver off the ECA purpose until I am sure the retailer will not be referred.

Oznake: Make Money

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25.06.2017., nedjelja

What’s behind the big investment in affiliate marketing?

There are lots of myths about affiliate marketing, many of which center around the incorrect assumption that the practice involves shady tactics or get-rich-quick schemes. In reality, affiliate marketing is an effective strategy for online marketers.

Recent Surge in Affiliate Interest

Writing for Internet Retailer, eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions chief strategy officer Greg Shephard reports that recent acquisitions of affiliate marketing firms have totaled more than $4 billion. eBay, for instance, acquired AffiliateTraction for $985 million, while Alliance Data paid $2.3 billion for Conversant after it bought Commission Junction, and Rakuten acquired Ebates for $1 billion.

These major acquisitions represent a growing confidence in affiliate marketing among major corporations. As Shephard points out, big companies don’t throw around seven-figure sums without significant evidence that their investments will pay off.

A New Game for Affiliates

When affiliate marketing first came on the scene, it mostly consisted of big companies and individual affiliate marketers. The latter would build websites to market the products of their affiliate partners. When a customer bought a product or service from the retailer, the affiliate took a cut.

Now, however, affiliate marketing firms have changed the game. These brokerage services connect affiliates with advertisers, which means the transactions involve more money and affiliates have more options. Furthermore, advertisers can build large, complex campaigns around the affiliate model. Everyone earns money and businesses are able to benefit from affiliates on a larger scale.

Additionally, mobile technology has added a new level to the affiliate space. Many marketers focus exclusively on mobile applications and websites.

A Social Experience

Marketing doesn’t work the same way as it did during the early days of the Internet. Consumers want recommendations from people they trust, and that often means bloggers and social media personalities who gather loyal followings based on their ability to entertain, inspire, and educate their audiences.

Affiliate marketing capitalizes on the relationship between the consumer and the affiliate. A prospective customer might not care about a display ad on the Internet any more than he or she cares about a billboard on the side of the highway. However, when a trusted source of information sests a product or service, the advertised brand becomes far more attractive.

Joining the Fray

People who are interested in starting online businesses are finding it easier than ever to generate income through affiliate marketing. They don’t even have to find affiliates by themselves anymore; they can work with one of the aforementioned firms, who will do all the heavy lifting.

Affiliates also have more options. Those who don’t want to blog or build large, complex websites can promote products and services through social media channels. It’s a far more complex industry these days, which means more income opportunities.

The only hurdle you might face is accepting payments from the brands with whom you work. If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate marketer, sign up for Payoneer. We offer convenient payment solutions so that you can accept money no matter where you live and work.

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28.05.2017., nedjelja

Many people who want to become leaders, achieve management roles, or improve their leadership skills go about it the wrong way. In order to lead other people, you must first set a foundation for your own success before inspiring and motivating others.

Leadership is not something you’re born with, it can be learned.

Become a leader in your work or business by harnessing the power of the 8 core pillars of effective leadership: Vision, Integrity, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Courage, Communication, Teamwork, and Action.

With these pillars you will:

- Gain a robust understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader

- Learn actionable daily practices to shift your mindset into a leadership mindset

- Grasp how each core pillar of leadership plays a crucial role in influencing others and leading a your business to success!

Change your day to day habits to become a powerful motivator and achieve leadership success!

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If you are truly serious about growing rich on the Internet, you must be willing to pay the price!

Are you:
· Prepared to make the necessary sacrifices in order for you to achieve your goals?

· Are you willing to spend long hours in front of the computer so that you can reap the rewards in the end?

· Do you have the guts to persevere all the way even though negative people around you laugh at your dreams?

· Are you willing to provide value for other people and put aside the ‘what’s in it for me’ mentality?

· Are you willing to think big? Are you prepared to run your online business like a CEO rather than a part-time venture?

· Do you BELIEVE in yourself?

What the mind can conceive, you will be able to achieve. So you must be able to visualize yourself as a success and go all the way.

Most important of all, you must BELIEVE in yourself… because no one is going to believe in you if you don’t.

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20.01.2017., petak

Great Product!

Free Join

Oznake: Nomu S10 Waterproof Android Quad Core 4G Smartphon

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13.01.2017., petak

Earnings on the Internet, Myth or Not?

It has been proven success begins with consistent action repeated over time.
I have pondered over earning an income online again long before joining SFI.
What caused me to ponder was the reality of actually have earned income online, however none of the
other business offers held my attention long enough to see success, and the one I had gained progress to where I began
earning a substantial income folded without notice.
What I have found is this one fact. We don’t have a track record towards success with SFI until we take that necessary
consistent action over time.
This means we put in all the time we need to gain our success.
We never quit!
What is so different about SFI, is the opportunity to share our track record openly by the display of badges on our profile.
These speak out for us when our potential enrolls see them, and begin to follow our progress.
This lets them know SFI is the real deal, as well as demonstrates what it means to remain active long enough to share the progress, and what we have achieved.
We display for our new enrolls what we want them to believe.
Our badges also demonstrate how serious we are about our business, and also lends assurance to our followers and new enrolls we are in it to win it.
SFI is a serious business opportunity for those who are seriously seeking success.
It requires us to stick it out and make consistent effort every day just like any other real business.
Set our own hours, dress how we please, and do not worry about complaints over mistakes. It is all on us, if we want to be successful we correct those mistakes and keep going forward.
I can remember those manufacturing jobs. Punching in the first time, working the assembly line, working quality
assurance, looking for defects and shorts. It seemed very difficult the first few days, however after a month or so things
begin to come together, performance increased, and those parts were not as confusing as before.
Soon we learn how to detect flaws and make adjustments much more conveniently, and become very good at what we do.
With SFI it is no different. It takes time to learn how to go about this business. We do not have to seek out flaws for
anything but what we cause ourselves.
The best part about it is we do not have to wait for someone to approve of our work, we are our own boss!
So how does SFI work?
You have received the heart of what makes this business opportunity work.
Take the time to learn how we earn income from the comfort of our own home.
There is nothing anyone can do or say for us that will make us understand this business until we follow the 4 first steps:
Please request my friendship:
This way I can work directly with you.
You will succeed with this business!
Go right now to your "VP Ledger" and follow your daily performance, to see how your daily actions accumulate the daily, weekly, and monthly points that you will need to qualify your rank and earnings here:…
These "Versa Points" (VP) are all in your control!
Master this and take control of your business.
Below is the heart of learning and getting paid:
1) Log in and do the "Daily Tasks"
2) Get "Started" learning how we earn:
3) Complete "SFI Basics":
4) Complete "Launchpad":
Please take your time here, and log in every day, you are guaranteed to learn this.
You will be amazed!
If you miss days from your business, you fall behind.
This is just how business is, and how serious we are about the business will determine how well we perform, and how
soon we arrive at successful levels in our business.
As you can see I decided to stick with SFI, and promised myself I’m not going to give up, or quit!
Our biggest problem is those who quit too soon!
No matter what a sponsor does, if that person does not have the self-determination, discipline, and drive, that person will not succeed with this business.
We make that promise to ourselves when we join.
Promise ourselves we will not become a quitter, or a looser of the many benefits of owning our own business, working
from home, and we find many avenues to success.
As long as you stick it out, promise yourself at least a year with SFI, I can help you get to the top!
Best Regards
And if you have any question, just drop me a mail
( )
my page:
by sasa durovic

