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How To Cook Chinese Dishes - Cooking Sausages In Oven.

How To Cook Chinese Dishes

how to cook chinese dishes

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duck with taro

duck with taro

I'm trying to learn how to cook some traditional Chinese dishes from my mom and grandmother. Hopefully along the way, I'll learn a little more about my family and our history.

My grandmother's taro & duck dish was always requested for special occasions! No wonder... there's a lot of time and energy put into making this mouth watering dish. No less than six different sauces are involved in creating the marinate. Once upon a time in HK, one could send a someone to the store for duck sauce where the shopkeeper would ladle everything out in the appropriate proportions... now one has to make their own!

Fried rice (my first dish)

Fried rice (my first dish)

This is the first dish i've tried to make. It all started with a packet of some special fried rice powder thing i bought at a chinese shop.

I followed all the instructions and when it came to the point that i would put in the powder, i realized that I already cooked fried rice, and didn't need to add the powder in..!

I ended up adding it in anyway, but I was suprised at how easy fried rice was to make. :D

(Note: The powder is in the yellow bag you can barely see in the picture)

how to cook chinese dishes

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