The bride dress to choose?

Evening dress is also very important to select, perfect, of course, also the perfect ending. More exposed features of the evening dress, accessories become an integral part of the dress, the overall effect of the use of accessories texture and shape to form a complementary and mutually-lining, and evening dress shawls, handbags, jewelry and other accessories, where jewelry is the most used and the effect of the accessories.
Wear evening dress, need to note the following
1 in line with their own identity;

2 and then the high-end ladies' suits, can not serve as the evening dress.

3 can not be repeated in the adjacent party wear a dress;

4 can not wear flat shoes, speaking directly only stiletto heels to match evening dress;
5 can not be too conservative, but not too revealing;

6 must be of the party makeup, and never can be the makeup, it is with your evening dress and expensive accessories.





Spring feel really beautiful

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Wedding bridal gown and accessories with the law

Wedding, the bride and do everything possible to show the charm of the beautiful dress of course be able to attract the eye, necklaces, bracelets, gloves and other wedding decorations with to make the original eye-catching dress is even more dazzling, so that you become the most beautiful memories of the wedding .

When you are in the wedding, bring a fine long necklace can give yourself to add a lot of star quality.

The necklace is a very favorite jewelry of women. If you wear thoracotomy, collarless suits, it is best to wear a big necklace. Connected can be produced using gold, silver and precious stones to enhance your temperament, for clothing to increase the luster.

Of course, wearing a sleeveless clothing, the beauty of the bride is best to wear a bracelet. An inlaid diamond bracelet can make the bride look more elegant.

An eye-catching earrings are the jewelry of the bride wearing a dress essential. If you are short hair bride, then I sest you choose a style and eye-catching earrings in the selection of wear earrings. Either way, the earrings will let Ms. considerably. Of course, choose to wear earrings best embedded some diamonds.

Gloves on the wedding also become the trend. A pair of fine gloves will make the bride to add a lot of ladies temperament. We recommend that the bride to wear short gloves when wearing a belt sleeve dress, sleeveless dress with a long glove. This is very elegant!

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