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Wine party decor. Decorative curtain brackets

Wine Party Decor

wine party decor

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wine party decor - Lolita Halloween

Lolita Halloween 2011, Wine Glass, Ghost Party

Lolita Halloween 2011, Wine Glass, Ghost Party

"Love My Wine" by Lolita

We are proud to present "Love my Wine" wine glasses by Lolita. Each hand painted Lolita Wine Glass features a design inspired by a delicious wine cooler recipe, which is hand painted on the bottom of the glass!
These glasses feature a universally popular shape that can be used for either white or red wines. Boasting an oversized 15 ounce capacity, this glass allows plenty of space for wine to breathe. Each glass is hand painted with strict attention to the finest details. Colors are very bright and are oven baked to ensure durability.
Your wine glass will arrive in the unique signature Lolita gift box. Start your own Lolita wine glass collection today!

? 15 oz. hand painted wine glass
? Each glass comes packaged in a signature Lolita box.
Designs by Lolita is the brand that offers more than just hand-painted glassware, candles, acrylic drinkware, pajamas and many more fun and flirty accessories, it's the brand that offers a means to celebrate every one of life's moments the Lolita way - with style!

81% (19)

Wine Party - Decor Overview

Wine Party - Decor Overview

(Top left to right)
1. Place settings, individual menu cards featuring the 4 wine/food pairings. Individual wine coasters labeling each of the wines.
2. Blankets and pashminas to stay warm
3. Dessert - Rice Crispie Treats
4. Close-up of wine coasters / Close-up of Peonies at lounge / Close-up of Cheese Platter
5. Cheers! Party Favor sign
6. Buffet with Sparkling Wine and framed description of each wine at tasting
7. Lounge Area to eat and drink prior to the tasting
8. Wide-angle of table
9. Wide-angle of dessert table
10. View of chairs from entrance
11. Tables of ten for the wine/food pairings
12. Wide-shot of dessert/favor table with the vintage wine rack for the Bottle Swap

On the tracing table

On the tracing table

I taped the bag on the small tracing table after I slipped the picture into the bag.

wine party decor

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