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Clean Wet Carpet. Vikings Rug. Woven Treasures Rug.

Clean Wet Carpet

clean wet carpet

  • form a carpet-like cover (over)

  • A floor or stair covering made from thick woven fabric, typically shaped to fit a particular room

  • A thick or soft expanse or layer of something

  • cover completely, as if with a carpet; "flowers carpeted the meadows"

  • rug: floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)

  • A large rug, typically an oriental one

  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing

  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking

  • free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits; "children with clean shining faces"; "clean white shirts"; "clean dishes"; "a spotlessly clean house"; "cats are clean animals"

  • clean and jerk: a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted to shoulder height and then jerked overhead

  • make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"

  • moisture: wetness caused by water; "drops of wet gleamed on the window"

  • (of paint, ink, plaster, or a similar substance) Not yet having dried or hardened

  • Covered or saturated with water or another liquid

  • (of the weather) Rainy

  • cause to become wet; "Wet your face"

  • covered or soaked with a liquid such as water; "a wet bathing suit"; "wet sidewalks"; "wet weather"

clean wet carpet - Sweep Clean

Sweep Clean Rubber Broom

Sweep Clean Rubber Broom

The Light Weight Sweep Clean Rubber Broom is made of a single cast natural rubber and is particularly suitable for sweeping under and close to furniture. It is 42 cm wide with slanted side bristles enabling perfect cleaning along walls. In addition, the Light Weight Sweep Clean Rubber Broom is useful for cleaning carpets. The unique rubber creates static electricity that glues the lint, hair and other weightless dirt to the broom. These weightless materials cannot be cleaned with vacuum cleaner. The soft rubber material will never hurt expensive and delicate furniture. At the same time, it will clean effectively rough walk ways in the garden just as well as smooth room floors. The Sweep Clean Broom can be easily washed after use and is always clean and appealing to the eye. It never wears out or loses its original shape and properties

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Loading Equipment for Flood Cleanup and Water Damage

Loading Equipment for Flood Cleanup and Water Damage

Getting ready to clean up and dry a flooded house! Our IICRC Certified Water Damage Restorers can get your home and life back to normal FAST!

So I come home tonight to find the cat has eaten a rubber band and yaked all over the carpet. Yuk

So I come home tonight to find the cat has eaten a rubber band and yaked all over the carpet. Yuk

I was never more happy to own a wet dry vac and be a fan of those Billy Mays infomercials; cleaned it up like it never happened.

clean wet carpet

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