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Unique Kitchen Furniture. Wooden Furniture Design. Custom Design Furniture.

Unique Kitchen Furniture

unique kitchen furniture

    kitchen furniture
  • May include storage furniture for storing food related items or tableware such as bakers racks, wine racks and pot racks. Kitchen carts and islands are (sometimes moveable) pieces of furniture used for preparing or serving food.

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Precise Builders hand picks each piece of wood for its unique beauty. Wood is then straightened and sanded multiple times before being cut, constructed, and assembled. Many coats of finish make the piece shine and enable grain patterns to reveal themselves.

Cabinet/Drawer Pulls

Cabinet/Drawer Pulls

Purple, Cream and Pea Green Glass. Funky and Unique. Cool for creating art out ordinary cabinets or pieces of furniture. Great for spicing up your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom!

unique kitchen furniture

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