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Basics Of Helicopter Flight

basics of helicopter flight

basics of helicopter flight - Basic Helicopter

Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics (Aerospace Series (PEP))

Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics (Aerospace Series (PEP))

Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics is widely appreciated as an easily accessible, rounded introduction to the first principles of the aerodynamics of helicopter flight. Simon Newman has brought this third edition completely up to date with a full new set of illustrations and imagery. An accompanying website contains all the calculation files used in the book, problems, solutions, PPT slides and supporting MATLAB® code.
Simon Newman addresses the unique considerations applicable to rotor UAVs and MAVs, and coverage of blade dynamics is expanded to include both flapping, lagging and ground resonance. New material is included on blade tip design, flow characteristics surrounding the rotor in forward flight, tail rotors, brown-out, blade sailing and shipborne operations.
Concentrating on the well-known Sikorsky configuration of single main rotor with tail rotor, early chapters deal with the aerodynamics of the rotor in hover, vertical flight, forward flight and climb. Analysis of these motions is developed to the stage of obtaining the principal results for thrust, power and associated quantities. Later chapters turn to the characteristics of the overall helicopter, its performance, stability and control, and the important field of aerodynamic research is discussed, with some reference also to aerodynamic design practice.
This introductory level treatment to the aerodynamics of helicopter flight will appeal to aircraft design engineers and undergraduate and graduate students in aircraft design, as well as practising engineers looking for an introduction to or refresher course on the subject.

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Super Cub DSM RTF by HobbyZone

Super Cub DSM RTF by HobbyZone

The HobbyZone Super Cub DSM® is the best way to learn how to fly. The Super Cub helps pilots learn the basics of throttle, steering and pitch control using the exclusive HobbyZone Anti-Crash Technology (ACT™). And beyond being a great way to learn how to fly, the Super Cub DSM includes a sophisticated Spektrum™ DX4e 4-channel 2.4GHz DSMX™ transmitter, which supports both Spektrum DSM2 and DSMX receivers. The DX4e boasts the best 2.4GHz RC technology available. And the best part is it can also be used with other RC aircraft as a pilot’s skills progress. That includes many exciting Bind-N-Fly® airplanes and helicopters from E-flite, ParkZone and Blade. The trainer port on the back of the DX4e lets beginners buddybox with a flight instructor who also has a DSM2 or DSMX transmitter from Spektrum or JR. And they can also connect to the Phoenix R/C Pro Flight Simulator and fly on their PC.

Grand Canyon - Spot the Helicopter !

Grand Canyon - Spot the Helicopter !

Wall of the west rim of the Grand Canyon. Its very difficult to express the enormous scale of this, until you see the helicopter flying along the wall.

So this is a "Spot the helicopter" picture !

basics of helicopter flight

basics of helicopter flight

Basic RC Helicopter Training Program

Interested in learning how to fly model helicopters? Get the facts first! Helis present a special challenge that require some important, basic information and diligent practice. This video will save you time, money and effort! The program offers an overview of the fundamentals for setting up and learning to fly remote control model helicopters. If you have little or no experience with r/c helicopters, this program is definitely the place to start! It's chock-full of tips, hints, tricks and techniques for becoming a better pilot - sooner! You will learn: differences between 30 and 60 sizes, the equipment you'll need to get started, mechancial balance, the importance of simulators, gyro recommendations, how to tail-in hover, nose-in hover, do figure 8's, fly circuits, and more! Most topics also apply to electric helicopters. The DVD is divided into numerous chapters allowing precise viewing of topics of interest.

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