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Statistics About Lawyers

statistics about lawyers



you are still the only one who uses my english name out loud
noluthando where the hell are you going
i told you that my advisor said we must learn to engage, invite and embrace the unwanted persons of the world or that we are relatively purposeless beings and that when he said that i thought i loved him a little bit even though no one really terrifies me more and i'm sure i didn't completely understand what he said but i looked at his pictures in his office and felt very heavy and irrelevant and also ethically lacerated
into the face of a small boy he photographed in soweto, holding a sandwich in his little skinny hands
wonderbread crumbs
nothing less nutritious, maybe
a series on malnutrition?!?!?!?!!?
a series on hiv/aids?!?!?!?!?!
he said, can american photographers be remotely interested in doing series in africa on anything but poverty, famine, or disease in africa? can they look at something beyond obnoxiously obvious suffering?
i said i didn't know whether or not that was true
he said, well, they want shock value, they want statistics without humanity
a photograph of a skinny black body can make a name for someone, he said
a picture of someone dying can seal the deal, he said
americans and their fucking cameras, i am grateful for the opportunity to teach you how to do it right, he said
i can sit in your office and you can say bad things about "americans" like i am not one of them
but i know i am, you know i am
is there a difference between the harvard lawyer
and the hungry guitarist
ollen says, no
you say, yes
i say, where is the fire
thandile says, probably
sudoku warriors at a mini mall
on the phone with my mom she says, how is it going
"i have never tried more at anything else in my entire life"

if you want to cure your apathy
your summertime blues
your old school tennishhh shoes

"i want to learn how to surf but i also really don't want to wear a puka shell necklace. are they mutually exclusive?"

rodney king goes to niagra falls
niagra falls is going right this second!
is there is enough water in the world for niagra falls, forever
you can put on a sweatervest very quickly for someone your age
where is the fire?
wake up to hayley taking a picture of me sleeping
what the hell are you doing?
and laugh and feel very stupid until it's time to go
"ambiguity is too much like water to not actually exist"
you are beautiful like a tree
you are beautiful like a tomato
you are beautiful like some colors, or apricot, or granulated disco ball sugar
some colors are yours and some are mine and some are both of ours and when i say "you" it is indiscriminate and without indication of who i actually am talking about or perhaps there is no conviction towards anyone and it is honestly not directed at anyone and yet somehow still written with thankful and consciously super saturated conviction



Mr. Luke Hughes, on behalf of Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting, called for the medical community to pay more attention to the illegal organ harvesting in China and conduct investigations. He called upon the vice Chinese minister of health to publish accurate statistics on organ transplantations in China and offer accurate numbers of organ donations and organ harvesting from executed criminals.

David Matas, a famous human rights lawyer and co-author of the report Bloody Harvest, said that people should look for more evidence of the organ harvesting, and evaluate the Chinese government's response to the report. He said that people should also evaluate the actions that the Chinese government has taken since the report was published. He said there have been no fundamental changes in the Chinese laws governing organ transplants since the report was published.

Ms. Zeng Zheng, a Falun Gong practitioner, talked about her experience in a Women's Labor Camp in Beijing. She said the government conducted thorough physical examinations of 20 Falun Gong practitioners, including her. The examinations were very rigorous, but they were never told what the results were. Ms. Zeng said the examinations were part of the plans for organ harvesting.

Dr. Yuan Hong, a former cardiology surgeon at the hospital of Chinese Medicine University in Shenyang, said organ harvesting from criminals for profits is no longer a secret in China. Many of his colleages have done it. "So, I totally believed in the existence of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. I know that the Chinese government can do whatever it wants. Many Falun Gong practitioners have been arrested, and nobody knows where they are. So, nobody would know if their organs are harvested. The profits are huge," said Dr. Yuan.

statistics about lawyers

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