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11.01.2017., srijeda


Oznake: Games Download

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19.06.2016., nedjelja

The simplest ways to traffic to the website or blog!

Hello, Great Family!

I decided to share some of his thoughts, which will help you to increase traffic to your websites or blogs.

No one will "come by itself" to your website or blog if you do not give a good enough reason for it. You have the best product in the world? So what? No one will buy if you do not know it exists!

The dream of every one of us is to achieve the highest possible number of visitors to our web site or blog.

These are some of the simplest ways and easily enforceable.

1) Write posts with useful information closely related to the topic of the blog.
More important is the quality of quantity. Do not write silly posts because they are not interested in anyone.

2) Edit clear navigation blog.
Make it easy for your readers to use your blog or website. Do not overdo it with pictures, banners, links or ads. The content is essential, and therefore it should devote the most attention.

3) Comment on the articles on other blogs closely related topics.
Before commenting, read the article from beginning to end. Your comments must bring a certain value. Do not post spam comments because you are not one serious blogger will not be published. Give yourself a lot of trouble here.
If you give helpful comments on some of the popular blogs with a large attendance, you have a great predisposition to increase the number of visitors to a website or blog as they would a bunch of other commentators want to visit your website or blog.

4) Always use the main keyword in the title of the article.
Preferably early in the title. If for any reason you can not begin to address the main keyword, be sure to try it to be as close as possible to the beginning. The title is the most important part of each article because the title is the first thing a visitor sees. If the article title does not intrigue, will not even open.

5) Find high-quality articles of other bloggers.
Give a Like them, comment and share on social networks. Also, write a blog post on your blog about a blog where you find interesting and useful content. Or just in some of their closely related articles link to this blog. Serious bloggers will notice what you have done. In gratitude, respect, and solidarity, and it is very likely that you will in the future to return the favor.

6) Create a Facebook page for your blog.
Do not just do it and then leave it to gather dust. Facebook is the largest social network in the world and as such offers countless opportunities to increase traffic to your website or blog. Take advantage of these opportunities.

7) Advertising on Facebook.
Is it really necessary to explain why you should not do?

8) Create a Twitter profile and "tweet" every blog entry you post.
Use the "hashtag" in the "tweet", but by no means do not overdo them. Some 3 hashtag are maximum.

9) Comment with Facebook while you are logged on your facebook page.
Find popular facebook pages related theme of your blog or website and highlight with expert commentary. Facebook users will notice and one mouse click but have the opportunity to visit and like your Facebook page, and then blog.

10) Try from time to time to write a controversial article.
Controversial articles attract more readers attention from the "regular" articles. Always bear in mind that though you are too controversy.

11) Make a plan and schedule is posted in advance.
This method saves you a lot of valuable time. It is therefore of great importance to plan and schedule and to write blog posts for a month, or at least two weeks in advance.

12) Register at thematically linked well attended forums.
If possible, try to use the name of your blog as a username on the forums. The signature profile using a link to your blog or website. Take part in discussions, show as an expert who selflessly helping the community. Forums can be a very good generator of targeted traffic.

13) Make Pinterest profile.
"Pin it" photos of other users. The more "pin it" more will receive follower. Be sure to verify the URL of your blog or website and place it in the profile so that other users can quickly and easily visit your blog or web page.

14) Use the quotes and proverbs in blog posts.
People by nature like to see and read some proverbs, motivational or inspirational message. Use text and visual examples in their posts.

15) Optimize your images at the posts.
Each image you publish posts to give the name of the main keyword (eg, money, salary, etc.) Also, the main keyword and include the alt tag.

16) Respond to comments and e-mails as soon as possible.
Do you love when this question the answer you have to wait too long? Not? No one likes!

17) Create a LinkedIn profile.
Put the URL of your blog in the profile to be clearly visible to everyone. Join the group that are thematically related to the activity of your website and take part in discussions.

18) Regularly update your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other sites.
Adding new information via useful content will send a message to the readers professionally do your job.

19) Include a URL link to your blog in the email messages that you send.
Okay, this method you are not likely to make a huge number of visits, but again, is not it better that the URL of your website or blog "traveling" along with e-mails that you send than to leave out?

20) Be nice and funny, but professional.[/b]
People would rather connect with someone they liked, and moreover even funny. If they additionally institutions that you can regularly receive information that will be helpful, where you better ...

21) Include a call to action in every blog entry you post.

22) Comment with Facebook while you are logged on your facebook page.
Find popular facebook pages related theme of your blog or website and highlight with expert commentary. Facebook users will notice and one mouse click but have the opportunity to visit and like your Facebook page, and then blog.

23) Use keywords or phrases in subtitles posts.
Although you will not bring millions of hits you will still have a solid advantage.

24) Use photos in blog posts.
Attractive photos can often encourage surfers to open and read the full article. Of course, with an attractive photo to go and quality content within the article.

25) Sticker with the URL to your car.
Free and mobile advertising can sometimes be the best solution. In this way, the URL of your blog or website is traveling along with you wherever you venture. Imagine only a number of potential people in traffic can see the name and URL of your website.
Keep in mind that today more and more people use mobile phones. Why do not you give me the opportunity to visit your website or blog while standing at traffic lights behind you?

26) Write to tutorial articles.
Tutorial articles are articles with 2000 and more words of text. Such articles are intended to help bring long-term organic traffic from search engines.

If you want to succeed on the Internet, you need to work to ensure that all possible and impossible ways to bring the highest possible number of visitors to a Web site or blog. Every day you need to think about how to increase traffic to the website. But do not only think, but act.

Good luck!

by sasa
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16.06.2016., četvrtak

EasyHits4U - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!
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Home Business!

