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Home Cleaning Software

home cleaning software

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HDR EFEX PRO REVIEW - Photo Big Sur, California (HDR)

HDR EFEX PRO REVIEW - Photo Big Sur, California (HDR)

So I've been talking about this software for a week or so and decided I was gonna put on a cup of coffee and give it a whirl tonight. The picture above was made entirely with Nik HDR Efex Pro and Nik Plugins. Start to finish time was around 30min. It was fun, exciting, a little disappointing at times but after all is said and done it produced what I consider a solid result. Now lets get into the nitty gritty!!

K So right off the bat the software is much slower than photomatix when combining images. Not really a con but just a fact. When loading a series of 3 RAW images into Efex Pro at one point CS5 completely crashed. Im not exactly sure what the cause was and it completed the merge after restarting Photoshop but at that point I figured I was in for a long night...

I loaded in a bracketed series of my previous shot that was taken handheld and the +2 was quite off. Photomatix handeled it well enough so I was eager to see how NiK would match up. The outcome was not usable. I'd recommend aligning everything in PS before taking it into Nik if your source images are not shot from a tripod or a pretty steady hand. As far As Ghosting , I tried both the adaptive and global ghost reduction methods offered in the plugin and both worked well at stabilizing people moving in shots.

Disappointed I couldnt do an apples to apples comparison I loaded in the shot above which was taken from a tripod in big sur. It's +2,0,-2. Nik Swallowed it without a hitch. If there's an area Im not too fond with photomatix in it's water. Now 4.0 is significantly better than 3.1 But still I find myself having to manually blend the majority of the time. The NiK software did a more than satisfactory job. Not perfect but not a ton of blown out areas or hot pixels. I was impressed.

Once the photo is merged Nik has a plethera of presets. It was easy to click through them and find a fairly good starting point to begin working the image which was nice.
My workflow generally starts with a somewhat realistic tonemapping and then I use multiple layers to create my final image so I chose something in that category and began moving the sliders. A cool feature Nik has included is a HDR Method Drop Down Box accompanied by a method strength slider. This allows for literally thousands of effects. I found the whole menu to be intuitive and familiar , If you've used NiK plug-ins before you'll feel right at home.

So after deciding on the "Clean" method and a method strength of 38 On the slider I got into my favorite part of NiK the Upoint technology with control points. I placed control points in the sky and adjusted the MS or Method Strength slider to 70% to smooth out the sky a bit. This brings me to my first downside of the software. Being new to using Nik HDR Efex I was suprised at the amount of noise generated in the image when the source files were merged. Photomatix has a noice reduction option before you merge your files and this feature is sadly missing in NiK HDR Efex. I dont know if this happens behind the scenes or not but I noticed much more noise in the image than I do with Photomatix or Dynamic HDR. Perhaps a work-around would be opening the source files in Camera Raw before the import and manually reducing noise. I found myself also staying away from pushing for a "too textured or toned" look because of the amount of noise produced by the sliders.

Once I accepted the image I hit OK and NiK rendered the image at a decent speed. Not lightning fast but decent. To create the final look you see above I used color efex for a soft focus layer, a brilliance warmth layer, I sharpened it using Sharpener Pro 3.0 and then used Dfine as my noise reduction. Its the first HDR I've ever done using all NiK software and Despite the setbacks with noise I found it to be fun and easy.

Final Thoughts :
I think HDR Efex Pro is a solid piece of software. It has thousands of options and they increase exponentially through the use of control points. Im not sure if it will ever be the goto piece of equipment for my workflow but it may be the tool you pull out when photomatix isn't giving you the desired look you want. Or your wanna make a textured blend layer to accompany an Image produced in photomatix. Its got a ton of bells and whistles but the two drawbacks I found were the Auto Allignment and the noticable increase in noise. Im not saying either of these are deal breakers but I guess I expected more. In the emerging world of HDR there's no such thing as having too many tools. Just like lenses to our cameras our software is as important. I think NiK's entry to the field is a welcome addition. It may not be as good as photomatix at somethings but I think it has alot more flexibility.

Anyways thats was my experience =) Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for looking at my first HDR done completely with NiK Software. Have A Good Weekend Flickr =)


Desk Finale

Desk Finale

The desk maybe back in working order now, waiting its new companion tomorrow. However, my lounge floor is needing sorting now :)
My development machine has Media Center on it at the moment. The old Compaq machine its on has a rubbish graphics card (Intel integrated 82815 if you're interested). I've therefore had to use Pivot Pro trial software to turn the picture into portrait. The stand I made was in portrait format and until I create a new one I'm stuck with it in portrait :)

home cleaning software

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