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četvrtak , 15.08.2019.

Bottom line: A diver’s watch from the master makers and what else can one want with a huge case and a two-tone feature which makes you go crazy from the sea to the night parties. Some also loves the feel of a big and heavy watch as it feels cool and what is better than the feel of having a huge mass of steel on your wrist. The bottom part of the dial has the water resistant marking (300 m) and the diver suit logo which looks nice and unique, to be honest. For some, bigger watch is better since the added heft makes it feel to be of higher quality and more sturdy. The watch Invicta Pro Diver Grand Diver Automatic 300M 3050 Men’s Watch, have a 36 hour power reserve which sests that there is no need of battery and once charges can go on . It makes the diver as well the nightrider easy to read the watch. The Invicta Pro Diver Grand Diver Automatic 300M 3050 Men’s Watch, is a big diver’s watch that comes with a huge case of 47 mm which is quite big than the other similar watches and makes it an eye catcher for the obvious reasons. The 1000meter water resistance, takes it easy to dive, snorkel and play all sorts of water sports. Actually, that is not true as there are many divers’ watches out there that’s smaller than 40 mm (especially the older generations of watches) and yet can withstand lots of punishment. But details such as the hands and dial signatures are undoubtedly Invicta’s.One of the “biggest” trait (pun intended) of the Invicta Pro Diver is how big the watch is – it’s close to 47 mm diameter! In addition, with a thickness of 17 mm (it has a very domed case back btw), this is one very big watch. Another eye catcher of this model is the clear case back that exhibits the NH35A caliber and quartz movements. At the top, we can see the signatures “Invicta” and “Grand Diver” below Invicta’s logo in gold. The right side of the dial has the date display with Cyclops, which everyone knows was taken from Submariner design. The movement features 21 jewels, 6 beats and can be hacked manually too.The Invicta Automatic Pro Diver Men’s Watch, on the other hand, is designed to be a different watch or should I say Invicta’s own design. Invicta Watches Online are winner all the way. The luminous markers and hands enlighten in the dark.With this small but important change, the Grand Diver is not just Ground Rod Suppliers in China a Submariner copy-cat anymore but a watch on its own – which is very important for some watch enthusiasts. They only retained some of the elements of the Submariner such as the overall look, Cyclops and bezel design. The steel and gold combination takes it from a diver to an executive with the same style and aura.

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