Legitimate v/s Illegitimate

You can heard the words "Legit" many times during your business.
What's the meaning by it?
Legit means something Legal.
Some works that paid you in real.
Illegitimate terms comes for something that is Illegal or you
may say something fake or false.
Many companies provides you Illegitimate works. And they offer something like this :-
Free money
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Etc. Etc. All these are hype nothing else. You might take a big risk if you want to choose this companies.
What about SFI? This is a big question I know suddenly comes
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SFI is 100% Legit. Why so?
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4) SFI never force you to invest or ask you to invest for set up your business. What you will invest only depending on you for your growth of business.
5) SFI never does advertise about shortcut money.
6) SFI will be more happy if one affiliate would be millionaire but within legal rules.
7) SFI doesn't allow you to disclose your earnings status to anyone.
SFI always remains same program since its starting and provides same message to all over world - "It talking some times to earns good commission in SFI, But, stick on your business. Success comes to an end"
This simple things makes SFI a legitimate business. Be proud yourself and guide this world towards SFI .
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Start Your Home Business!

Hello, Welcome to the Big Family SFI!
I'm your mentor and team leader.
I am here to assist you in your new job. With you I will be in good and in bad. The only thing I expect from you is honest attitude to work.
It is also important that at the start resolve one important thing;
This Our work can be done, except and only to the team.
From me you will get all the knowledge and all the necessary assistance to build a successful and long-term career.
I look forward to together build our team!

This business is a marathon, not a race at 100 meters. At the end of a marathon all who come to the finish line as winners.

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Verica Jadanec

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This sounds exciting!!! I hope I WIN!! *Fingers Crossed


18th successful year for SFI (31st for SFI's parent company)
15,909 new Affiliates added last week
5.5 million TripleClicks members
92,770 commissionable products (1,671 new added last week)
3,218 E-Commerce Associates (in 139 countries)
57 LocalPay Merchants (in 26 countries)
Millions - Commissions paid out to our affiliates (in US Dollars)

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14.05.2016., subota

20 Tips On How To Become A Great Salesman!

1. Think In Terms Of Building Business Relationships
As one whose sole aim is to be an outstanding salesman, your thought must be primarily channelled towards building a lasting business relationship. Do not just think of how to sell your product and make some extra bucks; you must also think about your relationships outlasting your job and even transcending beyond.

2. Leverage on Your Established Customers
Never joke with the fact that your existing customers can link you to several others. So you must maintain a good rapport with them so that you can leverage on the relationships.

3. Understand The Need Of Your Customer And Your Prospects
It is mandatory for you to make your findings about what really your customers’ needs are. When you do this, you will be able to push to the top the needs of your customers, so that the type of value they demand can be achievable.

4. Under-promise And Over deliver
Here is a rule of thumb; ‘Say only what you mean, and mean what you say’. This is important because you will be found wanting if you promise what you cannot deliver. People are quick to lay blames, especially when you do not live up to expectation. Hence it pays never to promise, but to surpass that which you set out to do.

5. Excellent Time Management Skills
For Instance, never keep your client waiting. It pays to be a master at time management. This way you are able to plan your daily activities without stress.

6. Invest In Relationships
The way you build and handle your relationships determines if you will be successful as a salesman or not. Never trivialize any relationship you have. Rather treat all your clients including the prospective ones like very important personalities.

7. Seek Better Ways Of Servicing Clients
It is your calling to seek out ways to serve your clients better. There are a myriad of ways to do this. It could be through books, trainings, seminars, the internet and what have you.

8. Believe In Your Product
You are your own first believer; hence you must really value and appreciate the product you are selling. It becomes mandatory for you to study or even use the product so that you will have a firsthand experience of what you are advocating for.

9. Take Prompt Actions
You have to master to be swift with whatever activity you are carrying out. Being able to achieve more in a little time will stand you out. Ditch having a lackadaisical attitude or dragging your feet against the floor.

10. Work with a Coach/Mentor
Working with someone who you respect or who has an outstanding profile in your industry will give you an edge. This is so because you will acquire a whole lot of principles and strategies that will be needful in your pursuit.

11. Don’t Settle For Status Quo
Be innovative and evolving. Look for ways to do things that are extraordinary. Creativity is all that life is about, so you must be willing to go for the very best.

12. Don’t Accept No As Final
Do not let yourself be intimidated by the negative responses you get. If your clients say ‘no’, have at the back of your mind that it isn’t you they are rejecting, but the product. Be courageous enough to dust yourself and try again.

13. High Level Self Motivation
Look for ways or things to motivate you. One good way to motivate yourself is to talk to yourself. Tell yourself things like ‘I will come out tops’, ’I am the best’ and so on. Also you must be willing to work with little or no supervision.

14. Excellent Communication Skills
You must be articulate and eloquent when you are relating with your clients. Stuttering and not having a good diction will repel rather than attract customers to you.

15. Continuous Self development
Seek ways to be better informed and to move with the trend. Be abreast with issues in and outside your industry. This can be achieved through the print or electronic media and also through the internet.

16. Set Goals and be Target Driven
Set goals and targets to keep you fast on your toes. When you accomplish your set goals and targets, you open yourself up to accomplish other tougher ones. This practice will make your salesman skills soar high.

17. Great Team Player
You have to be willing to blend with the different personalities you mingle with. If you fall short of this, you will not achieve much result, because you truly need to synergize with others to thrive.

18. Honesty and Integrity
You must not be a dubious person. No one wants to deal with one who is cunning. Your ability to be transparent at all times as well as not being two faced will stand you out.

19. Good Sense of Judgment
You must be sensitive enough to know when to close the deal at every stage of negotiation. This means that your negotiation skills have to be top notch because like it or not, you’ll meet difficult prospects who are hard to convince.

20. Healthy Self Esteem and Good Sense of Humour
Possessing a healthy self esteem is key to being a great salesman. If you do not possess a healthy one, you will be timid to approach your prospective clients. In the same light, you must have a good sense of humour, because being able to cause your clients to laugh is an added advantage; it helps reduce the tension in the atmosphere.

These characteristics cannot be watered down. An attempt to water all these steps down, will be tantamount to settling for less. Mediocrity isn’t what being a great salesman is about; it is about knowing your “onions” and working at better ways to outshine

Open Your Store!

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09.05.2016., ponedjeljak

How to increase their business in SFI?

Hello Everyone,

Here are some tips - works very well if you use them!

Author and publish guest posts on high profile or well-trafficked sites in your niche. It’s a great way to promote both your brand and your expertise.

