Large rectangular table : Glass waterfall table.

Large Rectangular Table

large rectangular table

large rectangular table - Veranda Elite

Veranda Elite 55-090-041501-00 Patio Table and Chair Set Cover For Large Rectangular and Oval Tables and Six Standard Chairs

Veranda Elite 55-090-041501-00 Patio Table and Chair Set Cover For Large Rectangular and Oval Tables and Six Standard Chairs

The Veranda Elite Collection Patio Table and Chair Set Cover by Classic Accessories features a debossed fabric pattern that adds texture and design to our heavyweight woven polyester fabric system. A protective water repellent surface and water resistant undercoating won't crack in cold weather. Tough seams add strength and durability and air vents reduce inside condensation and wind lofting. This cover has padded handles for easy fitting and removal and an elastic hem cord with a toggle allowing adjustment for a tight and custom fit. Click close straps snap over the legs to secure the cover on the windiest days. Three year limited warranty for workmanship and materials. Not designed to entirely cover the wheels or leg bottoms.

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Seating - Large Club Seats at Multimedia Area

Seating - Large Club Seats at Multimedia Area

I learned a lot this afternoon from simply asking library staff if I could take some photos in the library. First of all, that no one whom I initially asked knew the answer to my question sests that not many people take photos in the library, for whatever reason, for which reason the staff did not know whether or not I could take photos. Second, that the more I asked around, the more my question crept quietly up the chain of command, until at length the director of the library was asked, when she walked onto the premises after lunch, sests that there is a centralized command in the library; in that regard, this institution is not organized in a similar manner to the way by which HKU is organized. Finally, that nobody knew the answer but rather than assume authority deferred to the director's discretion sests that there are very few change agents, if any at all, in this institution. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, however, because this organization likely doesn't have to deal with major change at the moment: the best course of action is plodding straight ahead.

Likewise, no one whom I asked knew about the library's renovation cost and the cost of being a donor; but these staff members did point me to someone else who could possibly answer my question!

The lights were off in the men's washroom. It seems as if the washroom isn't used much. Inside the washroom, I noticed the automated sinks, urinals and paper towel dispenser -- that reminded me much of Hong Kong and South Korea; automation has arrived in America! In addition, I enjoyed the hot water flowing from the sinks. That was a pleasant surprise.

What impresses me the most about this library is the seating variety. There are not only many different types of seating furniture, but also many different environments in which these seats are placed: by windows; inside rooms; in seating areas; in corners. In addition, just as there were many different types of furniture looks, so there were, in fact, more broadly, many different, conspicuous areas in the library. They were clearly labeled to boot. In this way, this library shares its best feature with the City University of Hong Kong library: such a variety of learning spaces that surely one would find at least one type conducive toward studying. In this instance, I liked to study at the rectangular table in the cafe area. Many libraries, including the HKU library, could certainly improve its learning space by following the diversity model adopted by both the CityU library and the Livingston library.

What also makes this library conducive toward studying is its underuse. One could find a seat anywhere in the library: no squatting, thankfully. The shelves also seem underutilized. While on an individual basis, this surplus in seating is a boon, this surplus is lamentable for the community since it obviously isn't taking full advantage of this invaluable learning space!

I gushed about the effectiveness of the library's learning space to the staff. Perhaps they were amused that such a mundane environment to them could be so special to me.

164:365 - Fiery drink

164:365 - Fiery drink

I spent quite some time working on this concept image. The final setup consisted of a large white screen with a piece of black rectangular paper taped in its center. This paper provides the black background to the image. The remaining white field all around it is illuminated by two SB-26 flashes at their lowest power setting of 1/64. This wasn't low enough so I covered more than half of their lenses with black aluminum foil to cut down their power even more.

The flashes were carefully snooted to ensure no light spills onto the black central portion of the background.

This lighting provided the thin white rim around the edges of the glass.

The wine glass itself was placed in front of the black portion of the background onto a black card. Two more black cards were placed on both left and right side of the glass to control stray reflections from the front of the scene. The light from the white portion of the background was allowed to hit the glass surface.

Finally, I poured some alcohol into the glass and set it on fire. I used about 1 second shutter speed to expose for the flames.

And there you have it. Fiery drink (*).. Cheers...

(*) - of course it goes without saying that you should not attempt to drink anything like that. Also keep in mind that after the flames are burning for a few seconds, the glass becomes extremely hot. Handle it with extreme care and do not touch immediately after you extinguish the flames. Let it cool down first. I used compressed air cylinder (the Dust Off thing you can buy at a store) to help cool it down quickly.

large rectangular table

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