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Teenage Fashion Pictures

teenage fashion pictures

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The Beijing traffic - or mutually asured destruction (MAD) V

The Beijing traffic - or mutually asured destruction (MAD) V

Each of those 5 pictures have their own narrative at the bottom of the text.

Where to begin. Exclamations such as ”Bloody hell!!”, ”Damn that was close!! And …”Ill have that horn so far up your backside that the community proctologist will have his work cut out for him!” spring to mind.
”Close shave, ”damn where did he come from” and ”Hey!!! this is a pavement you %$& (garbled swearing in a high pitched sqeal of pure terror).
But to generalize, the word chaotic is probably quite correct. Ok, I admit to my lack of ”how do this really work” steps in, but to me, green ”Walk” sign does not include a couple of lorries, a bunch of bikes and a sprinkle of taxis burst forth and honk the shadow of me (it is still down town trying to cross that 4x4 lane crossing). I made it across, ofcourse, after a fashion.
There probably is a law there underneath but it seem to be dormant so to speak. I have seen taxicabs leasurely cutting off ambulances and ignoring the honking, and blinking for 5 minutes before determinately cutting across pavements and a bikepath to keep the ambulance behind.

This picture is very dear to me. I had been enjoying my self thoroughly in the artdistrict Factory 798 and was heading home. It had started to rain, or drizzle as it were. Well rain or drizzle, Beijing taxicabs do not like wet patrons so you can wait for ever before someone stops (and they may not want to drive you to where you are going as I got to experience later that evening). The croud was thinning as busses and cars drove off. I was approaching a crossing and had watched this teenage girl hailing cab after bloody cab and they but splashed her legs from the pool at the corner. She stood her ground, determined like you wouldn?t believe and finally a cab stopped. A man hopped jumped in from the left and shanghaied the cab. If this had been my daughter I would have firstly, given her a big warm hug and then told her to mind her languague thank you very much. As I approached she continued to hail splashing cabs and the romantic fool that I am thought about stepping into the pool and with a manly voice and gesture stop a cab and most chevalirously (if that is a word - should be a killer in Scrabble) hold the door as the young laidy stepped in, sending my a qute look and murmuring exotic frases of appreciations and thanks. You know. "may the red dragon watch over you for 1000 years" kinda thing. Well I didn?t and she got her cap quite on her own stubbornness. But I will always cherish this picture, grainy and blurred and what?s not.



hey ho, i'm still alive(:
we are moving to a new art room at school so the art department are having a giant clearout. i got this frame^^ and a load of paint and sketchbooks and crayons and stuff for free! :D the new art rooms are really small though :(

this is my mum's red cardie, it's really old and burburry! O: but i like it. i never used to like knitwear-y stuff, i'm so much more mainstream fashion-wise than i used to be. but still not all. and i'm glad(:

i have a german exam tomorrow. hopefully it'll be okay....tomorrow is the last day of school, hopefully in the holiday i'll have a photo day avec mes amis (:
ps: shabby editing, i know..

teenage fashion pictures

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