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26.10.2011., srijeda


Laying A Stair Carpet - Removing Stain From Carpet - Crossley Carpets South Africa.

Laying A Stair Carpet

laying a stair carpet

    stair carpet
  • a strip of carpet for laying on stairs

  • A stair carpet is a carpet that runs up a stairway.

  • (laid) set down according to a plan:"a carefully laid table with places set for four people"; "stones laid in a pattern"

  • (lay) ballad: a narrative song with a recurrent refrain

  • the production of eggs (especially in birds)

  • Put down and set in position for use

  • Put down, esp. gently or carefully

  • Prevent (something) from rising off the ground

0191 - Emma - December 2008 (1 - BEFORE)

0191 - Emma - December 2008 (1 - BEFORE)

12/27/08 Emma has gone to her forever family. What a lucky pup! 12/4/08 Here is another update from Emma's mom..."Emma has been with me for a little over a week and has made great leaps and bounds. She is simply the sweetest dog - she looks to me to be either pit or boxer crossed with greyhound. From her shoulders back she is lanky!! When she runs in the yard she has the typical greyhound look - she's very fast! She's about knee high and 30lbs or so. She is very gentle all around - with treats, the way she walks (graceful is a great word for it). When you talk, she cocks her head back and forth in response to what you are saying. She has been horsing around with my Bulldog who is twice the size of her and reguarly stands up to him. When she first came she was afraid of the stairs, noises etc. She went with my boyfriend for thanksgiving and went up his stairs - but they were carpeted. She is now bounding up and down my wood stairs with no problem. Emma is slow to try things and may come across a bit timid but picks things up quickly. She has been running around the house with a stuffed hedgehog in her mouth for days. She loves tennis balls, fetch and keep away. She also has learned sit. She minds well in the house and when not playing is very quiet. She has one quirk and that is she will only lay down on a dog bed... she does not lay down directly on the floor. So... She's great with other dogs, great with people of all ages and does ok with cats that are dog savvy. She whines a bit at first in the crate but I've only had to put her in there while at work. She does not chew on anything other than her toys. She initially had some accidents, but is now whining and then going to the door to go out. In the car I couldn't ask for a better dog... She needs a bit of help getting in as she doesn't jump up but once in she picks a spot and crashes... the car puts her to sleep! This dog is going to be a GREAT DOG for someone whether it's a family or otherwise..." 11/30/08 Emma has made it north and is doing gresat in her foster home- her foster mom says she is an absolutely wonderful dog- house trained, gentle, quick to learn and feels she has the ability to eventually get on voise command. She is moderate enregy and would be fine in any situation!! 10/18/08: Emma is a sweet young girl (about a year old if we had to guess).



Elation and fury all in the space of 5 minutes. The carpet is laid and the loo, stairs and bedroom look great. Am soooooo pleased. Until I reach the bathroom and the carpet is on the screw. It's not been laid straight and because of the square weave, it's totally obvious, it makes you feel a wee bit tipsy. One phone call to the shop and they're ordering a new piece and will re- lay asap. *Sigh* That said, everything (white woodwork, paint colour and new carpet) has tied in together nicely so lots of dreamy planning now for finishing touches, my favourite bit.

laying a stair carpet

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