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Vegetarian Diet For Babies

vegetarian diet for babies

    vegetarian diet
  • Vegetarianism is the practice of following a plant-based diet including fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, nuts, and seeds, mushrooms, with or without dairy products and eggs.

  • (Vegetarian diets) A minority of adolescents are vegetarians, though popularity of various vegetarian diets has increased among adolescents in recent years. For the most part, teenagers can meet most nutritional requirements and achieve adequate growth with a well-planned vegetarian diet.

    for babies
  • (For Baby (For Bobbie)) John Denver (December 31, 1943 - October 12, 1997), born Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr., was an American singer-songwriter, actor, activist, and poet.

vegetarian diet for babies - Raising Vegetarian

Raising Vegetarian Children : A Guide to Good Health and Family Harmony

Raising Vegetarian Children : A Guide to Good Health and Family Harmony

When parents choose a vegetarian lifestyle for their child, it can set family fingers wagging in dietary disapproval. It's no easier on steak-loving parents when Junior announces he's sworn off meat. With the strategies in Raising Vegetarian Children, parents can ease family tensions and learn to accommodate the nutritional and emotional needs of their vegetarian offspring.
It includes a detailed explanation of the Vegetarian Food Pyramid and its vitamin- and protein-rich foods, allays concerns over dietary gaps, and is packed with recipes that will please any growing vegetarian, from infant to teenager.

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pages 10 & 11

pages 10 & 11

bone, which is impossible in man. The stomach of the dog contains 2 per cent. of hydrochloric acid, compared with .2 in man. The cellulose envelopes of much vegetable tissue are dealt with in herbivora and in man in the large intestine, by the action of certain bacteria.
Herbivora have a very complicated series of stomachs, whilst in carni -they are simple and the peristaltic movements are in one direction, the contents being voided very quickly after ingestion. In man they are circular, giving a churning movement to the contents, the digestive process being very prolonged. The stomach and dentition of man are very like those of the ape, which is frugivorous, and as the final products of a vegetarian diet are not toxic, as in carnivora, the prolonged digestive process is not harmful. When men disregard these anatomical provisions and take flesh food, the resulting decomposition in the large intestine is the cause of many forms of toxaemia. The colon in herbivora and in man is convoluted in order to hold the contents longer for lower bowel digestion. In carnivora everything is designed for rapid elimination from the bowel, often very soon after a meal.
As will be seen by these comparisons, man's stomach, salivary glands and intestinal tract are not adapted to the digestion of a diet of animal food and removal of its waste products. Man, to be able to digest flesh foods properly and eliminate their waste products, would have to be provided with hard, pointed teeth, a short intestinal tract, a smooth colon, a larger liver and an acid secretion from the salivary glands. Failing these provisions, the ingestion of flesh foods in the intestinal tract of man poisons him, overloads his digestive organs and weakens him in the endeavour to extract the required elements of nutrition.
The liver of carnivora can neutralise ten to fifteen times as much uric acid as the liver of man. This makes it possible for them to subsist upon a diet containing' a large amount of uric acid. A small increase in the amount of uric acid normally circulating in the blood might in the human body produce serious consequences, whilst an animal is better prepared to protect itself against the action of this poison.
Otto Carque, writing on The Folly of Meat Eating, says: "Scientific investigations have demonstrated that in man the liver destroys only about half of the uric acid circulating in the blood, whether derived from external sources, as in a meat diet, or generated within the body by ordinary tissue changes. This is due to the fact that in man the liver and kidneys receive equal quantities of blood. In carnivorous animals the liver is much more active, receiving a much larger blood supply in proportion to that received by the kidneys."
Ernst Haeckel wrote: "Whatever part of the body we consider, we find upon the most exact examination that man is more nearly related to the higher apes (eaters of fruit and nuts) than are the highest apes to the lowest apes. It would therefore be unwarranted to regard man as constituting a class by himself."

