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Buisness Time Flight

buisness time flight

buisness time flight - Accounting and

Accounting and Finance for Small Business Made Easy (Entrepreneur Made Easy)

Accounting and Finance for  Small Business Made Easy (Entrepreneur Made Easy)

Finally, a book on accounting that focuses on street-smart financial management rather than accounting mechanics
Most accounting books are either too basic or too boring. This one carves a niche all its own. Instead of trying to morph you into instant CPAs, it provides practical advice through real-life examples, making it the first accounting "page-turner."
Author Robert J. Low even draws on notorious financial scandals for illuminating lessons to small and medium-size businesses. He minimizes technical information and offers straight talk on the art of controllership--a key to ensuring company profits. Accounting and Finance for Small Business Made Easy includes:
An accounting primer that demystifies terms and practices for the non-accountant
Invaluable perspective on the critical areas for managing assets: inventory control and increasing cash flow
A 10-step plan to help you start instantly to implement effective financial management

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I got tagged by:
- Elegant_Ebdeweya
to write 13 facts about myself

1- Have been roaming this earth for 18 years now *,*
2- am very quite, until you get to know me really well
3- Miss grandpa and grandma so much
4- what people think of me is none of my buisness
5- Running is my stress releif
6- Am either too quite or too hyper. Yeah moody.
7- London is my second home
8- am Currently studying banking and finance
9- I love horses
10- When I was young, I wanted to have blonde hair
11- Am a sleep walker, I've hurt myself a couple of times while bumping to walls and falling down the stairs. This is a lie, but I'm not a liar. Really :P
12- I tend to wear perfume all day long
13-I like to travel long distance flights

i'll tag:
- Snap shot!
- [ ManorinO<3 ]
- l N l???8
- Elegant_Ebdeweya [Germany] Again :p

Australian Horizon

Australian Horizon

On my recent trip to Melbourne, I was privileged enough to ride buisness on the renowed A380 airbus. It wasn't much different from a normal flight, even with the "gourmet food" (which tasted rubbish really), privacy, and space, I was sleepless. But eventually, I fell asleep and woke up to this gorgeous sight. I immediately whipped out my camera and started snapping away, I'm sure that the woman on my right thought I was insane. I wasn't aware of what these colors were or what time it was but it was breath taking and definitely made the plane ride a hundred times better.

buisness time flight

buisness time flight

Quicken Home & Business 2012 [Download]

Quicken Home & Business software helps you organize and manage your personal and home-based business finances, all in one place

Quicken Home & Business Personal Finance Software

Organizes your personal and your home based business finances, all in one place

Categorizes your personal and home business expenses so you know where your money is going

Shows your profit and loss at a glance so you know how your home-based business is doing at any time

Create professional looking invoices and estimates
Creates Schedule C reports to save you time on taxes
Maximize your tax deductions: Home & Business points out potential tax-deductible business expenses

Fully Redesigned! Better budgeting

Now, it's easier than ever to set savings goals with our redesigned budgeting tool. Keep track of different budget categories and know how much you have left to spend each month.

Fully Redesigned! Reduce your debt
Create a customized plan to reduce, or eliminate, your debt. We make it easy to stick to your plan with our new, easy-to-use, interactive tools.

Upgraded! Free customer service
We're here when you need us with free customer service and extended hours. No more waiting for call backs!

New! Customize your view
Our new large font mode makes it easier to see where you stand - without straining your eyes.
Screenshot: See attached "large vs small fonts What's New.png" file
Improved! Track your equity
We've updated our property and debt dashboard to give you a truer picture of the equity you've earned.

Online features require Internet access and are subject to change. Services vary among participating financial institutions or other parties and may be subject to application approval, additional terms, conditions and fees. More than 12,000 participating financial institutions as of 08/01/11.

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