Hold a sweepstakes, contest, or a giveaway on your site, promote it on your site, and on your social media accounts for some free buzz.

Pool proprietary data from your organization’s niche, industry, or even customer database (get customer consent and anonymize the data, of course) and compile it into a free report.

Leverage social media and social distribution channels to both demonstrate expertise in a subject and to share your content.

Make content distribution frictionless by adding social sharing icons site-wide (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). Use a free Wordpress plugin like Sharebar or have a Web dev resource implement developer sharing code, like Facebook’s “Like” button code.

Answering questions is a great way to build relationships and your expertise while helping others unselfishly market your brand and you can do this on social sites:
Answer questions on Google+
Answer questions on Facebook

Join relevant or niche-related groups on LinkedIn and answer group questions and post news and event about your organization

Given that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, create a YouTube Channel and leverage proven video marketing tactics, like “how-to” style video content and response videos to improve search visibility and potentially drive leads.

Join forums that are relevant to your companies niche, join in the conversation and offer insightful and helpful answers to questions.

Blog, blog, and blog some more. Give your wisdom and experience away for free. Leverage your blog to build relationships and build brand awareness.

Spotlight individual thought leaders: ego bait-type posts are a great way to connect with influencers in your niche, who in turn can help expose you and your company to their audience.

Run a big best blogs in your niche type post featuring a bunch of great blogs and bloggers. Again, this is a form of ego-stroking that builds relationships, social engagement and many of participants will help promote the article. Tip: create “best blog” badges that blogs on the list can add to their sites.

Run a big group interview – helps you build relationships and brand evangelists within your niche, gets links, social media engagement and you can potentially create a super authoritative document that ranks for a competitive topic.

Run a weekly roundup where you highlight blog posts from around your industry; helps you make friends and valuable connections. Tip: be sure to @ the bloggers on Twitter from your roundup each week.

Run reviews on and help promote beneficial products or services in your niche (ego-stroking, relationship building).

Respond to all comments on your blog; engaging with your readership and nurturing a community on your blog is a fantastic and low effort way to build your brand and your site’s following.

Solicit guest posts on your blog and get free user-generated content and make friends in your niche.

Give a donation to a local organization or a national charity and get exposure on their donors page and potentially a link back to your site.

Sponsor an event and get listed as a supporter on their event site.

Ask for a testimonial or endorsement from your clients. It’s a free form of proof of concept for your products and helps instill trust, which can lead to more sales.

Respond promptly to customer complaints (again, and can’t say it enough, word of mouth is the best marketing tool, free or not).

Engage with popular blogs in your niche via intelligent comments. Link back to relevant value-add content on your site where applicable.

Help influential people in your space promote their own products on your blog and on social media (I guarantee that most will return the favor and help promote your stuff too).

Create a free how-to webinar or video.

Create awards for your industry, promote it on social media, reach out to everyone nominated for an award, create branded badges for the winners.

Create a free newsletter signup on your site and publish a free newsletter each month. Tip: to get fresh content on the cheap, you can repurpose content from your blog, Webinars, turn a white paper into a series of newsletters with a link to download the rest for free, and so on.

Market other products, services, upgrades from your company in your thank you emails and pages.

Organize a campaign against a particular injustice in your niche and get free publicity.

Think totally outside the box and do stuff like helping others with no expectation of reciprocation, which can cause really cool things to happen for your brand.

Read blogs, subscribe to RSS feeds of top marketing blogs and get even more free, or almost free ideas, each day to help market and grow your business on the cheap. This big list is a darn good place to start.

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01.05.2016., nedjelja

Do you want to grow a flower garden or an orange grove?

When trying to grow a team, frustration can set in because the results may not appear as quickly as we would like them to. This is why we need to keep in mind that anything worthwhile takes time to grow. We have to make up our minds to grow an orange grove instead of a flower garden.

Flower gardens can be exciting because they usually show up about a month after planting them. You can plant seeds, care for them with minimal effort and reap the benefits in the same season. You can also buy plants that are already growing and plant them for an even quicker result. Flower gardens can grow fast, but they can fade away just as quick.

An orange grove takes time to grow, but the benefits can make the waiting worthwhile. When you plant an orange grove, it may take 4-6 years before you can eat the fruit that is produced. It is hard work and requires patience because you will spend time looking at a fruitless field while you wait. However, if you take care of the orange grove, the trees can last for 100 years!

When you are building your team, make sure you work towards the future instead of trying so hard to be an overnight success. The benefits can make the waiting worthwhile!

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Best Free Business in the World

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28.04.2016., četvrtak

alt="Get Linked from thousands of Classifieds for FREE with one click." width=468 height=60 border=0>

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22.04.2016., petak

Internet Income for You!


In this lesson, you will learn what spam is and why it is prohibited. You will learn how to avoid doing it. You will learn to recognize the many effective alternatives for lead generation on the Internet that do not involve spam. You will learn the "Rules of Thumb" to avoid spamming. You will no longer be overwhelmed by the many different sources of spam rules and definitions, as you begin to employ your common sense and some Rules of Thumb.


Any sports talent, no matter how good he or she may be at their sport, cannot score points or win games if suspended from the game or confined to the penalty box. Similarly, as an Internet Marketer, you need to know how to stay out of the penalty box while learning the ropes of Internet Income. You can get into big trouble by using unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCC), commonly called "spam." You can also be blocked or banned from various sites for posting spammy comments. You can get into trouble with the search engines by trying to game your way into a ranking position with cheap tricks. There are lots of ways you can sabotage your marketing campaigns if you fail to use common sense and follow the Rules of Thumb to avoid these mistakes.

Unless you are very unusual, you will never memorize all the definitions and rules pertaining to spam (for there are many) and, thus, will never have a foolproof system of avoiding spam technically. If you gain a relatively simple understanding of it, however, you can safely avoid spam just by using your good common sense. As for search engines, they do not usually make public the rules that they use to penalize you. In dealing with search engines, you have no choice but to use common sense in following the general guidelines the search engines provide you--for that is all they provide you. Fortunately, common sense and a good faith desire to avoid spam is all you need to stay out of trouble.


There are many definitions of spam. Many different jurisdictions have differing regulations pertaining to the many possible ways to impose unwanted electronic communication on others. We formerly thought of spam as pertaining primarily to e-mail. As the Internet has evolved many news ways to communicate, so have the spam rules evolved to cover many new situations. In terms of e-mail, the common sense explanation is that spam occurs when someone receives annoying e-mails that they did not request, from people or organizations that they do not know, trying to sell them stuff that they do not need or want. Extending that thought to social media, blogs, and virtually any other opportunity one has to type content seen by the public; you can think of spam as something that is designed to sell something or promote something that is a distraction to the intended subject of the conversation.

