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Felt Furniture Pad : Outdoor Furniture Stores Dallas.

Felt Furniture Pad

felt furniture pad

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this is my 50?

this is my 50?


I am in a slump since arriving home from vacation. Don't like any of my shots. Not that interested in any case. Sigh. I suppose slumps are to be expected. Push through, right?

This was to be titled "Some days three children can feel an awful lot like nine". There are 9 layers, but one layer turned out to be completely hidden and one is just barely peeking out. There was a tenth layer (and a different title), but it was clear from the get-go that that layer was not going to work.

I don't have the time to really work on the layers today. The children are already murmuring of neglect. This will have to do for #50.

Congrats to those of you who are hitting 50 along with me today!

[I'm tired of waiting to catch up so I'm breaking my own rule and adding three of my photos in a row to my 365 pools. Now I'm caught up!]




To protect your floors (especially vinyl tile floors & linoleum) from scratches & cuts, one good protector to use is this felt/pads. The photo shown has built-in nail and used specifically on wood furniture footing/surface. Easy to use, just hammer the pads to the surface and walah, your done. Some variety has self-adhesive, therefore you can stick ‘em to other materials such as metal, laminate, aluminum, glass, ceramic, etc. This is widely available in your favorite hardware stores like Ace Hardware, Handyman and other hardware stores on the block and goes about P10.00 a piece.

felt furniture pad

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