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Decor Grates Wall Register

decor grates wall register

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decor grates wall register - Decor Grates

Decor Grates SPH408-NKL 4-Inch by 8-Inch Scroll Floor Register, Brushed Nickel

Decor Grates SPH408-NKL 4-Inch by 8-Inch Scroll Floor Register, Brushed Nickel

This Decor Grates 4-Inch by 8-Inch scroll floor register has a brushed nickel finish (2mm metal). Decor Grates floor registers are built with the finest materials. Each and every register goes through a quality assurance process to ensure your satisfaction. Our classic designs will enhance any rooms decor and give you years of trouble free operation. Our family owned company takes great pride in making sure you are totally satisfied with your purchase.Rust proof damper body with easy air flow controlEasy to installCrafted for long trouble free operationClassic designNon metallic damper controls airflow

78% (19)



This register is on the top of Puigmal (2910m) on the border between Spain and France. The register contains a guestbook where people can write their name to tell the world they were there. Alternatively, people can leave their sticker on register, just like yOuKfOu, cincoak, Dr.chacZ642 and freaQ did.



Nendoroid Lucky Star MikkuMiku Kagami.
Nendoroid Petit Haku Yowane.

camera:Nikon D90 50mm f1.8
software:Adobe Photoshop CS4Mac

decor grates wall register

decor grates wall register

Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register

Cash in on basic math and money management skills with this talking, interactive cash register. Little learners can practice coin identification, addition, subtraction and place value through four featured games. Games increase in difficulty as players advance their math skill levels. Perfect for pretend play exercises and learning basic calculator skills. Features: Transactions are rewarded with lights, sounds and voice messages. Coin reader identifies real and included plastic play coins. Checkout scanner comes with realistic sounds. Real working scale. Large LCD screen shows real transactions with big, easy-to-read numbers. Ability to check coin total. Automatic shut-off saves batteries and reminds kids to "Come and play again." Requires 3 "C" alkaline batteries (not included). Awards: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award (2003-04), Oppenheim Toy Portfolio SNAP Award (Special Needs Adapted Products (2003-04), Gold Award Winner-National Parenting Publications Awards for Children's Resources(NAPPA-2003-Tech Toys).

Ring up the fun with the Teaching Cash Register! A perfect addition to any pretend store, this talking cash register helps teach basic math and money skills through creative play. Filled with engaging activities and a drawer stashed with life-size (make-believe) cash, the Teaching Cash Register helps kids make sense of currency with a coin reader that identifies both real and plastic coins. Other features include a generous LCD screen that shows transaction values in large, easy-to-read numbers, a working scale, and a scanner for pretend coupons and credit cards. Four interactive learning games take kids through multiple levels of play, increasing in difficulty as players advance their math skill levels. Large buttons help little fingers total up the orders, while lights and sounds capture the imagination. Winner of numerous awards, including an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, the interactive Teaching Cash Register develops logic, reasoning, and coin recognition skills, and helps animate lessons about addition, subtraction, counting money, making change, and decimal usage. Measuring approximately 14 by 9-3/4 by 9 inches, the Teaching Cash Register requires 3 C batteries (not included) to power its playful "ka-ching!" --Heather Lyndon

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