Today, experience has shown us that there are many ways to spam. You can spam not only by sending unsolicited commercial e-mail but by posting unwanted comments on blogs or social media postings. You can spam by sending unsolicited text (SMS) messages. You can spam in forums and even while providing reviews of products on sites such as Amazon, TripleClicks, or Ebay.


Spam can have adverse consequences in varying degrees. Short of being banned from a particular site altogether, spammy comments may cause particular individuals to stop following you or block you from commenting.

For example, say a connection on a social media site such as Facebook, makes a post applauding themselves for having survived their first 5k run. Several friends like the post and comment with their congratulations and encouragement. But, let's say, you comment that it would be even easier to survive the next run if they bought some running shoes that you have to sell through an affiliate arrangement.

Your comment is inappropriate because it is a distraction to the intended subject of the conversation. While you will not likely be banned from Facebook for having made this comment, the poster and some of the others viewing this post and its comments may decide to 'hide you', unfriend you, or perhaps even block you, because they do not want to see these types of comments. These are people that might be, when the situation was more appropriate, eager to learn about the running shoes you had to offer. But now that opportunity will never arise. You have handicapped your marketing efforts by posting a spammy comment. It might take a few of these type of comments before someone actually unfriended you or blocked you, but even one such comment can be too many. Why risk it?

Now, let's look at a different example. Imagine that a friend of yours on Facebook posted that they attempted to run their first 5k run, but had to quit early because their shoes were killing their feet. Here, the intended subject of the conversation is different. After expressing the appropriate condolences for the failed attempt and offering encouragement to try again, discussing shoes naturally follows. In this post, it would be appropriate to sest the running shoes you have to offer. No one will likely hide you, unfriend you, or block you because of your comment here. It's all common sense.

The consequences of spam can extend much farther than losing the attention of a few people on a particular social media site, however. You can be blocked from entire ISPs. You can be included on spam lists that prevent your e-mail from getting through to most e-mail servers--and thus rendering your e-mail useless for any purpose. Some jurisdictions have monetary fines and even criminal sentences for breaking the laws prohibiting spam. It can be a serious matter above and beyond the adverse effect it has on your marketing efforts.


When you open your snail mailbox everyday and see numerous unsolicited commercial advertisements that have been delivered to you by the postal service, it makes you wonder why unsolicited electronic messages are outlawed. Like all laws and rules, however, we should look more to history than to logic to understand the origins. Although the Internet did not become popular with the public until the early 1990s, the Internet had been in existence for a much longer time. Prior to the early 1990s, the Internet was used primarily by the military and university scientists. These users were conducting what they justifiably felt was important business which could not be interrupted by any commercial correspondence. For much of the Internet's early history, ALL commercial correspondence was completely banned. Only since the 1990's has commercial use of the Internet been allowed at all. Although this total restriction on commercial use was lifted and commerce has now become widespread on the Internet, a restriction on unsolicited commercial electronic messages remains in many forms.

E-mail, blog comments, social media comments, and forums are for communicating, not for 'push advertising.' Unsolicited commercial e-mail or other communication is annoying! Without restriction, it has the capacity to come in such large numbers as to render your other communication completely useless and even to shut down your e-mail or forum server altogether. This is due to the fact that, unlike snail mail, electronic communications can be sent in tremendous bulk with very little effort and very little cost. Because it is so cheap and easy to send, we would all receive thousands of messages a day from each of thousands of sources were it not prohibited. Since many people break the no spam rules and send it out anyway, we all have had some taste of what it would be like if it were not prohibited. Spam understandably makes people mad. When they get mad, they report spammers to their ISPs or other organizations or to the government authorities. Bad consequences, such as losing Internet service or even facing civil and criminal penalties, result from spamming. Therefore, you want to make sure that you never spam!

Think for a moment regarding why there are so many diverse rules on this subject. The Internet covers the entire world. Each country, and each state or province within each country can have different laws. There are potentially many different laws in many different jurisdictions pertaining to spam. Plus, losing your Internet service or having your domain blocked due to spam is a matter of contract that varies from provider to provider, each having its own specific rules about spam in its "Acceptable Use Policy." Access to social media sites and other Websites is dependent upon following their rules. So, how can you possibly avoid spam when there are so many different rules and regulations? The answer is to use common sense and follow these Rules of Thumb.


Here are the Rules of Thumb you can use:

Never use e-mail for advertising with one, and only one, exception: when you have a clear "opt-in" event. Never place a commercial electronic message unless you know it is allowed and appropriate to the context of the forum and conversation in which it is placed.

When advertising with e-mail in an "opt-in" situation, always supply a working "opt-out" mechanism.

Never annoy anyone with any kind of e-mail or electronic communication.

Never mislead anyone (in either the opt-in process, in the e-mail subject header, or by pretending that your comment is in context to a discussion).
Now we will discuss each rule of thumb in turn.


Again, historically, e-mail is for communicating, not for advertising. The same is generally true of newsgroups (Usenet), Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Web-based discussion boards, and social media sites. Your own site on the Web (or another's site--with permission) is the only Internet Resource where advertising is generally acceptable. Many marketers are resistant to this, but the sooner you accept this simple truth, the better off you will be. There are many effective ways to use Websites and blogs to market on the Internet. These techniques often involve using the one exception to the e-mail rule--the "opt-in" exception--as part of the process. But, the process begins with a Web page or blog, whether that Web page or blog is yours or another's with your ad on it with permission.

The spam rules usually refer to Unsolicited Commercial Correspondence (UCC). If the e-mail or communication has been "solicited," it generally is not considered spam. (Also, if the e-mail or communication is not "commercial," it is generally not considered spam.) How do you know whether e-mail other electronic communication has been "solicited"? While there are no hard and fast rules that everyone will agree on, your common sense will provide you with a working definition that should be relatively safe. E-mail or other electronic communication is not spam if it has been requested or consented to, or if permission has been granted to send it to a particular recipient.

There are two kinds of consent: express and implied. Express consent is where someone communicates permission directly to you that the communication is allowed. Examples of express consent are when someone types in their e-mail address on a form on your Web page requesting more information or sends you an e-mail in response to an ad. Implied consent, on the other hand, occurs when someone performs some act from which permission can be inferred. An example of implied consent is when someone posts something on your page or takes advantage of some other free resource you are offering with knowledge that it will lead to further contact. (Be careful here, though, the extent of implied consent is very limited.) Implied consent also arises in many instances where you have a pre-existing relationship with someone. Ultimately, the question of whether implied consent exists is a question of fact to be decided based on all of the circumstances of a particular situation. Your opinion as the one accused of spam is not the opinion that matters. The opinion that matters is the opinion of the owner of the resources where you communicated, your ISP, or local authorities who will decide whether you have spammed or not.

