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Cosmetics Lip Pencil. Makeup For Small Blue Eyes.

Cosmetics Lip Pencil

cosmetics lip pencil

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April 2008

April 2008

Almost fell off the map there!

Lots of stuff from BBW. Bought the Hello Sugar 3-in-1, Hello Sugar lipgloss, and a Blushing Cherry Blossom mini lotion. I then got the Goldie bag for $10 or $20, I think, with all the samples. I had a coupon for a free True Blue Spa item, so I picked Be More Pacific.

I made a trek out to a "new" outlet mall in the area (it's been around for a while -- just in the last year, it went under a giant overhaul), that has a new Estee Lauder CCO and a Crabtree and Evelyn outlet store. I bought a Rosewater Shower Gel and Conditioner. Rosewater from C&E is one of those scents I grew up with, and I'll always associate my childhood and my mom with it. I stopped into the CCO and got Utter Pervette and Flowerplay lipsticks, and a Pink Edge Lipglass Pencil.

How to become a Deev !

How to become a Deev !

If you have a satellite TV, then you are able to get MITV which is broacasted from Germany to Iranian audience all around the world.
Here, the women performers ALWAYS wearing a loose hijab or head scarf so that their program don't get penalised.
Among different programs of this satellite TV has, there are couple programs showing how to be beautiful (of course for ladies).
In one of the episode, I saw an instructor was teaching how to be beautiful in different way, which I call it, a Deev. The instructor was changing a beautiful face of an Iranian woman to something horrible by using several make up tools.

cosmetics lip pencil

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