Linneaus, the great naturalist, referring to the natural diet of man, wrote: "Man's structure, external and internal, compared with that of other animals, shows that fruit and succulent vegetables constitute his natural food."
In carnivora, the molars are sharp-edged like scissors and cut up the flesh food rather like a mincing machine. Their pointed and sharp incisors tear the flesh from the victim. They hardly wait to masticate, but bolt their food, there being no salivary digestion. In addition, their tongues are very rough and rasp shreds from the bones. In herbivora the tongue is smooth and the molars are flat and have grinding surfaces to enable them to deal with grasses when chewing the cud, and with oats, as in the case of horses. In monkeys and man, the flat molars are particularly adapted to cracking nuts and chewing kernels, as well as vegetables and roots.
The conclusion is indeed inescapable. Human physical ancestry is vegetarian. In diet the ape is fruitarian. The strongest animals on earth, such as apes, elephants, horses and oxen, are all vegetarian. Vegetarians hold records for athletics and a vegetarian diet is curative, as many have proved.
The ox makes red blood and red meat out of green grass. The hog manages to make red blood from yellow corn. The gorilla, man's nearest relative in the animal world, gets the reddest blood and the most sturdy muscles of any animal in the world from a diet of wild celery and berries. A baby makes red blood from the milk it draws from its mother's breast. Two hundred million Buddhists and Brahmins in India live and thrive and multiply, and have done so for 2,000 years, without a taste of animal flesh.
The only animals that live longer than man - the giant tortoises of the Galapagos and Seychelle Islands - are vegetarians. The longest lived mammal, other than man, is the elephant, a vegetarian. Parrots, which hold the o



SoManyIdeas tagged me so here goes:
1. I married my high school sweetheart. We first met when we were 15 in a parking lot at a dance.
2. I was a very shy and quiet child. Iíve grown out of that a little but in a group Iím usually the quiet one.
3. I graduated high school with a manicurist license. We had a full cosmetology department on campus. I went to work right away in a menís shop in Hollywood. Once, in 1975, David Bowie came in and I gave him a manicure. I gave up my license years ago when one of my babies tipped over a chemical I was using for porcelain nails and it spilt down his diaper and caused a chemical burn. Ouch!
4. The day I was born the #1 song in the USA was Teddy Bear by Elvis. My husband plays and sings a great rendition.
5. I canít watch TV without having some knitting or quilting in my hands. (My daughterís the same way with her knitting.)
6. I love to read. I read myself to sleep almost every night.
7. I read ďDiet for a New AmericaĒ in about 1987 and became a vegetarian for 8 years. My 12 year old son at the time joined me. Sometime in 1995 when my son was serving a mission in Venezuela and started eating meat again (mainly to be polite and not offend the families who were feeding him) I started craving meat and my downfall was Kung Pao chicken.
8. Iím slow to anger. Iíve only yelled (several times) at one person in my life. My oldest son had a way of extracting it from me. That was a long time ago.
9. I was a spoiled teenager. I had 5 different cars from 16-18. Two of them got totaled (one by a friend and one by me) and my dad would take me shopping for a new one the next week. Not New but new to me. Geesh!
10. I canít carry a tune and still feel embarrassed if my husband hears me singing because he has such a beautiful voice.
11. Iíve seen UFOís ~ for real.
12. Iím a genealogist. Not professional but Iíve taken some of my own family lines back into the 1600ís or more.
13. When my kids were growing up we had 2 large iguanas who ran free in the house along with a few cats. They all lived happily together. Sharing the same food bowls and sometimes curled up napping together. Iíll have to dig up some pics.
14.I love reunions. The mister and I attended our 5, 10, 20 and 30 year high school reunions. We won a few awards at the last one. Longest married & most grandkids are the 2 that I remember.
15. Hallmark commercials make me cry. Iím such a sap.
16. I think I may be addicted to chocolate!

vegetarian diet for babies

vegetarian diet for babies

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