When someone fills out a form or accepts a free service, this is generally referred to as "opting in." That is, they have opted to accept an e-mail from you. When we use the term "opted," we are referring to the same concept as "consent" or "permission" discussed above. Another example of an opt-in is the opt-in e-mail lists. If the list's creator allows, and the hosting service allows, ads may be acceptable on the list. The people who subscribe to the list are deemed to have "opt-in" to receive commercial e-mails sent through the list. (Note that the extent of this implied consent is only for e-mail sent through the list. If you send the list members e-mail directly, rather than through the list, you will be spamming.)

If you are accused of spamming, you will need to clearly establish a documented opt-in event to justify the e-mail. The e-mail you sent must also be within the scope of the opt-in, or you will be guilty of spamming.

So, the bottom line is that e-mail is NOT a tool you can rely on to generate leads or new customers. Rather, e-mail is a tool that can only be used in conjunction with some other resource through which an opt-in can first be established. However tempting it is to buy a CD of over a million e-mail addresses and blast your ad out to them, do not do it. You will be spamming if you do.


Even when you have a clear opt-in event (which is the only situation where you should be sending commercial e-mail), you must include an opt-out mechanism in the e-mail. You must give the recipient the option of communicating with you that your e-mail is no longer welcome. The mechanism you use must work to get that communication to you in a timely manner and you must immediately obey the opt-out request. Opt-out mechanisms are generally of two types. One is a line in the e-mail that states that one can reply to the e-mail or send an e-mail to another stated address, putting "REMOVE" in the subject heading. The other common opt-out mechanism is to supply a URL in the e-mail, which if clicked on, will automatically remove someone from your mailing list. Either one is fine--as long as it works.

A belief commonly held among Internet users is that opt-out mechanisms are untrustworthy. It is often advised that the process is used by unscrupulous marketers to confirm that you have a working e-mail address, which they will use for further spamming rather than to remove you from the list. Quit often, unfortunately, the list owner will not send you further e-mail, but will immediately sell your e-mail address to several others who will. Because of the prevalence of these bad practices, any mistake or negligence with your opt-out mechanism will immediately put you under a cloud of suspicion. Make sure that you timely and carefully attend to your opt-out requests.

An opt-out request must be immediately honored. Despite what many ill-informed people believe and say, you should know that it only takes one "no" anywhere in the process to void all prior expressions of consent. There is no way to trap anyone into being forced to receive e-mail from you. Nothing they do prevents them from opting out at any later point.
One tricky situation for opt-outs is the opt-in mail list. You send your mail to the list and the list then forwards it to the other members on the list. Often you will be sent a request to remove from one of the other members, but you do not have the capacity to remove them from the list. In opt-in e-mail list situations, you should always include a statement in your e-mail advising the recipients that the e-mail is being sent through a particular e-mail list and that they must remove themselves from the list to opt-out of the e-mail. Give them the name of the list and the opt-out address.


With respect to the gray areas, it helps to remember that you will never get in trouble if no one ever accuses you of spamming. If you never annoy anyone, no one should ever be motivated to report you. If you treat others as you would have them treat you, you are not likely to annoy them. Because some people have thin skin, however, and will be annoyed where you would not be, using the Golden Rule is by no means foolproof. It helps to think in terms of what annoys the average person, but to be safe, you need to think in terms of what annoys the overly sensitive person as well.

It's a mystery to me why, but many aggressive marketers approach Internet marketing as a kind of war game. They want to kill your e-mail or your ad and strike you repeatedly with theirs. I don't know about you, but it sure as heck doesn't put me in the mood to join something or buy something when I have been defeated in an Internet war game of ads. E-mail autoresponders are the weapon of choice in these war games.

For example, let's say I place an ad on some classifieds that allow such ads. I then receive an e-mail that says, "Responding to your ad." The content of the e-mail clearly reveals that the sender knows nothing of my ad and could care less. He only wants to put his ad in my face, using some ridiculous pretext that his reading of my ad (which he didn't do) demonstrates to him that I am a good candidate for his opportunity. Then, were I naive enough to respond to his e-mail and point out that I am not interested in his opportunity, I would immediately receive an autoresponse message with even more information about his opportunity. Also, in the process of responding, I would have gotten myself added to his e-mail list so that I would receive more info every week about this opportunity in which I have no interest. No matter how hard I search, I can find no way to actually opt-out from his list. Am I going to report him for spamming? You bet your bippy I am!

Another example of the war game is people who join the opt-in lists and then hook up an autoresponder to the account with which they joined the list. Even though every single one of these lists prohibits using autoresponders, they are quite commonly used anyway. When you send out e-mail to the list, you immediately get back autoresponses from hundreds of the members of the list. They will never read the list nor your e-mail, but they will stack the list with their ads and then, on top of that, will autorespond to yours sent from the list.
Such tactics are absurd, ridiculous, ineffective, annoying, and unlawful. People get away with them only because they are technically savvy enough to hide their identities and make it so time consuming to track them down that most victims will not take the time to do it. But these are the extreme examples. Let's look at some of the more subtle issues.

If you take care to always make sure that your e-mail is pleasant, you will not only be less likely to be accused of spamming, but you will more effectively develop relationships--which is the key to any successful marketing. You should take pains to be polite and sincere in all your e-mail correspondence. While you have to protect yourself from the war game spammers, you need to provide some way for people who read your e-mail to directly respond to you--where you will actually read their response. Only use e-mail autoresponders in the most controlled of situations and use them with great care. In fact, there is really only a small handful of situations where an autoresponder is appropriate. An autoresponder is appropriate when someone fills out a form on your Web page and you need to confirm that the e-mail address they supplied is a valid e-mail address. An autoresponder is appropriate when the sender has been fully informed that they will receive an autoresponse. An autoresponder is appropriate to complete a transaction that has been freely engaged by your customer. Autoresponders should rarely, if ever, be triggered by an incoming e-mail in my opinion. The only exception would be form submissions. While automation is a goal for some tasks and is being made more and more possible by the Internet, communication should be personal, not automated.

Take pains never to annoy people with your Internet marketing, whether through automation, insincerity, rudeness, or as we discuss below, misleading tactics.


