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Fun beach toys - Old christmas toys.

Fun Beach Toys

fun beach toys

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Susan at the Beach

Susan at the Beach

I took my inspiration "Slinkachu". The guy is a genius, I got his book "Little People in the city" go buy it, its so funny . So here's my attempt. I bought Susan & took her to the Beach so she could top her tan (this sounds mad-call it an extended midlife crisis thats been going on since I was 1). Anyway I got some funny looks from others on the beach, I looked up a few times and people had stopped & were staring. A bloke with a metal detector came over to see what I had found.. I think he thought I was mad. I found the whole experience rather enlightning & fun, so there will be no doubt more adventures with Susan and friends.

This is also my entry for camer club this week-toys

Empty Bucket at Punta Del Este

Empty Bucket at Punta Del Este

Went to Punta Del Este for the Thanksgiving weekend. It was cold and cloudy at the beach so the new beach toys didn't even get a work out.

No worries, Punta Del Este was still beautiful and the kids had fun anyway. It was great to get away from the City even if it was cold and cloudy.

fun beach toys

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