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Crazy Eye Makeup Pictures. Beach Wedding Makeup. Soft Eye Make Up.

Crazy Eye Makeup Pictures

crazy eye makeup pictures

    crazy eye
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  • (Crazy Eyes) Crazy Eyes is the sixth album by the country rock band Poco. The album pays homage to Gram Parsons, as Richie Furay sings both the title track, which he wrote in honor of Parsons, and one of Parsons' own compositions, "Brass Buttons".

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Day 168, 6/16/08

Day 168, 6/16/08

I love the tone of this. It's different and mellow compared to a lot of what I have.

My mom did my makeup. She's amazing. And I didn't add color to it, it's just rad.

Went to lunch with Erin and her momma, I love those ladies. I'm staying at Erin's tonight.

The boy is taking me somewhere on Friday - he's in Temecula for a few days. If you see a bunch of punks around there, take pictures of them. Or just be mean and yell at them.
Anyway, yeah. He's taking me somewhere, but not telling me where. It's driving me crazy! All I know is we have to do some walking, he has to buy something, it's romantic, I can dress casually, and the time of day is important. But he isn't telling me the time of day.
I secretly think it's a picnic. :) But whatever. I hope I'm wrong because I want to be surprised!

In other news, I think I'm going to hold an open photoshoot for some friends. Set up at a local school, and have my black backdrop up somewhere. Get my external flash going [Dad's, anyhow], get a little makeup booth going, maybe bring a curling iron. I wish Bianca wasn't grounded! Her hair skillz + my photo skillz. Z's.

I'm excited.



Today we had a very exciting shooting. Our favorite hairdresser had his Meisterprufung today. He used our favorite model for this. Dead tired after the long exam day they droped by for a few shots. We used the chance to test our new gear in studio. I must admit I am blown away with the quality of the camera and especially the unique lens 135 mm STF. More pictures will be posted on our blog. And thank you my dear for some light inspiration.

crazy eye makeup pictures

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