Being bothered by correspondence not requested or wanted is something that annoys most everyone. Another thing that annoys the heck out of the average person is being misled. What most people want is good, solid, honest information, pertinent to their request, and no more.

People become annoyed when they are misled. If they request one type of information and get another, they feel used. This factor comes into play, among other places, in choosing a subject header for e-mail that you do choose to send. If the subject says "$50 deposited into your bank account tomorrow--no strings, no obligation," and then the body of the e-mail mentions nothing about a free $50, but proceeds to try to sell them something, the recipient has been misled and will be understandably annoyed. I have read so-called marketing advice that recommends using subject headings that will get people to read your e-mail regardless of whether the subject has anything to do with your offer. Nothing could be worse advice! Such "bait and switch" tactics are dishonest, immoral, often illegal, and are guaranteed to annoy the dickens out of the recipient of your e-mail. Do not do it.

Another guaranteed way to annoy someone, spurring them to report you for spam, is to mislead them about the type of information they are requesting. If you have a Web page which collects e-mail addresses to send more info about an interesting subject, but you send entirely different correspondence from what they expected, you will certainly have trouble. Honesty is more than just morality, it is good business practice. You do not want to start any relationship with a client, customer, or affiliate by dishonest correspondence. Trust is the most important factor in any business relationship.

So, it is very important in both the opt-in event and the subject header of e-mail to be very honest and straight-forward about the information that will be in the body of the e-mail. To do otherwise, can only make people mad and get you in trouble.

The same concepts apply to all types of electronic communication. If you are in good faith, you will know whether or not your comment is really in context to a forum discussion or social media post. All sorts of creative segues can be devised, but are they in good faith? Are they honest? Are you stretching things beyond what is polite? Ask yourself these questions and ask yourself whether it will be annoying. Is this really what these people want to hear about? The answers to these questions will guide you whether to make the comment or not.


A common response to the spam rules is to throw up one's hands and say "It's too complicated and too risky, why bother with Internet marketing?" The answer to that question is that Internet marketing is a powerful, yet inexpensive, tool that can be used by people of few resources other than a will to succeed in obtaining financial success. In later installments, you can look forward to learning how to research the Web to find high traffic Websites and then use non-commercial, non-spam e-mail to develop relationships with the publishers of those Websites. From these relationships can arise the opportunity to partner with them to promote your business or your opportunity at little cost. We will discuss Google ads and social media ads and many other ways to advertise legitimately. We will also discuss how to correctly use opt-in procedures to reach large audiences without spamming. We will further discuss how to use content to gain some Internet traffic to whom you can promote your business. This is just a small sample of the effective techniques we will teach you in this course. We needed to cover spam first to make sure that you don't knock yourself out of the game before you have a chance to get started. The bulk of this course, however, will dig in with earnest on the how-to's of successful Internet marketing.

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19.04.2016., utorak

How to make money?

The Continuing Potential Of Internet Incomecome


In this lesson, you will learn the three factors which assure us of continued exponential Internet growth. These three factors are:

Moore's Law
Acceptance of digital environments
You will learn what these terms mean and how these principles prove that Internet marketing will have exponential growth and exponential results for decades to come. You will learn how to best position yourself as a home-based entrepreneur to take advantage of the digital opportunities that lie ahead.


Moore's Law describes the falling cost of digital technology. When my daughter was born in 1980, the price of the memory chip for a home PC was $1,000.00 (not the whole PC, mind you, just the memory). When my daughter was one year old, the same amount of memory cost only $500.00. When she was three years old, the price was $250.00. When she started the first grade, the same amount of memory cost only $62.50. When she graduated from high school in 1998, the price of that same amount of memory had fallen to less that $0.25. When she began her junior year in college, the cost for the same amount of memory as in that original PC was just pennies. I assure you that nothing else we have purchased over her lifetime has decreased in cost anything like that!

We, of course, upgraded the amount of memory we used over the years. Each time we upgraded, we spent about the same amount of money but got more and more computing power. So, what really happened was that our computing power increased by four times every three years for the same cost.

Gordon Moore, one of the co-founders of Intel Corporation, made mathematical observations in the 1960's of the engineering practices which allowed miniaturization in semiconductor technology. This miniaturization applies to processors and other computer components as well as memory chips. What he observed mathematically is that computers can be made four times more powerful every three years for the same cost. Some argue that this same formula has held true for a full century, if you include the mechanical computers of the early 1900's and the old-fashioned transistors that followed.

If you knew that you could get four times more raw materials every three years with no increase in cost in a given business, would you want to get into that business? The overwhelming answer everywhere is, of course, a resounding "yes!"

All businesses, even traditional brick and mortar businesses, must market their goods and services. Because businesses look for the lowest cost to perform their processes, more and more marketing information and marketing processes, even for brick-and-mortar businesses, has become digital.

Moore's Law ensures that Internet businesses, especially Internet marketing, will continue to grow and flourish at an astounding rate. Will Moore's Law continue to hold true in the future? Can engineers keep making computer chips cheaper? Intel's engineers assure us that Moore's Law will continue to operate for several more device generations, if not indefinitely.


The next factor that ensures continued growth for Internet businesses is the acceptance by consumers of digital environments. People have taken to Cyberspace. Despite the many predictions to the contrary, people have warmed up to digital environments with enthusiasm. Many Web communities have been formed and their participants report feeling all warm and cozy in those digital environments. Participants have developed a strong sense of identity with the digital communities such as Twitter, Facebook, and others. As Moore's Law has continued to operate over the years, technology has become more and more capable of producing engrossing digital environments in which most of the world's population enthusiastically participates.


The third factor assuring a prosperous future for Internet entrepreneurs is convergence. Simply defined, convergence is the coming together of separate things. Convergence has occurred at both the industry level and the consumer level. On the industry level; computing, communications, and media companies have merged. On the consumer level, smart phones and smart TVs are commonplace. Consumers have combined their phones, personal computers, and televisions into one integrated media system. Even our money has become digital, as we have automatic bank deposits of our earnings while we buy things with our smart phones or the quick swipe of a debit or credit card. The Internet has so involved itself in our personal lives, there is no turning back. We have converged into a digital world.


These three factors--Moore's Law, acceptance of digital environments, and convergence--assure us that the potential of the Internet for the home-based entrepreneur continues to be nothing less than incredible. In the digital world, the large corporations have to compete, not just with each other but also with the home-based entrepreneurs. The large conglomerates no longer have the exclusive advantage. Given the low cost of computing power, individual entrepreneurs now have at their disposal the raw materials to develop digital products and processes and make them available to the world. Even more importantly, individual entrepreneurs can ban together in digital environments (such as SFI) to combine their skills and knowledge and use convergence to their advantage in a very efficient way, rivaling the large companies with the results.


