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Cooking Home Parties

cooking home parties

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Home Cooking Party: Appetizer - 3 Mediterranean Dips (Pesto Rosso, Baba-Ghanoush, Taramasalata) with Naan bread

Home Cooking Party: Appetizer - 3 Mediterranean Dips (Pesto Rosso, Baba-Ghanoush, Taramasalata) with Naan bread

Home Cooking Party at Rei's Part 2!

The second part of the appetizer consisted of 3 Mediterranean Dips with Indian Naan bread. The dips were an Italian ''Pesto Rosso'' (Sun-Dried Tomato pesto), Baba-Ghanoush (Roasted Eggplant Dip) and the Pepto-Bismol-looking stuff is a Taramasalata (Greek Caviar Dip). All served along with toasted Naan.

I used genuine, authentic Grana Padano cheese with the Pesto Rosso, so that was definitely a big hit. For the Baba Ghanoush, I roasted eggplants over a stove and combined it with sesame-paste. Taramasalata is usually made with a Greek red caviar, but I used Japanese ''tarako'' which is similar.

Home Cooking Party: Group Shot

Home Cooking Party: Group Shot

A shot of all participants of the Home cooking party at Rei's

(l-r): Rei, Me, Kurochan, Nacchan, Maiko, Marusan, Minachan

cooking home parties

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