To obtain convergence, you must bring together computing power, media content, and information processing. To obtain the economies of scale, you should position yourself within a digital community where resources can be shared. Despite the low cost of computing, there is still power in numbers with regard to media content and information processing. To position yourself as a marketer for one of the longest lasting and most successful digital communities in existence is without doubt the smartest move you could possibly make right now. Having done that, you can use your individual creativity, skills, and resources in an environment of freedom employing the low cost computing power at your disposal to obtain your financial goals. Due to the three factors discussed in this chapter, there is an unprecedented opportunity available to you right now as an SFI affiliate. You have but to take advantage of it.

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15.04.2016., petak

What should I spend my commissions and signing bonus on?

One of the good signs that you are doing something right in your new home business with SFI and TripleClicks is you start earning money. Isn’t that great! That is the main reason that most people join SFI, is to earn some kind of income and you’re doing it – give yourself a round of applause you have earned it.

No matter what the amount of commissions and signing bonuses you’re making, you should have a basic plan as to what you will use the money for. If you do not have a plan set in place it would be easy to just waste the money you worked so hard to obtain.

It wasn’t until I started receiving commissions from SFI that I finally decided to do what I was taught when I lived at home.

1. Pay yourself first – Always set aside a small amount that is just for your savings, to use in whatever way you need or desire. I have been putting 25% of my commissions into a personal account, I use this account to purchase things that I want or need which I cannot afford to take out of my Social Security checks.

2. I then give 10% of the total commissions back to the Lord for all things belong to Him anyway – It is my way of saying thank you for letting me use Your money.

3. The rest of my commissions goes right back into building my SFI and TripleClicks business – this is known as “reinvesting.” In simple terms I am reinvesting 65% of my commissions and bonuses back into my business. Without reinvesting your business will not grow.

That is the basic plan that I use and it has helped me tremendously. My commissions have reached the point where it is almost paying for all the investments that I am making in SFI and TripleClicks.

The more my business grows the more money I am able to reinvest until I reach that point where I have obtained a really good fantastic income level then I will readjust my plans on how I use the finances.


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14.04.2016., četvrtak

To be successful in SFI, what attributes do you need the people on your team to have?

To be successful in SFI, we need to develop a team of affiliates with the following attributes:


An affiliate must have the determination to succeed in SFI. Others call this trait as perseverance, persistence, tenacity, commitment, and resilience. We must have strength of purpose to endure whatever frustrations we might encounter as we build our SFI business.


It can be assumed that affiliates are driven to try SFI by money. But successful SFI affiliates are fueled by a passion to promote SFI’s products and services and/or by the excitement and belief on SFI mission that it could provide us internal and financial rewards.


Successful affiliates has the ability to withstand the fear of uncertainty and potential failure. As they are willing to take the risk, they will be able to successfully manage potential failure and will never give up no matter how bleak their business looks like at the moment.


Affiliates must have the ability to spot the multiple sources of income and financial freedom that SFI offers. And they are able to catch the vision of SFI and communicate that vision to their team members.


Self-confidence is a key to SFI success. We have to be crazy-sure that SFI is the best affiliate program that has evolved on the net and TripleClicks is the best e-commerce site with products and services that the world needs.

Fun & Enjoyment

Affiliates should see that SFI is easy and fun to do. If they do SFI, they can derive personal satisfaction, financial gain, stability and enjoyment from it as the sum of what they put into their SFI business. Because if we don't enjoy what we're doing in SFI, chances are we won't succeed in this business.

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What's the best way to get someone interested in becoming an SFI affiliate?

This question leans towards those who do personal, face to face recruiting. They have the bigger chance of evoking interest in joining us in SFI. Whether the prospect is an established friend, a relative, or a cold contact, you must get to know some things about him. What does he like too do with his time? What does he want that he can't get in his present situation? Does he have a pressing need that would make his life easier?

When you find the answers to his hot buttons, then mold your presentation to his wants and needs. SFI is very flexible. And it can solve the many short-comings of our day to day lives. Help him to discover the short term and long term goals that can be met by doing this business.Tell him about your journey in SFI and how it is progressing towards your dreams.

Those that know you better have been watching your progression and already have an opinion formed about SFI. Have you given them a good reason to follow you?

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12.04.2016., utorak

What is the biggest mistake to avoid when advertising?

Advertising being part of your whole marketing strategy has an impact on how you run it.
Your method of advertising could bring you tons of success and could also pull you down to the ground, if wrong strategies were applied. I would sest the following being checked before you proceed with placing of your advertisement to minimize the negative impacts.

These are the very basics few:

1. Check & re-check & revise your message - beginning stage before you place your advertisement, think about the negative feedbacks you will receive from your potential contacts/customers. Revise to minimize the impact if you think what you are presenting will give a room for attacks or negative feedback, thus deprive you from getting a good result for your advertisement.

2. Do not misrepresents – Misrepresenting is a huge mistake. Tell the truth about what SFI and TripleClicks is. Telling lies will not help you in a long run, once trust is broken, it’s hard to regain that trust! Network Marketing is all about relationships and trust between you and your downlines and customers. Explaining the core business of SFI & TC within the specific Rules & Policies of SFI is very important. Be ethical.

On a bigger picture, these are a few pointers on the common mistakes:

3. Targeting wrong consumer group – one of the good elements required in advertising is to specifically targeting a consumer group(s). Avoid by generalizing their needs. If you failed to find their interests or needs, then there will be a disconnection between you and your prospective customers. Therefore, details on demographic categories, their needs and purchasing behaviour could help you constructing a detailed advert and for well targeted group(s). Definitely, knowing your prospective customers will help you promote your advert more effectively.

4. Inconsistent information - avoid at all cost. Again, check & re-check that all links, sublinks, URLs etc are correct. Avoid redirecting to products that is/are no longer available on TC for example Advance Liquid Nutrition.

5. Do not Spam - No matter how aggressive you are with your e-mail marketing, an e-mail blast to your entire list of subscribers may cause them to mark your mail as spam. Avoid it.

6. Millenials are on Mobile - are you forgetting this segment? The Millenials spend more time on their mobile devices than on their computers. It is your big mistake if you exclude them from your target audience. Put this group on your top priority group and worry about desktop traffic next.

There are lots more pointers we can take into consideration, but the above, to me are the main few that affects anyone advertising effort. Whether its going to be a successful advert or a total failure.

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